28 Feb 2015

Fathers4Justice Blocked From Speaking In Parliament

By Nadine O’Connor: Fathers4Justice today said they believe they have been blocked from speaking at a meeting in Parliament this Tuesday on ‘The Changing Role of Fathers’, being chaired by the Right Revered, Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham.
Fathers4Justice had been scheduled as speaking at the event organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Parents and Families. They were informed last week that ‘due to timings’ there was no space for them after ‘Ministers’ were confirmed as attending. It is believed the Minister concerned is former Family Law Barrister and Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, Edward Timpson MP.
The organisers refused to respond to enquiries from Fathers4Justice whether their removal was down to political pressure or whether other groups had also been removed from the schedule.
Said F4J Campaign Director, Nadine O’Connor, “We are deeply saddened that yet again, the families we represent have been denied a voice in their own Parliament. We have raised the issue with the organisers and the Bishop of Durham, but to date we have had no response.”
“The only conclusion we can draw, is that as on countless previous occasions over the last 14 years, we have again been denied an opportunity to present our case and oral testimony because of political pressure.

“We know from sources in Westminster that the Conservative Party have stated they will oppose Fathers4Justice at every opportunity as a result of the toxic fallout from their broken election promises to introduce Shared Parenting.”
“Not only is this suffocation of legitimate views and matters of great public interest wholly unacceptable, but it is an affront to our democratic principles.”

Those that wish to raise their concerns should contact the Bishop of Durham can do so as follows:
Tel: (01388) 602576 / (01388) 602576
Email: bishop.of.durham@durham.anglican.org / jo.dowsett@durham.anglican.org
Tweet the Bishop of Durham here: @BishopPaulB @BishopofDurham
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/durhamdiocese
Or write to:
The Bishop Of Durham’s Office
Auckland Castle
Bishop Auckland
DL14 7NR



‘The Changing Role of Fathers’ without the UK's largest fathers group?‏
Dear Right Revered, Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham,

Whitewash in parliament!? I beg you to help allow representatives from our group fathers for justice to speak in parliament on ‘The Changing Role of Fathers’. I am informed that they have been removed from the list of speakers, if any are to be removed, the largest fathers organization in the UK should be last. How can there be true representation of such a title ‘The Changing Role of Fathers’ without the voice of the representatives of the largest fathers group in the UK bar none, with a membership nearly the size of the Liberal Democrat party. It can only be because our democracy is a sham.

I hope you help us.

Angelo Agathangelou Esq.

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