31 Dec 2015

Jewish Religions And The Prospect of Dissent

By Gilad Atzmon: While Islam and Christianity can be easily understood as belief systems, Judaism actually defies the notion of belief all together. Judaism is an obedience regulative system. The Judaic universe is ruled by ‘mitzvoth’ (commandment), a set of 613 precepts and directives ordered by God. In opposition to Christianity and Islam that build from spiritual and heavenly precepts in worship to a transcendental God, the Judaic subject subscribes to strict earthly and material observance. While the Islamo-Christian is wrapped in God’s loving and the spirituality affairs of the sublime and divinity, the follower of Judaism is judged by his or her ability to adhere to hundreds of rigorous earthly orders.
A brief look at the Judaic Sabbath common prayer reveals the nature of Judaism as an obedience regulatory system. As we can see below, in Judaism, even God-loving is not an involuntary act:
“You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart,
with all your soul, and with all your might.
Take to heart these instructions with which I charge you this day.

WWII, Zionism, Civil War And Leftists + The MIC Prolonging Conflict On Purpose

Ryan Dawson says."A more appropriate analogy [for the Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East] would be the colonisation of American Indians, they just murdered them and that's what's happening to Palestinians, the Gaza strip is a giant outdoor prison and it's not just Palestinians, it's African migrants too that get put in internment camps,

Tommy Sotomayor Announces His 2015 Coon Of The Year!

"A coon is someone detrimental to black people. ...A black woman killed her two children and put them in the freezer. The city of Chicago [USA] is also nominated for coon of the year. ...The coon of the year of 2015 is the murderer of nine year old Tyshawn Lee." MrMadness Sotomayor

An Utterly Unrepentant Sperm Stealer - Woman Ruthlessly Used A Younger Man To Give Her A Baby

By Shannon 'Sperm Stealer' Robertshaw: Single, solvent and secretly pining for a baby? Don't let the small matter of not being in a relationship stand in your way. When, in my mid-30s, my maternal instinct finally kicked in - I'd never wanted children before then - I wasn't worried I hadn't met Mr Right.
Spurred on by the profound regret of an older friend who'd searched high and low for the perfect father only to run out of time, I decided to take control of my own fate. Not for me waiting for a knight in shining armour, while my eggs, already in short supply, dwindled.
At first I considered a sperm donor clinic, but then a serendipitous meeting presented a different route to my dream of single parenthood. When a strapping young man of 21 happened to cross my path and give me a second look, I had a lightbulb moment. What if, in the heat of the moment and emboldened by alcohol, we found ourselves having unprotected sex? What if I didn't spell out the risks of pregnancy? And what if he said he didn't want anything to do with the resulting child? Then all the better.

These Idiots Need Feminism Because 7

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Whacked! Here's Why!

Obsidian. "I finally got a chance to see the latest star wars movie, episode seven 'The Force Awakens', now this is supposedly a whole new twist on the star wars story, ...I am very sad to say that it was whacked! I went to See the first star wars, I wasn't even ten yet and I was completely blown away by it, my favourite character was Old Ben Kenobi, it wasn't Luke Skywalker, it wasn't Darth Vader, it was Old Ben Kenobi and I was hooked from that point forward. ...This latest star wars is basically a message flick

Every Four Days Someone in a UK Prison [Invariably A Man] Takes Their Own Life

By Michaela Whitton (ANTIMEDIA): Justice Secretary Michael Gove has been urged to act amid revelations that someone takes their own life nearly every four days inside a U.K. prison.The latest figures, released by Inquest, reveal there have been 229 deaths in prison since the beginning of 2015. Included in the charity’s figures are 14 young people aged between 18-24 and one child aged 16. Among the deaths, 79 were suicides and eight were homicides.

The spotlight on the spike in prison suicides and self-harm comes amid recent news that hundreds of inmates are waiting weeks for hospital treatment in prisons, despite them being included in the Mental Health Act.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that prison often exacerbates existing mental health conditions, and frequently leads to reoffending, self-harm, or suicide. In British prisons, those deemed to be at high risk of suicide or self-harm are placed under the Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork process. ACCT is supposed to allow prison staff to closely monitor and assess the prisoner, engage them in planning ways to reduce their problems, and help them build sources of support.
Yet 60 per cent of inmates who committed suicide in U.K. prisons in 2015 did not have an ACCT plan.

Neo-Con-Artist USA Stupid Enough To Cause Nuclear War

By Greg Hunter’s: Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a dim view of the so-called “economic recovery.” Dr. Roberts contends, “There has been no recovery whatsoever. . . . If you look at the economy realistically, and that means you don’t use their phony numbers, there has been no recovery whatsoever and, in fact, it continues to worsen. We see that the “Labor Force Participation Rate” continues to sink. . . . When you consider the full measure of unemployment . . . we still have an unemployment rate of 23% after 7 years of an alleged recovery? I think this is the first so-called recovery where the labor force fell. Normally, when you have a recovery, people re-enter the labor force and the participation rate rises. . . . 
How do you have 5% unemployment when half of all 25 year old people have to live at home with their parents? What kind of a “recovery” is that? They say there is no inflation, but everyone that goes shopping knows that is a lie. . . . It’s all just a package of smoke, mirrors and lies.”
Don’t expect this to turn around anytime soon. Dr. Roberts says, “There is no opportunity for the middle-class. It must be shrinking. I would say the U.S. economy is in long-term decline. Rigging the way you measure inflation, rigging the way you measure unemployment, that may fool ordinary people, but that does not fool those of us who look at the numbers.”

The Racist Jewish Supremacists Who Orchestrate The Destruction Of Mankind And The Promotion Of ZioGlobalism!

Dr. David Duke Exposes the Real Racist Jewish Supremacists Who Orchestrate the Destruction of European Mankind and the Promotion of ZioGlobalism!
Today Dr. Duke talked about the media’s ability to put forward ideas that are contrary to the interest of most American and then stifle any dissenting view. The proposition that the diversity caused by massive immigration is a source of strength and the central theme of American history is one such example. He pointed out the methods used to stifle debate, such as vicious character attacks on anyone daring to step out of line.

The Art Of Riot

30 Dec 2015

Why Not An Edible City?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Liam Halligan about the housing crisis in London and ask: Why not a UK Land Corporation? In the second half, Max and Stacy talk to Debra Solomon about urban forests as they ask: Why not an edible city?

Servitude To Women: Don’t Be That Man

By : In Frauendienst (Service of Ladies), written in German about 1250, the knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein describes mis-education, delusion, and suffering. Poets and wise men, the teachers of that time, urged Ulrich to subordinate himself to a woman. Ulrich recalled:

This I heard the wise men say:
none can be happy, none can stay
contented in this world but he
who loves and with such loyalty
a noble woman that he’d die
if it would save her from a sigh.
For thus all men have loved who gain
the honor others can’t obtain. [1]
Men’s lives are thus valued lower than a woman’s sigh. Only a very brave man would dare to reject that honor. Ulrich sought it:

I’ll give my body, all my mind
and life itself to womankind
and serve them all the best I can

Northumbria Police Called To Task For Their Sexist Domestic Abuse Poster Campaign

Campaign group New Fathers 4 Justice threaten 'guerilla-style protests' in response to sexist Northumbria police posters which referred to abusers as 'he'. "VOTE POLICE ARE SEXIST HERE"
Northumbria Police has been accused of sexism in a poster campaign designed to highlight domestic abuse.
The force was criticised by social media users after images referred to abusers as ‘he’ in posts designed to highlight new legislation on coercive and controlling behaviour.
Campaigners said the messages ‘he has never hit his partner, but he has punched walls’ and ‘he says he will never hurt her, as long as she does what he wants’ are biased and offensive.
The group New Fathers 4 Justice said: “Northumbria Police are disgracefully using out of date gender stereotypes and are living in the dark ages turning a blind eye to modern day life.
“Violence is violence, no matter who it’s aimed at and assaults by wives and girlfriends are often ignored by police and media.”

Why WWIII Is On The Horizon

By Paul Craig Roberts: The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 gave birth to a dangerous American ideology called neoconservativism. The Soviet Union had served as a constraint on US unilateral action. With the removal of this constraint on Washington, neoconservatives declared their agenda of US world hegemony. America was now the “sole superpower,” the “unipower,” that could act without restraint anywhere in the world.
The Washington Post neoconservative journalist Charles Krauthammer summed up the “new reality” as follows:
We have overwheming global power. We are history’s designated custodians of the international system. When the Soviet Union fell, something new was born, something utterly newa unipolar world dominated by a single superpower unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in every corner of the globe. This is a stagering new development in history, not seen since the fall of Rome. Even Rome was no model for what America is today.”

How Big Oil Conquered The World

From farm to pharmaceutical, diesel truck to dinner plate, pipeline to plastic product, it is impossible to think of an area of our modern-day lives that is not affected by the oil industry. The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.

PC Is About Control, Not Etiquette

"First, we must understand that we’re in a fight."
By Jeff Deist: I’d like to speak today about what political correctness is, at least in its modern version, what it is not, and what we might do to fight against it.
To begin, we need to understand that political correctness is not about being nice. It’s not simply a social issue, or a subset of the culture wars.
It’s not about politeness, or inclusiveness, or good manners. It’s not about being respectful toward your fellow humans, and it’s not about being sensitive or caring or avoiding hurt feelings and unpleasant slurs.
But you’ve heard this argument, I’m sure. PC is about simple respect and inclusiveness, they tell us. As though we need progressives, the cultural enforcers, to help us understand that we shouldn’t call someone retarded, or use the “N” word, make hurtful comments about someone’s appearance, or tolerate bullies.
If PC truly was about kindness and respect, it wouldn’t need to be imposed on us. After all, we already have a mechanism for the social cohesion PC is said to represent: it’s called manners. And we already have specific individuals charged with insuring that good manners are instilled and upheld: they’re called parents.


Native Sun & Bocafloja - Light.
Video Directed by Globalfaction
Song written by Mohammed Yahya, Sarina Leah & Bocafloja
Produced by J-Zak & Zain
Mixed/ mastered: by Mauro @ HiStreetStudios

Why It Is Important To Destroy Political Correctness

Another man loses his job over a joke, and also possible doxxing lead to it happening. We need to eradicate political correctness as soon as possible, before the damage becomes irreversible and Orwell's vision of the future of humanity comes true. Raging Golden Eagle

Glenn Greenwald Confronts “Liberals” Trying To Destroy Free Speech

Perhaps the greatest irony of this past year has been the mind numbing and irrational anti-free speech wave that swept across facets of so-called “liberal” America.
By Michael Krieger: This regressive movement was most readily apparent on college campuses, where hordes of sheltered and emotionally stunted students demanded restrictions on free speech in order to prevent themselves from being offended by an ever expanding list of unhappy thoughts and words. However, what is far more troubling, albeit much less public, are attempts by two fascist academic authoritarians, to convince the American citizenry to relinquish their First Amendment rights in the name of fighting ISIS. One of these men is a close advisor to President Obama.
Glenn Greenwald does a great job of calling both of them out over at the Intercept. Here are a few excerpts from his article: 
The NYT article notes that “in response to the Islamic State’s success in grooming jihadists over the Internet, some legal scholars are asking whether it is time to reconsider” the long-standing “constitutional line” that “freedom of speech may not be curbed unless it poses a ‘clear and present danger’ — an actual, imminent threat, not the mere advocacy of harmful acts or ideas.”

29 Dec 2015

Psychology Of A Fighter

"There is no other sport that equips a man better to cope with life than boxing it's a complete mental, physical and spiritual immersion that equips a man with a sense of purpose an identity. In every fight a man engages in inside or outside the ring takes place in the mind, that's where battles are won, or in the immortal words of Rocky Balboa. "That's how winning is done." Spetsnaz.

Hitler Wore Pants

A respose to Justin Dennis - how to date a feminist : or How I learned to hate myself and live a life of imposed misery. johntheother.

Dear Dad, From A Boy (#Deardaddy Response)

Redubbing of the misandrist feminist garbage that links jokes to rape and violence. Stop jokes to stop rape, social justice warriors really are idiots. #DearDaddy is another in a long line of feminist propaganda that demonises boys.

Please share, retweet sing from the highest mountain if you agree. Beat the SJW narrative. Men and boys are good.

Warm Welcome To Jasmin Newman, Australian Honey Badger

By Mike Buchanan: I was recently alerted to the existence of Jasmin Newman, an Australian Honey Badger, by a supporter who paid her pre-registration fee for ICMI16. She runs the website Relating to Men. Her interesting pieces there include a recent post, The feminist elephant in the room.
From her home page:

We all have men we care about. Fathers, sons, brothers, uncles ~ no man alive today is immune from finding themselves feeling unheard and unseen in a world where everything is viewed through the feminine prism.

Sarah Colborne - A Solidarity Campaigner Or A Traitor

By Gilad Atzmon: PSC Director Sarah Colborne went out of her way to kosherize the UK PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) but now no longer holds her position in what is left of the diluted solidarity institution. The rumour is that Colborne had to go because evidence of her collaboration with the police against leading Palestinian activists was too embarrassing.
Back on 17 October two men were arrested at a pro-Palestinian demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in London after they refused to take down a Hezbollah flag they had hoisted on a pole.
Abbas Ali and Antonio Maniscalco, both prominent pro-Palestinian activists had been warned by the PSC that only Palestinian national flags would be welcome at the protest. Shortly after, Ali and Maniscalco were arrested by the police, their homes were raided, their PCs, laptops and memory cards were confiscated. They were questioned by counter-terrorism officers for 15 hours before being released with no charges.
Once free, Abbas Ali told 5Pillars “we were initially told to take down the flag by people on the podium and by someone at the demonstration (so) we moved across the road. We also told the police that we were in a public place so we saw no reason to take down the flag – we had as much right to protest as anyone else but the police kept hounding us.”

Images Posted On Milo’s Facebook Page. Enjoy.

By Mike Buchanan: We’re looking forward to Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on the topic of ‘How to defeat feminists in debates’ at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, to be held in London next summer. We’re planning to reveal the venue and dates in January, but other information about the conference – including the speakers – is here.
Our thanks to David for pointing us to Milo’s Facebook page, where Milo posted the first of the following images six hours ago. We believe it was created by Rob Cline. Others have since posted other images, and I’ve taken a random selection. Enjoy.

The Plutocrats Are Winning

By Michael Krieger: The following is an impassioned and powerful article written by Bill Moyers last week titled, The Plutocrats Are Winning. Don’t Let Them!

Dear Readers:
In the fall of 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, as families grieved and the nation mourned, Washington swarmed with locusts of the human kind: wartime opportunists, lobbyists, lawyers, ex-members of Congress, bagmen for big donors: all of them determined to grab what they could for their corporate clients and rich donors while no one was looking.
Across the land, the faces of Americans of every stripe were stained with tears. Here in New York, we still were attending memorial services for our firemen and police. But in the nation’s capital, within sight of a smoldering Pentagon that had been struck by one of the hijacked planes, the predator class was hard at work pursuing private plunder at public expense, gold-diggers in the ashes of tragedy exploiting our fear, sorrow, and loss.
What did they want? The usual: tax cuts for the wealthy and big breaks for corporations.

Activists Camp Outside David 'Mad Dog' Cameron’s House In Dean In Fathers’ Rights Protest

Campaigners for fathers’ rights have started a protest camp outside the prime minister’s house.
By Charlotte Smith:  New Fathers 4 Justice (NF4J), Stop The War on Dads and other parenting organisations have returned to David Cameron’s home in Oxfordshire to raise awareness of equal rights for fathers and the family court laws.
Last Christmas New Fathers 4 Justice camped outside the prime minister’s Witney consistency property for a week, where months later David Cameron claimed his house is “falling apart” due to damage by protesters.
A New Fathers 4 Justice spokesperson said: “In his Christmas speech David Cameron mentioned the importance of families, but ignores the rights of fathers to see their children after family breakdown.

28 Dec 2015

Dual Loyalty Eric Alterman Calls All Of Organized Jewry “Israel Firsters”

By Dr. Patrick Slattery: Ok, it’s not exactly the “latest news,” but I just stumbled on it, so it’s news to me. Eric Alterman of The Nation magazine back in 2010 wrote a blog entry with the following lead:
If you read this article in the Forward, you’ll see that every single leader of every major Jewish organization has chosen to side with the government of Israel over the representative of their own government when it comes to the government of Israel’s right to attack American Jewish organizations.”

It sounds as if he is accusing the leaders of Jewish organizations of having a dual loyalty, or even being Israeli-firsters. This is the same Eric Alterman who back in 2003 made the following confession:

My own dual loyalties–there, I admitted it–were drilled into me by my parents, my grandparents, my Hebrew school teachers and my rabbis, not to mention Israeli teen-tour leaders and AIPAC college representatives. It was just about the only thing they all agreed upon.

Hypergamy Culture Is Destroying Black America

By : With recent events and tumults, black America has again come to the forefront of societal discourse in America. Certainly, no other demographic faces worse prospects — liberal hipster  fostered gentrification, endemic crime and poverty, mass incarceration abortions outpacing  live births, etc.— despite six years with the first black president.
But it should come as no surprise to those who have made the moral decision to take the red pill that black Americas plight is to a significant degree internally undergirded by the ubiquitous female imperative of “hypergamy.” This refers to the tendency to seek mates of higher social status, attendant resources, and its trappings. It is the often unstated and ineluctable principle governing sexual politics. With women as sexual selectors in any courtship ritual, male behavior is significantly determined by visceral female dating preferences. Indeed, the alpha male persona given apotheosis within the PUA community is a reflection of subconscious female choices. In the dysfunctional social structure they find themselves in — where, as anywhere else, reproduction is paramount — black men act as they do under a framework determined by their women (including via decidedly matriarchal households).
Contemporary rap music is a microcosm of this dynamic. At its core, the hyper-pseudo-masculine bad boy persona it has engendered is a meretricious response to innate female demand for alpha characteristics.
In a typically solipsistic feminist article, Straight Outta Rape Culture, appearing in the Huffington Post, Sikivi Hutchinson censures NWAs fostering of a supposed “rape culture .” But here’s the elephant in the room: Mention of the daily fratricidal meat-grinder black males are subjected to — and NWA’s relation to it — is conspicuously omitted from the narrative. This is true with both Hutchinson and the larger ongoing debate. This is why the discourse and rancor vis-a-vis police brutality and murder is disingenuous.

The Internet Sucks

I'm having a post Christmas chat with noelplum99 about free speech and the internet. There is no rape joke of the week, I'll make up for it next weekend. Feminism LOL

I'm A Rapist

Keep keeping busy. Apologise for nothing.

False Flag Attacks Are Important Instruments Of Government Policy

All of these false flag attacks were once called “conspiracy theories,” but every one of them has been proven to be a real false flag attack that served the purpose of undeclared agendas.
False Flag Terror. A Historical Overview
By Washington's Blog: Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror
In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:
(1) Japanese troops set off a small explosion on a train track in 1931, and falsely blamed it on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria.
This is known as the “Mukden Incident” or the “Manchurian Incident”. The Tokyo International Military Tribunal found: “Several of the participators in the plan, including Hashimoto [a high-ranking Japanese army officer], have on various occasionsadmitted their part in the plot and have stated that the object of the ‘Incident’ was to afford an excuse for the occupation of Manchuria by the Kwantung Army ….” And see this.
(2) A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland.

1953 Coup Against Mossadegh Led To 1979 US Embassy Takeover - Glorified In The Film Argo

The US-sponsored 1953 coup d’état against the government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh led to the 1979 US embassy takeover by students in Tehran, a former US Senate candidate and political analyst says.
Press TV: Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on reports that the US government will award millions of dollars to the Americans who were taken into custody at the US embassy in Tehran in 1979.
Each of the 53 detainees or their estates will receive up to $4.4 million, according to a $1.1 trillion spending bill passed last week by the US Congress. The law authorizes payments of up to $10,000 per day of captivity for each of the detainees, 37 of whom are still alive.
Dankof said that “if we were to look at the amounts of money that are being paid to these 53 people or to their estates and to compare it with what American wounded veterans are not getting from their government, and also what American POWs historically were not getting from their government in regard to everything that they went through at war time, many Americans if they understood this in that perceptive, would perceive that these payments are now going to be made to these 53 hostages of the November 1979 timeframe would be seen as excessive.”

Why Not Public Bank?

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to Simon Dixon of BnkToTheFuture.com about banking’s future. They ask him: why not get rid of banks? Dixon believes a world without the current banking infrastructure - from traditional banks to venture capitalists - is possible thanks to bitcoin and blockchain technology. In the second half, they ask Sandeep Jaitly of FeketeResearch.com, why not a public bank? Jaitly’s public bank, however, is very different from anything you’ve ever seen or heard before.

27 Dec 2015

Lies, Feminism And Atrocity Literature

By : Atrocity or outrage literature can be defined as material—including written, audio and video—produced by the global Feminist network that highlights and exaggerates historical, social, political, ideological and other fault lines and events in countries with the deliberate aims to show:-
  1. These countries are backward, regressive.
  2. That in these countries women are in perpetual state of oppression.
  3. Only Feminist have the means to end such oppression and rescue these societies.
  4. That there is a need for political intervention by external powers.

Atrocity literature is characterized by generalization and extrapolation, without context or evidence. It is a useful tool in the hand of feminist to pummel countries. It is the old tactic of declaring a dog to be rabid and then shooting it. Atrocity Literature has been used by Feminist to make a case for wanton intervention in countries aided by treaties like CEDAW.
The history of atrocity literature in India can be traced to the British. In 1927 Katherine Mayo wrote the book “Mother India” against the backdrop of Indian demands for self-rule and independence from British rule. The book attacks Indian society, religion and culture. The book pointed to the treatment of India’s women, the untouchables, animals, dirt, and the character of its nationalistic politicians. Mayo singled out the allegedly rampant and fatally weakening sexuality of its males to be at the core of all problems, leading to masturbation, rape, homosexuality, prostitution, venereal diseases, and, most importantly, premature sexual intercourse and maternity. The book created an outrage across India, and it was burned along with her effigy.

Slumlord: How Warren Buffet’s Clayton Homes Intentionally Targets & Preys Upon Minorities And Poor People

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. Warren Buffett 
I cant help myself, I hate niggers,”
He walked them through Clayton-built homes on the lot, then into the sales center, passing a banner and posters promoting one subprime lender: Vanderbilt Mortgage, a Clayton subsidiary. Inside, he handed them a Vanderbilt sales pamphlet.
“Vanderbilt is the only one that finances on the reservation,” he told the women.
His claim, which the women caught on tape, was a lie. And it was illegal. In minority communities, Clayton’s grip on the lending market verges on monopolistic: Last year, according to federal data, Clayton made 72% of the loans to black people who financed mobile homes.
The company’s in-house lender, Vanderbilt Mortgage, charges minority borrowers substantially higher rates, on average, than their white counterparts. In fact, federal data shows that Vanderbilt typically charges black people who make over $75,000 a year slightly more than white people who make only $35,000.
Through a spokesperson earlier this month, Buffett declined to discuss racial issues at Clayton Homes, and a reporter who attempted to contact him at his home was turned away by security…

The Male Eunuch

"A man can be destroyed, but not defeated"
Male isolation and Masculinity

A Message From George Orwell To The Internet

"If you have an oppressive Internet, you have an oppressive society too. ...and don't give me that BS that you don't care about privacy because you have nothing to hide, that's pure double-think. As comrade Snowden clearly explained, that's like saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."

Yes, Virginia, The Jews Stole Christmas

By Professor Kevin MacDonald: A new book, Joshua Eli Plaut’s A Kosher Christmas: ’Tis the Season to Be Jewish, documents what we have known all along: The Jews did indeed subvert Christmas.  This book deserves a full review, but Ethan Schwartz’s summary and comment (“Twas the night after Christmas“) deserve scrutiny. 
First the summary:
Jews have been the vanguard of an effort to “transform Christmastime into a holiday season belonging to all Americans,” without religious exclusivity.  The most important Jewish mechanisms of secularization are comedy and parody, for laughter undermines religious awe.  Take, for example, Hanukkah Harry from “Saturday Night Live”, who heroically steps in for a bedridden Santa by delivering presents from a cart pulled by donkeys named Moishe, Hershel, and Shlomo.  Remarkably, Hanukkah Harry has emerged as a real Santa-alternative for many American Jews.  Plaut sees such things not as attempts at assimilation but as an intentional subversion of Christmas traditions.  “Through these parodies,” he writes, “Jews could envision not having to be captivated by the allure of ubiquitous Christmas symbols.”

A Christmas Letter For Fathers Alienated From Their Children

By Kate Winslet has been in the news lately, threatening to sue Fathers4Justice over an ad campaign criticizing comments she made in the media indicating she does not believe in shared parenting.
None of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads my children live with me; that is it.

The comments appeared in Vogue magazine, and Ms. Winslet does not deny that she uttered them.
Winslet, who has three children by three different fathers, may or may not be handling her family dynamics well, ensuring that her children continue to enjoy the undeniable benefits of a continued relationship with their fathers. That is a moot point. Winslet’s personal circumstances are irrelevant. What IS relevant is her assertion that shared parenting, this “50/50 time with mums and dads” – is negative and detrimental to children’s well-being.

“Oh, my God! Those poor children! They must have gone through so much”.
Says who? They’ve always been with me. They don’t go from pillar to post; they’re not flown here and there with nannies.

Killed ISIS Commander’s Cell Phone Shows Direct Ties To Turkish Intelligence

The Fifth Column Staff (TFC): An Islamic State commander was killed in Salahuddin province and his body was searched. A cell phone retrieved from the corpse revealed messages from Turkish intelligence services proving the NATO country was providing security for ISIS militants when they traveled between Turkey and Iraq. This is the second NATO country implicated in assisting the Islamic State’s troops. The first was Canada.
The IS commander was killed by Hashd al-Shaabi, a loyalist volunteer force. Jabbar al-Ma’mouri, a leader within the force made the announcement. He said, “The mobile phone also contains other important information which cannot be disclosed now, and it has been delivered to the specialized security groups for further scrutiny.”
Turkey and the Islamic State share two enemies: President Assad of Syria and the Kurdish people. This incident comes on the heels of the Turkish Air Force shooting down a Russian plane engaged in operations against the Islamic State. Ten days ago, Turkey invaded Iraq briefly. It sent its troops to within a few hundred miles of where the phone was recovered. Turkish artillery has also rained shells down on the Kurdish community of Kobane.
While the western media seems to be overlooking and downplaying NATO support for the Islamic State, some senior US officials are speaking out.

Know What Children Want For Christmas? A Family

By : I wrote this post on Boxing Day, back in 2012, and really, nothing has changed. Our oldest daughter is almost 14, and a truly lovely, giving, kind human being. She understands perfectly that while other kids get AirBooks, she got to have her mother with her at home, and has not an ounce of resentment or jealousy. Our son is almost ten, he still loves playing video games with his Dad, and he, too, understands that not growing up in daycare was the best gift he could ever have received. Our youngest daughter is seven, and she wants…. a duckling. A real live duckling.
We already have a rabbit, a cat, two birds and a fish. I’m afraid the duckling is not going to happen. Mommy and Daddy have enough pets to take care of! The Barbie Camper Van will have to do. I bought some plastic ducks for Barbie and Ken to enjoy.
We live in such a consumer society, saturated with untold luxuries, it’s easy to forget that what most kids want, at the end of each and every day, is love.

Our Christmas Of Heartbreak: Three Dads Share Their Stories

Ryan’s Christmas Story
I’m Ryan I’m 28 from Scotland. I was with my former partner for 8 years and we had 4 children together, 2 boys Riley and Dylan 8 and 6 and a boy-girl set of twins Kasey and Dominic 3.
After a holiday, myself and partner had a major argument that caused the end of the relationship and police involvement by my ex which caused me to be arrested for domestic assault for protecting myself.
I was found not guilty of this in Scotland.
Whilst this trial was going on my ex used a domestic abuse charity (Arch) to relocate, 250 miles away in or around Stoke on Trent . My ex partner has consistently lied to courts and lawyers and this has caused me to not have any contact with my children since June 2014 (which was only for 15 mins).
I have had to travel to Stoke 3 times now with my 4th court date to get access to my children on January 26th. It costs over £150 each time I go to court and have been fighting it all myself, although I have a full time job in the NHS. I am losing over half my earnings to CMS and cannot afford a lawyer.
I feel I am fighting a losing battle and at the end of the day I just want to be a father to my four beautiful children. I am certainly not an abusive person as I was accused of and cleared of but it continues to be held against me leaving me depressed suffering anxiety and generally having an exhaustive time of it.
Ryan Lawson

26 Dec 2015

Roger Tucker - Thinking The Unthinkable: A Lamentation For The Terrorist State Of Israel - Well, Not Exactly

Introduction by Gilad AtzmonThe following text was posted by Roger Tucker on the One Democratic State web page. I tend to agree with Roger that reconciliation and the 'One State' are not exactly viable options anymore. However, unlike Roger I do not think that Zionism is necessarily the problem. As far as I am concerned, Zionism and Israeli politics are symptoms of Jewish tribal ideology and not at all different from Jewish anti Zionism, which is also exclusive and racially oriented. At the end of the day, Israel is as Judeo-centric as its Jewish 'opponents' at JVP.  Both Israel and the anti Zionist Zionists (AZZ) insist to distinguish between the 'Jew' and the 'Goy'. I guess that by the time Jews 'get over' this corrosive tribal inclination towards political and cultural hegemony, they simply stop being Jews. 

Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel - Well, Not Exactly 

By Roger Tucker: The following essay was inspired by a recent article in the Jewish magazine ‘The Tablet’ entitled “Thinking the Unthinkable: A Lamentation for the State of Israel.” A good, well written example of what is fast becoming a genre bemoaning the rapidly disappearing notion held by liberal Zionist Jews that a Jewish State in Palestine could be 'both Jewish and Democratic.' Mr. Rosenbaum’s strained but passionate elegy to what was never more than a wish-fulfillment fantasy provides an opening for a more penetrating look at the prevailing debate between One State and Two States.


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Besting Milo’s Anti-Feminist Reboot Of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”

By : What is the best gift you can give to a feminist? Give her the outrage she craves.
I love Milo Yiannopoulos. The iconoclastic “Big Milo,” a self-described and self-denigrating “terrible gay man” has become the bane of feminists and the darling of anti-PC forces on the electronic pages of Breitbart.com. The talented, cutting genius usually has the pen of a marksman and the tongue of a serpent when it comes to giving feminists the lashing they so richly deserve.
But it is with sadness that I note that his Christmas offering, a feminist parody reboot of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, fell short of his usually lofty standards. Under Milo’s sharp exterior beats a sympathetic heart; the gentle sentiment of Christmas, coupled with a gay man’s natural reluctance to tackle the vagina headlong, undermined his usual delightful viciousness. First, he replaced the “partridge in a pear tree” with “a mocha and a handful of biscotti.” I’m sorry, Milo, but you can do better. Then, “two turtle doves” became “two twitter bans.” Again, not bad, but, too tame for Milo’s usual standards. Hell, “two titty bans” has more bite to it.
Don’t get me wrong – his original idea was inspired, and his effort was good, but I’m willing to take the chance to try to go even darker down this coal mine. Wish me luck, and doffed fedoras to Milo for going there first. For once, I prefer something more penetrating that one can sing with an open throat.

Roger Scruton Explains The Current State Of Academia

"We are now going through a time when truth itself seems to be increasingly marginalized from academic scholarship." An excerpt from Roger Scruton's presentation "Liberty & Democracy in Western Civilization" given at the Institute of Public Affairs