29 Dec 2014

De-Fiatisation Of The World + Gold Held In NY Fed Vault Drops To Lowest In 21st Century After Biggest Monthly Withdrawal Since 2001

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert:
The Give Us Back Our Gold movement across Europe as governments seek to have their gold held domestically as fear spreads about the integrity of our fiat and debt world. Max describes the de-fiatisation of the world as the American empire makes way for the emerging power of China.

JTO's New Best Friend

"I want you to meet my new best friend, angry Aussie." johntheother

Death, Destruction And Mayhem - Sir Edward Leigh MP With George Galloway MP

"Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson said a week is a long time in politics. Sir Edward Leigh MP looks back at 52 of them! Distinguished politician, veteran chairman of a powerful select committee, Leigh is everything a parliamentarian should be, except he's a Conservative."  George Galloway MP

Elegantly Soaring Dollar To Hit “Air Pocket” In 2015, Slated For Long-Term Decline

By: The death of the dollar – as much as some folks were ready for it – didn’t occur in 2014. OK, there are a few days left, but you get the idea. Instead, the dollar has been hot.
It rose against a large number of currencies. Some of them, such as the Russian ruble, have plunged for reasons of their own and have engendered desperate efforts to stem the decline. Other countries, like Japan, have gone all out to demolish their currencies. Escalating the currency war is frowned upon. So Japan found more acceptable names for it and redoubled its efforts. And the ECB has been passionately talking down the euro, but has done relatively little by central-bank standards to actually water it down.
Central banks tried to dominate the currency markets, but currency markets are an unruly crowd that can’t be easily cowed. In sovereign bond markets, central banks rule with an iron fist by imposing zero or even negative rates and buying up sovereign bonds, or promising to do so, with money of which they can create an unlimited amount. These “bold actions” inflated valuations and pushed down yields to grotesque levels, such as the crappy 10-year Japanese Government Bond yielding 0.32%.

Greece In Turmoil After Third Failed Presidential Vote Means January 25 Snap Elections

And just like that Grexit is back.
It appears that with a few short days left in the year, the Santa rally is finally over, if only in Greece where both bonds and stock are tumbling after the third vote for PM Samaras' appointed presidential appointee Stavros Dimas concluded as many had expected: in failure, with 168 Greek lawmakers voting in favor of Dimas, well short of the 180-vote threshold needed. 132 voted against Mr. Dimas. This means that the "worst case" scenario - at least as described by Goldman - is now on deck: a snap general election that could bring the anti-bailout Syriza party to power. And speaking of Syriza, and its triumphant leader Samaras, moments ago he announced that the now inevitable Greek elections will take place on January 25: pencil that date in for even more turmoil.

Half Of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist At MIT

Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food.
By ANH-USA: For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched biology and technology, over the years publishing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles [1]. In recent years she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer’s, autism, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.
At a conference last Thursday, in a special panel discussion about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she declared, At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

Israel's Arrest Campaign Targting Palestinian Children

The Israeli regime proceeds with its arrest campaign against Palestinians, which has gained momentum over the past several months.
Press TV: This comes as there are many minors among those arrested by Israeli death squads, while most of them receive heavy sentences for actions like hurling stones.
“The Palestinians have a right to resist the occupation in different forms, and there is nothing to justify the increase in the number of Palestinians’ arrests.

Only War, Inflation And Financial Collapse Can End The Global "Plutonomy", According To Citi

Tyler Durden's picture The last time the market was as euphoric and as complacent as it is now, was in the happy go lucky days of 2006 when every day stocks surged without a care in the world, when Lehman bankers were looking to a comfortable retirement after cashing out their stock (then trading north of $70), when the only question was which mega M&A and supermega LBO will hit next, and when the then-brand new Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said there is nothing to worry about because subprime was contained and because home prices in the US just can not possibly drop. Not surprisingly, late 2006 was also when Citigroup held its first and only Plutonomy symposium: a joyous celebration of the 0.001%, or as Citi called them, "The Uber-rich, the plutonomists who are likely to see net worth-income ratios surge, driving luxury consumption", adding "Time to re-commit to plutonomy stocks – Binge on Bling. Equity multiples appear too low, the profit share of GDP is high and likely going higher, stocks look likely to beat housing, and we are bullish on equities."
Wait what? Was there really a time 8 years before the French economist Piketty bashed (and made millions in the process) class and wealth inequality, when one of the world's soon to be most insolvent banks had a symposium in which the bank pulled a page right out of pre-revolutionary France and celebrated the world's mega rich?
Yes, and that's not all.

“No Working Title”: An introduction

The Back Story
There are many facets of abuse: emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual.
I was actively involved in a sex act with my parents at around four years of age.
It is my oldest memory.
My first pornographic magazine was at around five or six—Cavalier magazine, I believe. At 11, Deep Throat was the feature at my first introduction, a fathers-and-sons night called Porn and Prawn. At 13, it was Debbie Does Dallas. I grew up believing that Penthouse Forums were all true stories and that was what sex and women were really like.
I was made to have oral sex with my mother at four years of age while my father watched. My early teen years are a muddle of my parents’ parties I had to go to and the things I had to do or were done to me by family friends or strangers, sex I had to have with strangers while being watched, or the sex I had to watch taking place.
My experience then became one of emotional abuse.
Later in life, I became a magnet for the spiritually manipulative and emotionally abusive. They fed off my brokenness, capitalizing on my need for acceptance and my desire to have a place to belong. The strange thing is that I never connected the dots until I was in my 40s. It all lay in unconnected little pieces, hidden broken shards of memories, disconnected.
Life went on.

MGTOW Choices

Feminism LOL: What will MGTOW bring to 2015? What are the goals, the accomplishments, and challenges? What are the boundaries where too much was said?

Have Your Victim’s Child In Order To Avoid Jail: The Verdict

By A 23-year-old single mother enticed a 13-year-old boy to have sexual intercourse with her. This was not a one-off occurrence. The sex was regular, as was the booze, drugs, and cigarettes that came with the woman’s lifestyle. The abuse began when the two were neighbours. When she moved to another house, he, at the tender age of 14, went to live with her. She was pregnant with his child.
The Victorian Police and the Department of Human Services, we are told, were powerless to do anything about it, even though they knew. The shocking fact is that the authorities were outsmarted by a woman with an IQ of 64.
By the time he was 18 years old, he was a father of three. That same year he found out what it is like to pay child support but not be allowed to see his own children. Finally, in 2011, he filed a complaint to the authorities. It took them three years to bring the matter to trial. That trial ended with the woman avoiding any jail time.
This story highlights a number of concerns for the rights and well-being of men and boys in Australia, and we will tackle them in a few articles. This first article looks at the farcical judgment of Judge Chris O’Neill, which shows that men and boys cannot expect justice from the Australian courts.
The Herald Sun tells us:
County Court Judge Chris O’Neill said that the hardship that would be suffered by the now-married woman’s children if she was imprisoned, as well as her reduced moral culpability due to cognitive deficits, meant her jail term would be wholly suspended.

Morality: A Secular vs. Religious Debate

Why can't other value systems - like God - achieve the same outcomes as Universally Preferable Behavior?  Stefan Molyneux