31 Jan 2015

They Control Humans With Words.

Stefan Molyneux breaks down the way in which words are used to control the entire human race. Why do academic history professors tend to be leftists given that history has shown socialism to be a complete failure time after time?

Snake Eating Itself

From Mexico City, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss life in the breakdown lane in America where the infrastructure has been planned through a succession of bad choices. They also discuss currency wars and the failure of techno-industrialism. In the second half, Max continues his interview with big banking fraud whistleblower and bitcoin entrepreneur, Jose Rodriguez, about cryptocurrency and corruption in Mexico.

Dieudonné Defies Holocaust Religion!

"Challenge the Jewish narrative and your arse lands in jail." Brother Nathanael

A Fight For Male Space: The Australian Men’s Shed Movement

By : I’d like to introduce you to the Australian Men’s Shed movement, starting with some background.
It’s rumoured that Men’s Sheds started sometime during the 1990s, and officially started around the middle of the 1990s, with a steady growth as the years have rolled on.
However, this start date may not be strictly correct, but it’s very difficult to find any information proving otherwise. So I’m hoping that some of my Aussie brothers who read this may be able to give me some correction and assistance in establishing a better start date.
The idea of having a place for men to congregate, to communicate and to care for each other freely without judgement, was initiated first by Australian Vietnam Veterans. Again, I cannot find a date for this, no matter what I type into Google. So I’m hoping some Aussie Vietnam Vets might know the dates and facts around these gatherings and can enlighten us.

Delusional America

By Paul Craig Roberts: Robert Parry is one of my favorite columnists. He is truthful, has a sense of justice, and delivers a firm punch. He used to be a “mainstream journalist,” like me, but we were too truthful for them. They kicked us out.
I can’t say Parry has always been one of my favorite journalists. During the 1980s he spent a lot of time on Reagan’s case. Having been on corporate boards, I know that CEOs seldom know everything that is going on in the company. There are just too many people and too many programs representing too many agendas. For presidents of countries with governments as large as the US government, there is far more going on than a president has time to learn about even if he could get accurate information.
In my day Assistant Secretaries and chiefs of staff were the most important people, because they controlled the flow of information. Presidents have to focus on fund raising for their reelection and for their party. More time and energy is used up with formalities and meetings with dignitaries and media events. At the most there are two or three issues on which a president can attempt leadership. If an organized clique such as the neoconservatives get into varied positions of authority, they can actually “create the reality” and take the government away from the president.

The Clock Is Ticking On Male Suicide…

By : The most recent data from the World Health Organization1 reveals that an estimated 804 000 suicide deaths occurred worldwide in 2012, representing an annual global suicide rate of 11.4 per 100 000 population. However, since suicide is a sensitive issue, and even illegal in some countries, it is likely under-reported and, in countries with good vital registration data, suicide may often be misclassified as an accident or another cause of death. Due to these factors, death by suicide is likely closer to 1.2 million cases annually.2
As most readers here will know, men are vastly overrepresented in this sombre data.
As most readers will also know, the establishment is doing its darnedest to omit the prevalence of male suicide from its rhetoric, as Steve Brulé described so well in his 2013 article about male suicide reporting in the media.

The Return Of Emma Watson And HeForShe: Impact 10x10x10

Why stop at the millions of Feminists and simpering White Knights when HeForShe could take over the whole bloody world? Ready yourself for phase two. Thorium

My Beef With US Cops...

"The issue isn't racism, it's statism."
That Guy T

The Spartan Resurrection In Greece

By Paul Craig Roberts: Having just written that Greece needs Spartans in order to prevail over its creditors and the EU, the new Greek government is showing signs of being Spartans. Listen to these words from Greece’s new Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras:We should not accept or recognize the government of neo-Nazis in Ukraine.” “The EU lacks democracy, and citizens do not believe that their vote can change policy.”
The new Greek government has protested the latest EU denunciation of Russia, saying that the attack on Russia was reported in the media as if the decision was unanimous, whereas in fact, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria objected. No new sanctions on Russia have been imposed.
The New Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said that a provision that would have imposed further sanctions on Russia was removed at Greece’s insistence from the proposals at the meeting. Greece also required that the communique does not directly blame Russia for the conflict in Ukraine.

Greece Won’t Cooperate With ‘Troika,’ Rejects Aid Extension

RT: The new left-wing Greek government has said that it will not cooperate with the troikaof international banksters, and does not plan to seek an extension for its aid package which is set to expire at the end of February.
Without the aid, Greek banks could face being shut off from European Central Bank funding.
Rejecting cooperation with the troika from the EU and IMF, Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said he would rather negotiate the debt in direct talks with eurozone leaders.
This position enabled us to win the trust of the Greek people,” Varoufakis said Friday during a joint press conference with Jeroen Dijsselbloem, head of the eurozone finance ministers’ group.
Our first action as a government will not be to reject the rationale of questioning this program through a request to extend it, Varoufakis said. “We respect institutions but we don’t plan to cooperate with that committee.”
The meeting between Varoufakis and Dijsselbloem is to lay the groundwork for visits by newly-elected Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the finance minister to London, Paris, and Rome next week. The new Greek leadership has voiced its intention to attempt to loosen the terms of the massive €240 billion (US$271 billion) bailout.

The Police State Is Upon Us

Anyone paying attention knows that 9/11 has been used to create a police/warfare state
By Paul Craig Roberts: Years ago NSA official William Binney warned Americans about the universal spying by the National Security Agency, to little effect. Recently Edward Snowden proved the all-inclusive NSA spying by releasing spy documents, enough of which have been made available by Glenn Greenwald to establish the fact of NSA illegal and unconstitutional spying, spying that has no legal, constitutional, or “national security” reasons.Yet Americans are not up in arms. Americans have accepted the government’s offenses against them as necessary protection against “terrorists.”
Neither Congress, the White House, or the Judiciary has done anything about the wrongful spying, because the spying serves the government. Law and the Constitution are expendable when the few who control the government have their “more important agendas.”
Bradley Manning warned us of the militarization of US foreign policy and the murderous consequences, and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks posted leaked documents proving it.
Were these whistleblowers and honest journalists, who alerted us to the determined attack on our civil liberty, rewarded with invitations to the White House and given medals of honor in recognition of their service to American liberty?
No. Bradley Manning is in federal prison, and so would be Julian Assad and Edward Snowden if Washington could get its hands on them.

30 Jan 2015

In Denmark You Are Now Paid To Take Out A Mortgage

With NIRP raging in the Eurozone and over €1.5 trillion in European government bonds trading with negative yields, many were wondering when any of this perverted bond generosity will spill over to other debtors, not just Europe's insolvent governments (who can only print negative interest debt because of the ECB's backstop that it will buy any piece of garbage for sale in the doomed monetary union). In fact just earlier today we, rhetorically, asked a logical - in as much as nothing is logical in the new normal - question:
zerohedge @zerohedge

Who will offer the first negative rate mortgage?
Little did we know that just minutes after our tweet, we would learn that at least one place is already paying homeowners to take out a mortgage. That's right - the negative rate mortgage is now a reality.

Open Sources & Open Cesspools

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the claims that the Fed is like the blockchain. They also look at the proof that central bank intervention causes market distortion like mispricing of risk and misallocation of capital as currency traders go bust on 50 times leverage. In the second half, Max interviews big bank whistleblower and bitcoin entrepreneur, Jose Rodriguez, about cryptocurrency in Mexico.

Israeli Trained NYPD Launches Plan To Deal With Protests - Arm Police With Long Rifles, Grenade Launchers, M16s and Tanks

Murders reached a historic low in NYC for 2014; overall crime was down across the board by nearly 5%; hell, even the holiday slowdown didn’t really lead to any additional crime. So clearly, now is the time when NYC really needs to implement a new anti-terrorism program which would empower a team of NYPD officers to roam around the city carrying machine guns. What could go wrong?
This new squad will be used to investigate and combat terrorist plots, lone wolf terrorists, and… protests. “It is designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai or what just happened in Paris,” Bratton said, according to CBS.
– From the Gothamist article: New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters
By Michael Krieger: The morphing of “terrorism” and “domestic dissent” into an all encompassing and convenient category known as “domestic terrorists” or “domestic extremists” has been a long time coming. It has always been my contention, and continues to be, that the oligarchs who have funneled all of the wealth to themselves since the 2008 banker bailouts know exactly what they are doing. They also know that it will eventually result in severe domestic unrest during the next cyclical downturn. As such, the agenda has been to utilize the entirety of the intelligence-industrial-military complex created by the “war on terror” against the domestic population once it recognizes how badly it has been looted.

Pregnant Women In The UK To Be Paid £400 To Stop Them Poisoning Their Unborn Children

By Mike Buchanan: A day or two ago Stephen Nolan hosted an interesting discussion on his show on BBC Radio Ulster about the proposal that taxpayers fund vouchers to the tune of £400 to discourage pregnant women from smoking, in a effort to stop them poisoning their unborn children. Doubtless, in time, we’ll see another scheme paying pregnant women a similar sum to discourage them from harming their unborn children by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is the #1 cause of avoidable mental debilitation in the Western world, and it’s a subject we cover in our election manifesto.
Gill is a longstanding supporter of J4MB – and a valued donor – and just sent us a link to an article on the £400 bribe. From the article:
Around 5,000 babies die in the womb or shortly after birth from mothers smoking during pregnancy each year in the UK.
One in four pregnant women smokes, despite warnings about the effects on the baby, and widely available NHS quit services.
Gill ended her email with this:
More and more, as the years go by, I am ashamed of my gender. When I read stories like this, I get so angry I could SCREAM.

Greece Slams EU Bailout-ers: "We Don't Want The $7 Billion, We Want To Rethink The Whole Program"

Tyler Durden's picture UPDATE: "CONSTRUCTIVE TALKS" are over:

As Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem (of "template" foot in mouth infamy) heads to Athens for talks today, Bloomberg reports the new Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has a clear message for his European overlords of the past: We don’t want the 7 billion euros...We want to sit down and rethink the whole program."

“A Cancerous Growth Called Israel.” A “Bacterium Of Corruption”

Head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has lashed out at the terrorist apartheid Tel Aviv regime for the recent killing of a number of its members, saying the Middle East region is suffering from a cancerous growth called Israel.”
Press TV: Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks on Friday during a speech about the Israeli attack on the Syrian Golan town of Quneitra on January 18.
He described the Israeli regime as a trauma and a bacterium of corruptionwhich has been plaguing the whole region since 1948.
He recapped crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli regime in the region, referring to the Tel Aviv’s brutalities against Palestinians and Syrians.
Israel has in recent years resorted to the same arrogant practices it had adopted decades ago. It has carried out a bloody campaign against Gaza and violated the most basic of Palestinian rights,” Hezbollah leader added.

Where Do All The Female Bullies Go?

By : I have often wondered how any person of intelligence and integrity could make statements like the one I heard Caroline Criado-Perez make in her television “debate” with Mike Buchanan. She said 96% of all violence was perpetrated by men.
If I had never read an article, let alone a book on the subject of domestic violence I would instinctively have known this statement was pure bullshit. In fact that is something I understood innately when my personal journey as a men’s rights supporter began some 25 years ago.
In the early nineties, in my home state of Victoria, there was a serious and relentless attack on men under the heading “The War on Women” in one of our major daily newspapers (The Age) which featured a series of articles purporting to lift the lid on the unspeakable atrocities men were perpetrating upon their women folk behind closed doors. These articles were promoted on large banners outside the local news agency and I can still remember seriously considering ripping them out of the wire grills they sat behind but I somehow controlled my rage and entered the shop. I looked at the stack of papers calling men violent, oppressors and I vividly recall looking about the store at the other men who casually picked up their copy along with a magazine or packet of gum and wanting to shake them and scream,
That’s you and me they are writing about!”

Britons Protest Delay In UK Iraq-War Report

People have gathered outside the Westminster in London to protest against a delay in the publication of a long-awaited inquiry into their country’s role in the 2003 war on Iraq.
Press TV: Protesters say the report’s postponement is widely due to its criticism of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government over their involvement in the deadly US-led invasion of Iraq.
“It’s obvious that Tony Blair will be criticized… So, they want to delay this as long as possible and obviously with an election… and the conservative party voted for the war… and they do really have something to hide here,” said Lindsey German with Stop the War Coalition.

Mother Jones Goes All Jezebel On The MHRM

Mother Jones is an old school liberal publication with some respectable creds. Mariah Blake is a new school feminist. The combination was good for the latter, not so much for the former.

The NWO: “Recipe For Disaster”: Canadian Government To Expand State Surveillance Powers (Again)

The spillover effects of overbroad anti-terror legislation.
By: We’ve long been lamenting the enormous and still utterly murky – despite the Snowden revelations – spy apparatus in the US that, in collaboration with Corporate America, stretches from many federal agencies to state and local agencies. It’s all there, seamless, borderless, perfect: collecting license-plate data with photos that show who went where with whom to do what, checking out our secure data in the Cloud, collecting phone metadata that is not supposed to reveal personal details….
“We kill people based on metadata,” explained helpfully Gen. Michael Hayden, former head of the NSA. To make us Americans feel better, he added, “But that’s not what we do with this metadata.”
On the corporate side, consumer surveillance technologies and methods, dressed up in appealing terms like Ad Tech, are being perfected, and an entire startup bubble has sprung up to compete with the Big Ones that already master this.
For years, and at every level, laws have been passed in the US to give Big Brother more and more tools to track us in everything we do. Despite these efforts, Big Brother is just slowly limping behind fleet-footed Corporate America.
The article below reveals how the Canadian government is marching in the same direction, perhaps at a different pace, but with equally disturbing undertones.

Is Democracy Dead In The West?

By Paul Craig Roberts: We will find out the answer to the question posed in the title in the outcome of the contest between the new Greek government, formed by the political party Syriza, and the ECB and the private banks, with whose interests the EU and Washington align against Greece.
The Spartans, whose red cloaks and military prowess struck fear into the hearts of both foreign invaders and Greek opponents in the city-states, are no more. Athens itself is a ruin of its historical self. The Greeks, who were once to be contended with, who were able with 300 Spartans, supplemented with a few thousand Corinthians, Thebans, and other warriors, to stop a one hundred thousand man Persian army at Thermopylae, with the final outcome being the defeat of the Persian fleet in the Battle of Salamis and the defeat of the Persian army in the Battle of Plataea, are no more.
The Greeks of history have become a people of legend. Not even the Romans were able to conquer Persia, but little more than a handful of Greeks stopped the attempted Persian conquest of Greece.
But the Greeks, despite their glorious history, could not stop their conquest by the EU and a handful of German and Dutch banks. If the Greece of history still existed, the EU and the private banks would be cowering in fear, because the EU and the private banks have ruthlessly exploited the Greek people and represent the same threat to Greek sovereignty as Persia did.


A short film by Neel Kolhatkar

29 Jan 2015

Lead Not Manage - Potent Whisper

#LeadNotManage is the latest episode of Potent Whisper's new Spoken Word series 'Yeah I Said It', which uses Rap to respond to current affairs.

Why I Became A Black Men’s Rights Activist

We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”
-Malcolm X

By Paul Elam’s recent column, addressing Black male feminist Byron Hurt’s article in The Root, raises a number of very interesting questions, a few of which I’d like to expand upon in this essay. But, before I do, I’d like to more personally address Mr. Hurt myself, because, let’s face it: in a world and at a time when Identity Politics is a way of life, where “Who, Whom?” is the order of the day, a White Guy(TM) like Mr. Elam really can’t “go in” in the way that I, a blue collar, union card-carrying Brotha, can.
So, let’s get to it.
Since what has informed, and inspired, Mr. Hurt’s evolution as a Black male feminist is his personal life experience living with his own parents, I’d like to return the favor and offer a bit of my own personal life, which informed and inspired my own evolution as a Black Men’s Rights Activist.
It began with my parents and grandparents; you see, what they, and indeed much of my extended family, all had in common, is that they were rich with “strong, independent” Black women – you know, the kind that is lauded by Black America-proper.

Alexis Tsipras Most Outrageous Outburst Yet?

Speaking in May 2014 (ahead of Ukraine's elections) new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made very clear why he is now against Germany's push for further sanctions against Russia.
Via VoR,
[The SYRIZA] party believes that the new government in Ukraine came to power as a result of a coup, and call it a junta.
"We should not accept or recognize the government of neo-Nazis in Ukraine," the Athens News Agency quotes Tsipras who believes that the Ukrainian people should decide their future themselves.

Speaking about different peoples' movements for self-determination, Tsipras said that the European left respected the right to self-determination, but nationalism and clashes could not lead to positive results.
"We in the EU should not give preference to changing borders, but must respect the position of the peoples, who have decided to create a Federation within the state," said the SYRIZA leader.

The Terrorist Zio-Nazi Regime Has Begun A War In The Middle And Vows To "Butcher All Sand Niggers"

JSIL [Israel] and Hezbollah are at war.
By Michael Snyder: On top of everything else that is going on in the world, now we have a new war in the Middle East, and nobody is quite certain what is going to happen next.  Israel has been preparing for this moment for more than 8 years.  So has Hezbollah.  According to some reports, Hezbollah has amassed an arsenal of 50,000 rockets since the end of the Hezbollah-Israel war in 2006.  If all-out warfare does erupt, we could potentially see tens of thousands of missiles rain down into an area not too much larger than the state of New Jersey.  And of course the Israeli military is also much more sophisticated and much more powerful than it was back in 2006.  If cooler heads do not prevail, we could be on the verge of witnessing a very bloody war.  But right now nobody seems to be in the mood to back down.  Hezbollah is absolutely fuming over an airstrike earlier this month that killed six fighters and a prominent Iranian general.  And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel is “prepared to act powerfully on all fronts” in response to a Hezbollah ambush that killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded seven.  Just such an incident is what sparked the war between the two sides back in 2006.  But this time, a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah could spark a full-blown regional war.

Greece At The Crossroads: The Oligarchs Blew It

Once one oligarchy falls, it will threaten to topple a long line of oligarch dominoes.
By Charles Hugh Smith: A great many narratives invoking Greece are being tossed around, but only one really encapsulates the unvarnished truth: the Oligarchs blew it. The oligarchs in both Greece and the European Union/ECB had the opportunity a few years ago to trade some of their outsized wealth and political power for stability and sustainable expansion.
Instead, they chose to not just cling to every shred of their outsized wealth and power but to actively increase it. Their greed and hubris has now put their entire system of parasitic wealth extraction at risk of collapse. Their political stranglehold on power has been weakened, and there’s no going back: they blew it, and now it’s too late. The debt-serfs have finally had enough.

Gorbachev Warns Of Risk Of US-Russia Armed Conflict

The last Soviet leader has accused the US of pushing Russia into a new Cold War that could lead to an armed conflict.
Press TV: "America... has already drawn us into a new Cold War," Mikhail Gorbachev said in an interview published on Thursday.
He added that “I can't say for sure that a Cold War won't lead to a 'hot' one. I fear they could take the risk."
"Today, we keep hearing all the time about sanctions in relations to Russia both from America and the European Union. Have they entirely lost their minds? America has ‘totally lost its way in the jungles’ and is dragging us there as well," he told the Interfax news agency.
The last Soviet leader added that the gap between the West and Russia are “too wide. And, regrettably, it is not getting any narrower. Rather, it keeps growing even further!"
He has also in the past criticized the West for what he called their short-sighted policies on major global issues.
Gorbachev said the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine have proven the West’s incompetence in its claim to resolve global issues.

“Mother Jones” Betrays Legacy Of Mary Harris Jones

By : Mother Jones did a 6000 word piece on the Men’s Human Rights Movement and got it wrong in so many ways, and left out so much crucial information, it’s hard to know what to say. Here’s a comment I left on the article:
The namesake of this magazine is Mary (Mother) Jones, a woman who stood up for the rights of men. ​Her husband was an ironworker and organizer of the National Union of Iron Moulders. After​ his early death Mother Jones honored her husband by becoming a highly successful union organizer fighting for the rights of working men. She dedicated her life to helping men get a fair deal and did so with great gusto and aplomb. Far from a suffragette she is often quoted as having said You don’t need the vote to raise hell.”
The irony of this article is overwhelming.
​The real Mother Jones fought for the rights of men who worked in the death professions. That is, those jobs that have a very high mortality rate. The jobs that are populated almost entirely by men who are sacrificing their own safety in order to provide for their families and loved ones. Workplace death is actually one of the many men’s issues that the author omitted from bringing up in this article. Rather than compliment the people who are working towards helping with this issue and these men her article instead attempts to denigrate and marginalize those working for the human rights of men and boys by name calling those folks haters and trolls. I do wonder if Ms. Blake thinks of Mother Jones as a hater and troll?

Gold And The Fed's Failed 'Utopian Dream'

By Ron Paul: Over the last 100 years the Fed has had many mandates and policy changes in its pursuit of becoming the chief central economic planner for the United States. Not only has it pursued this utopian dream of planning the US economy and financing every boondoggle conceivable in the welfare/warfare state, it has become the manipulator of the premier world reserve currency.
As Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke explained to me, the once profoundly successful world currency – gold – was no longer money. This meant that he believed, and the world has accepted, the fiat dollar as the most important currency of the world, and the US has the privilege and responsibility for managing it. He might even believe, along with his Fed colleagues, both past and present, that the fiat dollar will replace gold for millennia to come. I remain unconvinced.

At its inception the Fed got its marching orders: to become the ultimate lender of last resort to banks and business interests. And to do that it needed an “elastic” currency.  The supporters of the new central bank in 1913 were well aware that commodity money did not “stretch” enough to satisfy the politician’s appetite for welfare and war spending. A printing press and computer, along with the removal of the gold standard, would eventually provide the tools for a worldwide fiat currency. We’ve been there since 1971 and the results are not good.

Spain Furious With Israeli Regime For Murdering Their Peacekeeper

Spain has held the terrorist Tel Aviv regime accountable for the murder of a Spanish peacekeeper serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) during an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and freedom fighters from Lebanon’s heroic Hezbollah anti-apartheid resistance movement. 
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: "It was because of this escalation of violence and it came from the Israeli side," Spanish Ambassador Roman Oyarzun Marchesi told reporters in New York on Wednesday. 
Marchesi further noted that his country demands full investigation into the killing. 
The Spanish defense ministry said in a statement that 36-year-old Corporal Francisco Javier Soria Toledo "died this [Wednesday] morning during incidents between Hezbollah and the Israeli army in the area of responsibility of the Spanish contingent." 
Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy expressed on Twitter his "great sadness at the death of a Spanish soldier in Lebanon." 
The Security Council also condemned the peacekeeper's death in its strongest terms, and extended its sincere sympathies.

Men Must Prove A Woman Said 'Yes' Under New Radical Feminist Misandric UK Rape Rules

WD: As we have been saying for years, men and boys, ABR for your own protection.
New radical feminist guidance will be issued to all UK police forces and prosecutors as part of a misandric 'toolkit' to keep rape investigations a male only crime and the onus on men.
By Gordon Rayner and Bill Gardner, The Telegraph's resident white knight manginas Men accused of date rape will be presumed guilty and need to convince police that a woman consented to sex as part of a major change in the way sex offences are investigated.
The Director of Public Prosecutions said it was time for the legal system to move beyond the concept of no means no

Feminism, The Velvet Triangle And India’s Policy Making

By : How did feminists invade India’s policy making mechanism? Can we can prevent them from getting more space? These are the questions that vex India’s men’s rights activists.
India chose to be a planned economy after Independence and a planning commission was established. The planning commission held sway over public policy matters till recently when the planning commission was abandoned for NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India).
A glance into successive plans shows how feminists have slowly made their way into India’s policy making commission. Instead of growth for the entire population, these plans seem to have a special place for women, though strangely they do not have similar schemes for men.

The New Greek Government Arrives In Its Residence: Finds No Power, No Wifi Password And No Toilet Soap

Things in Greece are bad. So bad, that the outgoing government of Antonis Samaras decided to not only leave the new inhabitants of the official residence of the Greek prime minister, the Maximos Mansion, without power, and without the WiFi password, but they decided to "borrow" all the soap in the toilet as well. More from Spiegel, google translated:

"We sit in the dark. We have no internet, no email, no way to communicate with each other", said an employee of the Office, who has worked for various government for years. "That's never happened before." It shows that Samaras' team have "no manners and no decency."

Because of blackouts in the Maximos Mansion the official website of the Greek Prime Minister still shows the image and the resume of Samaras - even though since Monday, the left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras is the head of government in Athens.

It was the first time that a government handover has been so bitter, said the office staff to SPIEGEL ONLINE. "Everything was seamless and worked under Mr Samaras but he would not let Mr Tsipras benefit."

28 Jan 2015

Privatize Marriage!

By In the American state of Oklahoma, Todd Russ has filed a bill that would abolish marriage certificates altogether in the state with a population the size of Ilfov county including Bucharest (3.8M).
The motivation behind the legislative project is rather complicated and it has a lot to do with the insistence of some courts to legalize same-sex marriage despite a state-wide referendum rejecting the idea. But that’s less relevant. What’s more relevant is Todd Russ’ statement which reads: "Marriages are not supposed to be a government thing anyway"
 No matter what one might think about Mr. Russ, this statement is not only valid in Oklahoma, but it’s universally valid across the planet.
Historical context
Marriage, throughout almost all of human history, was not the business of the state – but rather a private affair, supervised by a religious institution in most cases.
We say in most cases because, for instance, in the Romanian territories in the 17th century and even up until after the formation of modern Romania in the 19th century, the word “family” doesn’t appear at all in the state’s laws and it’s barely mentioned in the theology. The family was thought of as being built around a “legitimate couple” – and a couple was deemed “legitimate” if it had the acceptance of its community1. The acceptance by the Church was recommended, but not mandatory.

Let's Tell US Congress Members To Skip Benjamin 'The Butcher Of Gaza' Netanyahu's speech!

Last week House Speaker John Boehner went behind President Obama’s back to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress. Let's tell Congress members to skip the speech!
If you're from the United States, email Congress.

Everyone, sign the petition.

Unless we raise our voices now, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who continues to obstruct progress towards a just peace, will be handed a high-profile platform on March 3 to promote war — using bigoted rhetoric, deception and outright lies.

Join us in raising our voices to protest Netanyahu’s speech, not because it’s a partisan snub, nor because the date is close to the Israeli elections, but because Netanyahu is going to Washington to undermine the U.S. strategy of diplomacy with Iran.

If It Bleeds, It Leads - Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Ricardo S Pliego

The significance of Teotihuacan to the modern era of semi-divine elite hoarding wealth during a time of financial crop failures and lending droughts. In the second half, Max interviews media, retail and banking tycoon, Ricardo Salinas Pliego about ending prohibition, a buffet of ideas at the Festival of Ideas and the news business mantra of “if it bleeds, it leads” leading to the bad PR of Mexico. Finally, Max puts him in the ‘shark tank’ to pitch Mexico to China which has $250 billion to spend in the region.

Stranger Gave Mum £10 To Piss Off

MOTHER of three Nikki Hollis was given £10 by a stranger to leave her local pub and take her kids with her. 

TDM: She has since launched a public appeal to track down the stranger so she can shout at him about it being a free fucking country.

The man is described on Hollis’ Facebook appeal page as “Early 40s, medium build, and possibly muttering ‘for ‘Christ’s sake’ under his breath”.

Pub regular Wayne Hayes said: “She was just texting her mates as her little ones were arsing about putting peanuts into the fruit machine when this gent pressed a tenner into her hand and pointed at the exit.

MHRA: McMurphy's Law

I don't know anything else about you Andrew. But if your aim was to well and truly give me the willies, mission accomplished. DoctorRandomercam

'UK government threatening charities for criticism’

Charities in the UK have been targeted by prominent political figures for publicly criticizing the coalition government’s austerity policies, being threatened to lose funding if they speak out about inequality and poverty.
Press TV: The report, by the National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA), said the voluntary groups that have government contracts regularly face threats to remain silent on the issues that plague the British society, Russia Today reported on Tuesday.
The report added that many charities fear losing funding or being targeted by other restrictions if they engage in unwelcome public debate.
In addition, the report said the coalition government has embedded gagging clauses in contracts with charities in order to prevent voluntary groups from criticizing the government’s policies.
“Voluntary services are confronted by implicit, or explicit, pressures to ‘say less and do more’; they face gagging clauses in contracts which threaten to stop them advocating and campaigning,” the NCIA report read.
Under the contract clauses, charities are obligated to withhold observations or information from the British public even if the findings may positively impact communities and the lives of Britons.
According to the NCIA, the government’s gagging clauses and intimidation have resulted in less criticism against government policies in public debate.

Greek Revolution Against Corruption - Will We Follow? + Is The UK Government Fracking Us Over?

Russell Brands reaction to Syriza's victory in the Greek election and a look at what their anti-austerity measures might mean for Europe.

Global Unlicensed Drug Trade Gets More Efficient, Defies US War On Unlicensed Drugs, Revolt Builds in Latin America

By Don Quijones: As is now common global knowledge, on September 26, 2014, two buses ferrying student activists through the small city of Iguala, Guerrero, were stopped by a motley crew of police officers and narco foot soldiers and sprayed indiscriminately with machine-gun fire, allegedly on the orders of the city’s narco mayor and his wife. Six students were killed in the one-sided shoot out and another 43 were kidnapped in the ensuing chaos. Almost exactly four months later, the students are still missing.
What is not so much common knowledge is the fact that of the 228 firearms seized by the police for suspected involvement in the massacre, 36 were G36 assault rifles manufactured by Heckler & Koch, a German company already under investigation by Stuttgart authorities for illegal sales of arms to Mexican states gripped by violent conflict.
The German Connection
This is not the first time that Heckler & Koch weapons have been found at a bloody crime scene in Mexico. In fact, both state forces and narco-soldiers have been repeatedly caught on camera sporting H&K hardware.
The question is: how did the weapons get into their hands, especially given that their export to conflict zones, including the Mexican states of Guerrero, Chihuahua and Jalisco, is strictly prohibited under German law?

Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia

By Ten days ago, before the smashing success of Greece's anti-austerity party, Syriza, we noted that Russia gave Greece a modest proposal: turn your back on Europe, whom you despise so much anyway, and we will assist your farmers by lifting the food import ban.
And, sure enough, Greece's new premier Tsipras did hint with his initial actions that Greece may indeed pivot quite aggressively away from Europe and toward Russia in general and the Eurasian Economic Union in particular (as a tangent recall "Russia's "Startling" Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union").
Today we got further evidence that Tsipras will substantially realign his country's national interest away from the west and toward... the east.
First, as Reuters reported, today the new premier halted the "blue light special" liquidation of Greece to those highest bidders who have the closest access to various printing presses and stopped the privatization of Greece's biggest port on Tuesday, "signaling he aims to stick to election pledges despite warning shots from the euro zone and financial markets."

Feminism Displays 8 Out Of 10 Features Of Conspiracy Theories

By Conspiracy theories are not just for people with tin foil hats. They’re quite common, and some conspiracy believers have very high IQs. Part of the issue is that conspiracy theories often take a small truth and exaggerate it into something larger.
Let’s look at a couple examples. One often hears the phrase cultural Marxism thrown around. YourDictionary.com defines cultural Marxism as “A loose Marxist movement seeking to apply critical theory to matters of family composition, gender, race, and cultural identity within Western society”.
That’s a good definition, and represents the small truth of cultural Marxism. Indeed, in the early 20th century, Marxist intellectuals established the Frankfurt School to combine Marxist economic theory with social and cultural theory. It had a huge influence in academia, and became especially popular in the 1960s and ’70s with hippies, radicals, second wave feminists, and other social justice activists.
This, in turn, had some influence on the Democratic Party in America. But this does not mean Democrats are a Marxist party, just as Republicans are not a fascist party even though there are racist and xenophobic influences in it.
It is further true that cultural Marxists wish to transform society – as do libertarians, Republicans, Christians, atheists, and so on.