31 Mar 2015

Do You Even Patriarchy? + How To Feminist

Behind the scenes, the patriarchy works tirelessly to ensure that only men benefit in society. Evan Delshaw

A MARIONETTE + Revolutionary Live Music


Occupy Rupert Murdoch

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss occupying Murdoch with a Trews awning. They examine the economic and financial reasons the population should look beyond porn - both property porn and the Page 3 sort - to see what disinformation, misinformation and more is being pushed on them by a media in bed with political and corporate elites.

John Stuart Mill On Chivalry

By : In 1869 John Stuart Mill published his gynocentric work The Subjection of Women (SOW), stating that while people everywhere were being freed from social roles, women remained tethered to theirs, stating: “Men hold women in subjection by representing to them meekness, submissiveness, and resignation of all individual will into the hands of a man, as an essential part of sexual attractiveness.” (SOW, p. 272). Ironically, Mill sympathizes with women’s subjection while lauding the male chivalry that women both inspired and were recipients of. Mill contends that male chivalry, however, was not always reliable and thus must give way to a more reliable, State-enforced protection and benevolence toward women.
In light of Mill’s gynocentrism, Ernest Belfort Bax published an incisive rejoinder to the book pointing out the greater injustices faced by men.
The following is a quote from Mill’s venerated SOW. 
The moral influence of women: chivalry
The other mode in which the effect of women’s opinion has been conspicuous is by giving a powerful stimulus to those qualities in men which, not being themselves trained in, it was necessary for them that they should find in their protectors. Courage, and the military virtues generally, have at all times been greatly indebted to the desire which men felt of being admired by women: and the stimulus reaches far beyond this one class of eminent qualities, since, by a very natural effect of their position, the best passport to the admiration and favour of women has always been to be thought highly of by men.

Yemen Gulf Version Of Libya - Letter From The Gulf

"It was only a matter of time till the Gulf region gets it's own version of Libya and Syria." Via Morris.

Max Keiser Speaking At Occupy Rupert Murdoch

"We refer to the 'Help To Buy' scheme here in the UK as a Ponzi scheme, which is what it is, a government subsidised Ponzi scheme that actually makes it harder for people to afford housing not easier. We say this on our show nd we got a big six page latter from OFF COM on behalf of George Osbourne, it said 'could you please not refer to Mr Osbourne's policy as a Ponzi scheme. A week later the bank of England issued a report that said that 'we at The Bank Of England set out to design a housing policy, we could not have written one worse than this, which is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.'" Max Keiser.

Broke? You May Now Be Entitled To A Free Home

Tyler Durden's picture It’s been seven years since the epic collapse of the US housing market, and there’s never been a better time to buy your first home. In Denmark for instance, the bank will tax depositors in order to pay you to take out a home loan. But before you move to a European country operating in NIRP-dom, consider Florida and New Jersey first because as Susan Rudolfi recently discovered, you can actually get a house for free by simply not making your mortgage payments. Here’s more via NY Times:
She is like a ghost of the housing market’s painful past, one of thousands of Americans who have skipped years of mortgage payments and are still living in their homes.

Now a legal quirk could bring a surreal ending to her foreclosure case and many others around the country: They may get to keep their homes without ever having to pay another dime.

The reason, lawyers for homeowners argue, is that the cases have dragged on too long.

Why Advertising Corrupts + How To Be A Good Teacher

"The link between anti-depressants and problematic psychological states is very well established" Stefan Molyneux

The Oceans Are Dying

By Paul Craig Roberts: I am an admirer of Dahr Jamail’s reporting. In this article, Oceans In Crisis, Jamail tells us that we are losing the oceans. He reports on the human destruction of the oceans. It is a real destruction with far-reaching consequences.
That fact is indisputable.
From my perspective the human destruction of the oceans is yet more evidence of the ruinous nature of private capitalism. In capitalism there is no thought for the future of the planet and humanity, only for short-term profits and bonuses. Consequently, social costs are ignored.
Capitalism can work if social or external costs can be included in the costs of production. However, the powerful corporations are able to block a socially functioning capitalism with their political campaign contributions.
Consequently, capitalists themselves make the capitalist system dysfunctional. We may have reached the point where the external costs of production are larger than the value of capitalist output. Economist Herman Daly makes a convincing case that this is the fact.
While the powerful capitalists use the environment for themselves as a cost-free dumping ground, the accumulating costs threaten everyone’s life. It appears that nothing can be done, because the oceans are “common property.” No one owns them, so no one can protect them and their contents.

MGTOW: The Vanguard Report

"What part of 'NO!' don't you understand feminism?" Says Fidelbogen. Did you know that feminists are afraid to talk about feminism and will do anyhting they can to avoid this subject? Sounds amazing, but it's true! Feminists don't want to talk about feminism, and they don't want you to talk about it either. We figure that's a good reason to talk about feminism until the cows come home, or until feminism collapses. Today, on episode number 43 of the Vanguard Report, we will talk about this. . . and maybe a couple of other things too. James Huff

30 Mar 2015

Respect Of My Father - MGTOW

Thanks for your questions Rskuhure. I'm sorry that your emotionally upset enough to cry about wanting your father's respect. And I don't think you're the only person that feels this way. The world is a lot tougher place emotionally and physically then it was only a decade or two ago. And fathers these days see their grown kids as failures because they appear to have trouble navigating the world around. In the past it was easier for men to get jobs, save money, raise a families and do all the things we associate with the American dream.

Chinese Man Jumping In River Reveals The Hidden Side Of Arranged Marriages

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…”
-Fiddler on the Roof
By : Millennial pop cultural news website Elite Daily reported on an interesting story over the weekend that your correspondent thinks is highly legitimate insofar as men’s issues are concerned. A Chinese man named Kang Hu attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in a nearby river rather than marry his intended bride, 30 year old Na Sung, for being “too ugly” and citing the serious damage it would do to his image. After being rescued by a policeman and a foreman using a rope tied around Kang’s chest to haul him out of the drink, Kang said the following:

“I feel bad about what happened, but when I saw her, she wasn’t what I expected, and I realized she would be bad for my image. My parents had arranged this and I couldn’t see any way out apart from suicide.”
The story immediately resonated with yours truly because I know firsthand what it’s like to have a homely gal foisted upon you by kith and kin – something I’ve discussed at some length previously – and the story has great interest because it belies the notion in our time of arranged marriages being something that is oppressive only to women.

Palestinians In West Bank Use Land Day To Protest Israeli Occupation

Palestinians have marched in the occupied West Bank to commemorate the Land Day, an annual event to mark the killing of six Palestinians by Israeli regime death squads during mass protests at Israel’s seizure of their land in 1976.
Press TV: Large number of Palestinians in the village of Huwara participated in the demonstration on Monday, which was meant to stress that the Palestinians will always confront Israeli ethnic cleansing policies.
“The Land Day has a very important meaning to the Palestinian people. It’s the day of resistance against occupation; it’s the day of resistance against settlement and resistance for freedom,” said Mustafa Barghouthi, a leader of the Palestinian National Initiative.
“Palestinians all over the world are united today in one voice. Facing the world, we will cry that we have a right, an inalienable right in our land Palestine,” said Qais Abd al-Karim, from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Gender Relations In India With Anil Kumar And Filmmaker Deepika Bhardwaj

By : The details vary slightly but the one-sided, false-narrative of female-victim / male-villain in domestic violence is being told around the world in many different ways. Join us on March 31 at 10 AM EST (7:30 PM IST) to discuss how this narrative is playing out in India today.
Deepika Bhardwaj is a filmmaker in India whose current project, Martyrs of Marriage, explores the “legal terrorism” inflicted on men by section 498A of IPC, a law which presumes a husband is guilty when charged by his wife: Any woman in India can file this section against her husband, his parents and relatives … at any point of marriage (even after 22 years), get them arrested.”

Feminism And Kim Kardashian's Jealous Haters

Women are their own worst enemy, and the comments on this article are a great example of that. 6oodfella

Why Women Don’t Need To Earn The Same As Men

By International Women’s Day (March 8th in this year, 2015) has just passed, and one of the hottest topics was the gender pay gap. The fact that, on average, there is a 9.4% gap between what a woman earns compared to what a man earns, disgusts many. It paints a picture of a misogynistic society. Anything that paints such a picture will, of course, be something anybody with any form of interest in gender equality will jump all over. How, in this day and age, can a woman still earn less than a man?
Well, not only can I explain why, I’m also going to explain why it quite simply doesn’t matter. If anything, asking the question, “how much does the average woman earn in comparison to the average man?” does nothing but encourage gender inequality.
Warren Farrell posed a very interesting question when he wrote his book, Why Men Earn More: if men are truly paid more for the same standard of work as a female, why would anyone ever hire a man? It’s a question that, in my opinion, essentially debunks the myth that men earn more because, well, they are male.

They’re On The Right Track - Sketchaganda

Music And Men’s Issues: Domestic Discord, Contrition And Anita Baker’s “I Apologize”

By : As men in the Red Pill multiverse, we can fall into the trap of conflating the predictable outcomes of perverted incentive structures with congenital character flaws inherent in “the other.” While there are differences between men and women and yes, hypergamy is a natural force, it’s still important to recognize capacity for agency and accountability, and not be fallaciously reductionist in our outlook.
Of course, our popular culture reinforces said structures, whether it be the most influential female singer (and self-proclaimed feminist) of her generation promoting a caricatured manhood as the ideal:
…to other singers justifying relational vengeance in the form of larceny (Blu Cantrell’s “Hit Em Up Style”) to rationalizing infidelity (TLC’s “Creep”), to campaigns to end women’s prisons, there’s no shortage of messages telling women they can behave badly without suffering adverse consequences to themselves.

Don't Just Follow A Leader: Be One

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) may go through growing pains but the end result is growth. Feminism LOL

How Feminism Helps Men

A rant in the park
by johntheother
As men, whether we’re a Men’s Activist, or just Going you Own Way, or a man otherwise lacking self hatred, it’s easy to recognize social violence against ourselves when we look at feminism.
Even this simple observation will be met with shrieks that the definition of feminism is equality – and that anyone who doesn’t agree is a woman hating, evil, shrivelled penis, neck-bearded, rape apologist. 
But we’re not using the dictionary as our guide, instead, we’re using our knowledge of the real world in which feminism is just one political camp’s extension of gynocentrism.

Mobius Duck + Stand Against Censorship - Honey Badgers

See evil. Hear evil. Speak evil. But do no evil.
...Why do you think you haven't heard of the fourth monkey?

US Exerts Pressure On Israeli Regime For Palestinian State: Report

The Obama administration is putting further pressure on the genocidal apartheid Israeli regime by showing that it is ready for a UN Security Council resolution about the creation of a Palestinian state.
Press TV: The Wall Street Journal reported Washington left open the “possibility of letting the United Nations set a deadline for a Palestinian state.”
France is expected to introduce a measure setting a deadline for the establishment of a Palestinian state within two years, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.
The US as a permanent member of the Security Council has repeatedly vetoed such resolutions during the past years.
However, White House press secretary Josh Earnest took a different tack on Friday.

29 Mar 2015

Eurasian Pivot? Moscow Expects "Progress" From Tsipras Visit

Tyler Durden's picture As Athens prepares to try and convince eurozone creditors that its latest set of proposed reforms represents a credible attempt to address Greece’s fiscal crisis, and as Greek depositors face the very real possibility that they will soon be Cyprus’d, a leverage-less Alexis Tsipras faces a rather unpalatable choice: bow to the Troika which “wants real reforms… meaning that Greece finally has to implement some/any of the long ago promised and never delivered redundancies in the government sector,” or to quote Credit Suisse, be “digitally bombed back to barter status.” Unfortunately for the Greek populace, the latter seems to be far more likely than the former. Here’s WSJ:
Greek proposals for a revised bailout program don’t have enough detail to satisfy the government’s international creditors, eurozone officials said, making it more likely that Athens will need to go several more weeks without a new infusion of desperately-needed cash…

MGTOW - Cognitive Dissonance

Lets talk about how we talk. The devil is in the details. Women not allowed. Ayam Sirias

Feminist Money Myth

Popp Culture dives headfirst into debunking the "gender pay gap." Smell that? That's the second golden goose of feminism getting cooked. Take notes, Patricia Arquette. Terrence Popp

Feminist Rape Culture-Culture Is For You

You will be to blame. What are you going to do about it? johntheother

Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

If the root of our economic problem is the tendency toward centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the EU and the WTO and the IMF and the World Bank) why does anyone believe the solution will be centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the BRICS Bank and the EEU and the AIIB)? Today we look at a truly paradigm-shattering civilization-wide change taking place right now that has the potential to undermine the status quo: the peer-to-peer economy. corbettreport

All Feminists Are Tradcons

By : In the MRM we often see feminists and tradcons (traditional conservatives) compared and contrasted. We hear that tradcons are almost as bad as feminists. In this article I submit that all feminists are tradcons, though perhaps not all tradcons are feminists.
The initial objection to this thesis is that feminism is radically liberal, while tradcons are conservative, so how can feminists be tradcons? The reason is that under traditional conservative expectations, as with feminism, women have much more relaxed and different rules. There’s a very narrow dress code for men, but wide dress code for women. Same with hair, personal expression, and with showing feelings and the expectation that people care about your emotions, or at least will not mock them like we do with male expressions. I’m thinking of the trendy “Manfeelz,” “I bathe in male tears,” “I drink male tears,” “Oh, I hurt your fee-fees?” compared to the traditional-conservative equivalent “Keep a stiff upper lip,” and “Boys don’t cry.”
With feminism and traditional conservatism, women are given more relaxed rules. For feminists, bouncing their bare breasts with the word slut painted on them is an absolute right, of course men don’t ever dare take on a similar “slutty” display because the dress code is much stricter with men. In feminist thought, and I think it’s safe to say traditional conservatism generally, this would be labeled “creepy”, with female feelings being of the utmost importance.

Artist Taxi Driver With Russell Brand

"Your the people's Gandhi now." chunkymark

Stuffed Chauvinist Pig - Eating MGTOW

By I was a bit hesitant to write an article for this MGTOW series since it brought back college memories of my little British sports car, once again sitting on the side of the road in dire need of transport back to the service station for yet another repair I couldn’t afford.
You see, back when I was a frat boy in college majoring in courses now related to rape studies, I decided that, in order to attract all the young, innocent, drunken college women that I was entitled to introduce to patriarchy, I would need a sexy little car. Instead, I bought an MG.
It looked like a car, but it mostly just sat in the parking lot at the frat house because, well, it was British and that is pretty much what British cars did back then. But I guess that is only fair since I have criticized Paul’s recipes and called August’s chicken boring, that I give them a chance to criticize my own recipe. So, although my MGTOW isn’t quite the same as their MGTOW (NAMGTOWALT), a little diversity never hurts, right?
So I give you:
Stuffed Chauvinist Pig
(about 12-15 servings)

1 pork loin (about 5 lbs, costs about $12.50)
Trim any excess fat and starting about half an inch from the end cut a lengthwise opening along one side of the loin to within about half an inch of the other end. Cut as deep as you can without piercing the other side. The opening will form a large gaping gash into which you can thrust… well, you’ll see.

The Revolution Will Not Be YouTubed

As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire "free and open" internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship "bibles" and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared? corbettreport

US Lobbying Fails As Allies Flock to China-Led Bank

By Jason Ditz: Ever since its initial proposal by China as an alternative to the IMF and the World Bank, both of which are dominated by the United States, the proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has been a target of heavy lobbying by the US, which has been warning allies and client states it would be strongly in their best interests not to join.
The US effort is also becoming a colossal failure, as nations across the region, as well as European powers, are flocking to the China-led bank, and seemingly everyone of note on board at this point.
In recent weeks, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Australia all joined, over US objections. South Korea was then heavily lobbied by the US, warned to “think twice” about what it did, but has joined as well.
In the end, the AIIB seems set to become an international lender of no small influence, and much more than China even suggested when it first proposed it. The US lobbying seems not only to have failed, but had the opposite effect, and is getting almost everybody united behind the bank.

Greek Energy Minister Slams "Unscrupulous, Imperialist" Germany, Will Seek "Bold Alternatives" In Russia

With fresh rumors springing late on Friday that "this" just may be the weekend Greece - with close to no funds left in either the financial or government sector - imposes capital controls, a precursor to a full-fledged Grexit, the situation in Athens is on a knife's edge. Yesterday is also when the Syriza government submitted its list of 18 proposed reforms to the Troika: a reform package which the Guardian dubs "reform-for-cash", as Greece hopes the roughly €3 billion in revenue generated from the reforms will unlock €7.2 billion in financial assistance.
Rather, make that promises of reforms to generate €3 billion in revenue. Because the question, and problem for Athens, is which comes first: does Greece implement the reforms and generate the revenue or does Europe disburse the funds. It is a problem because the reforms will be extremely unpopular if and when they pass.

Institutionalized Sociopathy (Feminism)

SkepTorr's thoughts on the UK misandry debate at the BBC.

28 Mar 2015

Four Years Later, Forced Genital Cutting Is Still Strange

By Four years ago I accepted an invitation from the producers of The Learning Channel’s Strange Sex series to appear and discuss non-surgical foreskin restoration and my family’s business helping men undo some of the sexual damage of circumcision.  I did this despite my reservations about the show’s title.  I know the only thing “strange” about restoring is that someone’s penis was mutilated in the first place.  Watch my episode here:

News From Your Future + WW3 JUST DO IT + New End Of The World

"The fascist states of America began the use of nuclear weapons to impose it's foreign policy some five years ago, ...Israel was totally destroyed in the conflict." Deek Jackson

MGTOW Talks: GirlWritesWhat On Traditionalism, MGTOW And Society

"Feminism is a luxury item we think we can afford." GWW. Although this probably qualifies as “inside Baseball” to those new to the internal politics of the men’s movement, and mostly came about due to bad blood that developed between people with similar ideas but differing conclusions, this lengthy interview with Men’s Rights Superstar Karen Straughan and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) philosopher Stardusk (aka Thinking Ape) has some interesting insights into the future of MGTOW, MHRA and even PUA. AVfM VS.

Deadly Sales - Max Keiser And Stacy Herbert With Egon Von Greyerz

The hell (of a profit) to be made by killing a man - and his family - as Lockheed Martin assures analysts from Deutsche Bank there is enough fear of war to maintain its deadly sales. In the second half, Max interviews Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz about QE, gold and the economic and financial disasters wrought by central banks.

Mandatory Voting. Thanks Obama!

President Barack Obama has created a political firestorm by floating the idea of mandatory or compulsory voting. "If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country," Obama said, calling it "potentially transformative." Not only that, Obama said, but universal voting would "counteract money more than anything." Stefan Molyneux has some thoughts on the subject, mandatory voting? Thanks Obama! Stefan Molyneux

6oodfella, Skep Doc And Chaz + The Dark Shill

"They will invent some new kind of (bulge-less) under ware for real men who want to be there for women. ...You can't out satire feminism because it's so fucking loony."

Social Costs Of Capitalism Are Destroying Earth’s Ability To Support Life

By Paul Craig Roberts: I admire David Ray Griffin for his wide-ranging intelligence, his research skills, and for his courage. Dr. Griffin is not afraid to take on the controversial topics. He gave us ten books on 9/11, and anyone who has read half of one of them knows that the official story is a lie.
Now Griffin has taken on global warming and the CO2 crisis. His book has just been published by Clarity Press, a publisher that seeks out truth-telling authors. Griffin’s book is a hefty 424 pages plus 77 pages of footnotes documenting the information that he presents. Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive The CO2 Crisis? is no screed. The book is a carefully researched document.
Readers often ask me to write about global warming, chemtrails, vaccines, and other subjects beyond my competence. However, I can see that Griffin has made a huge investment in researching climate change. His book provides a thorough account under one cover.
Griffin concludes that civilization itself is at stake. His evaluation of the evidence is that humans have about three decades to get CO2 emissions under control, and he sees hope in the agreement between Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping that was announced on November 11, 2014.
Griffin argues that instead of rushing to their own destruction like lemmings, the human race must accept the moral challenge of abolishing the fossil-fuel economy. He makes the case that clean energy permits most of modern society’s way of life to continue without the threat posed by ever rising emissions.

MRM - Going Full News - The Voice Of Europe + The O'Hara News

Jon Gunnarsson, Lucian Vâlsan and James Huff, will be going through the events of the last week and then, in the second part, the hosts will bring… even more news! It comes a moment, from time to time, when the number of news is so big and so controversial that the only way to cover them all is to go full news. In Sweden, getting a driver’s license now comes conditioned to having a discussion about rape. Genderless schools are about to become the norm in France (following the footsteps of Trieste, Italy). And speaking of Italy, the State will now decide which billboards are offensive to women and will ban them. These and other news, will be covered at length in this show. James Huff

Stand Up To Censorship Campaign - Honey Badger Brigade

When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

British Court Orders Release Of Prince Charles Memos

Britain’s top Court has ordered the government to release secret correspondence between Prince Charles and different government departments, a major setback for the royal family and a huge success for advocates of media freedom in the country.
Press TV: The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that 27 letters sent by Prince Charles to government ministries in 2004-2005 can be disclosed to the media. The order comes at the end of a 10-year legal battle between Guardian journalist Rob Evans and the British government.
In 2005, Evans asked Number 10 Downing Street to disclose the letters under the Freedom of Information Act. Evans accused the prince of attempts to influence politics.
Britain’s former attorney general stopped a previous ruling for the publication of the letters, saying they only represent Charles’ personal views. However, the new verdict rejected the notion that the correspondences were of personal nature.
"The Supreme Court dismisses the attorney general's appeal," read the order.
The new court ruling casts further doubts over how influential Charles could be in politics in case he becomes the King in the future. In Britain, the royal family normally does not meddle in politics, but Charles has outspokenly expressed his views on political and social matters.

Woman-Power And Realms In The Ancient World - Men Were Expendable - Parts 1, 2 & 3

"Indoors women ruled. ...Most of the time." Lindybeige.

27 Mar 2015

Meet The Overseas Contingency Operations Account - Washington D.C.’s Crony Capitalist Warmonger Slush Fund

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain has called it a “gimmick,” and Democrats complain that larding up the separate war funding bill with extra spending amounts to an “abusive loophole.” Yet so far, the massive increase is likely to remain in this year’s budget.
Another major criticism of the process has been its common use to fund favored projects and other items not directly tied to the war — a trend that has steadily grown over the years as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dragged on and the Pentagon loosened the definition of war-related spending.
From 2001 to 2014, nearly $71 billion of nonwar funding was provided through war appropriations, according to the Pentagon’s own definition, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service reported in December. – From the Politico article: War Budget Might be Permanent ‘Slush Fund’ 
By Michael Krieger: Many people will read this post, and posts like it, and shrug their shoulders saying that there’s always going to be corruption. True; however, there are degrees of corruption. When empires such as the U.S. attain a certain level of corruption that reaches the point in which it becomes engrained within the fabric of society, and you couple that with zero accountability for the super rich and powerful, you have the ingredients for societal collapse. We are rapidly approaching this point, and I personally don’t think there’s any way to stop it.

Prime Minister David Cameron Apologises To Fathers4Justice Over Allegations Group ‘Climbed’ On His Roof

Submitted by F4J: Prime Minister David Cameron today apologised to Fathers4Justice in the Evening Standard for wrongly accusing them of climbing on the roof of his Oxfordshire home. The Prime Minister had levelled the false charge against the men's rights pressure group in an interview with the paper last week.

In a statement tonight, David Cameron said, “I’m sorry for any offence to them that may have been caused by what was a light-hearted remark.”

Fathers4Justice had sent a letter before action to Mr Cameron on 18th March asking him to publicly retract his comments. The group also say a member of the House of Lords raised the matter of the allegations in a meeting with them on Tuesday 24th March, and the group emailed MPs and Members of the House of Lords to address the allegations today.

David Futrelle Redefines The Words “Sick MotherFucker”

By Futrelle has a long, sad history of advocating for some truly sick shit, including the rape and torture of children “for art”, and skinning men to be used as glue, but he has outdone himself with his recent shitposting about how Paul Elam at A Voice for Men, and people in general who are concerned about the well-being of men and boys caused the tragic Germanwings plane crash.
Yes, that’s right – caring about the well-being of men and boys led to the depressed co-pilot slamming the Airbus A320 into the side of a mountain, killing everyone on board.
Futrelle writes, [a]ll this would be a little more believable as a “warning” if Elam and other MRAs didn’t devote most of their energy to cultivating exactly this kind of male anger — and in some cases lionizing those who have acted out this rage.”
If MRAs didn’t devote most of their energy to cultivating exactly this kind of male anger. Show me where, show me one single line out of the millions of lines that have been written across the manosphere where anyone, ever, suggested flying a fucking plane into a mountain.

My Shout From The Pigeonhole: Review Of Dr. Michael Kimmel’s Talk At Kennesaw State University

'He is a leading meme salesman in an economy of intellectual masturbation, where every ego stroke pushes targets of fashionable hate deeper into pigeonholes.'
By Dr. Michael Kimmel, professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Stony Brook University and the author of Guyland and Angry White Men, visited Kennesaw State University on March 24th, 2015 to deliver a speech. Several campus organizations sponsored Kimmel’s appearance, such as the KSU Interdisciplinary Studies Department, the Gender and Women’s Studies program, YESBody!, the Non-normative Anti-Assimilationist Students of KSU, and Kennesaw Pride Alliance, to name a few.
A recording of the speech is available on MediaFire, as is an interview ad-libbed by a Zen Men volunteer. I cannot possibly cover all of the material in one article, so I encourage everyone here to listen to the speech while taking a drive or cleaning the house.
The thesis of Kimmel’s speech is that men and women are more similar than they are different. Kimmel’s fans were nodding in sync to waves of validation, as evident by the googol sounds of “Mm-hmm!” or “That’s Right!” every time Kimmel verbally punctuated sound bites. As an architect of manufactured context that would give M.C. Escher motion sickness, Kimmel reports arguments that seem plausible only to those unaware of how ideological paradigms distort the scientific method.

UK Wife Took 80% After Divorce - Man Left Homeless !!!

"A construction tycoon left homeless after the ex wife wins 80% of his property in divorce. It has been upgraded, it is no longer the usual 50% cut, this time around they might as well take 80% of what you have." askluimarco

Feminist Government Of Ontario Says Help Yourself

"If you're a man, you're not a proper human being, you're a subhuman monster." johntheother. Ontario Govt tells men they're subhuman filth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2ZSZ... "action plan at Ontario.ca/WhoWillYouHelp."

Proof Positive That Feminists Don’t Care About Women

By There is a medical condition that is easily corrected, is debilitating if not corrected, is generally cheap to correct, and only affects women. It is a huge problem in the developing world, currently thought to affect over two million women.[1]
Many developing countries lack the infrastructure to correct this condition among the many women who are impacted. Despite being easily and cheaply corrected, many of the women who live in these countries can’t afford to pay for the operation to correct this condition.
The condition is known as an obstetric fistula. It normally occurs as a result of complications in giving birth and results in a tear between the vagina and the bladder or the vagina and the rectum. This results in urine or feces being discharged by the woman through the vagina. Women afflicted by this condition are unfortunately often ostracised by their communities. Even those that are not excluded from their communities are effectively housebound due the nature of the condition. Naturally this can result in a variety of mental and physical ailments.
In contrast, women in wealthy countries rarely have to concern themselves. Although very rare, obstetric fistulas still happen occasionally as a result of birth complications in wealthy countries but they are normally fixed quickly after the birth with a small operation.
The cost to correct an obstetric fistula is estimated to be around US$100-400 per patient in the developing world.[2]

Russia Has Constructed Massive Underground Shelters In Anticipation Of Nuclear War

By Michael Snyder: Did you know that the Russians have a massive underground complex in the Ural mountains that has been estimated to be approximately 400 square miles in size?  In other words, it is roughly as big as the area inside the Washington D.C. beltway.  Back in the 1990s, the Clinton administration was deeply concerned about the construction of this enormous complex deep inside Yamantau mountain, but they could never seem to get any straight answers from the Russians.  
The command center for this complex is rumored to be 3,000 feet directly straight down from the summit of this giant rock quartz mountain.  And of course U.S. military officials will admit that there are dozens of other similar sites throughout Russia, although most of them are thought to be quite a bit smaller.  But that is not all that the Russians have been up to.  For example, Russian television has reported that 5,000 new emergency nuclear bomb shelters were scheduled to have been completed in the city of Moscow alone by the end of 2012.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but the Russians have never stopped making preparations for nuclear war.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government has essentially done nothing to prepare our citizens for an attack.  The assumption seems to be that a nuclear attack will probably never happen, and that if it does it will probably mean the end of our civilization anyway.
Needless to say, the Russians are very secretive about their massive underground facility at Yamantau mountain, and no American has ever been inside.

Greek FinMin Varoufakis Among 10 World Thinkers 2015

By Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is among the World Thinkers 2015. In a online voting poll conducted by the Prospect Magazine, Varoufakis comes second after French economist Thomas Picketty, whose book Capital in the Twenty-First Century had sold a remarkable 1.5m copies worldwide in several languages.
Several of the other thinkers in the top 10 are Yanis Varoufakis, Naomi Klein, Paul Krugman and Russell Brand as well as philosopher Juergen Habermas.
The magazine writes on Yanis Varoufakis:

“Syriza’s victory in January’s Greek general election was in no small part due to the efforts of Yanis Varoufakis, now installed as Finance Minister. Varoufakis, who holds a PhD in game theory from the University of Essex, and calls himself an “accidental economist,” first set out an alternative to German-imposed austerity in 2010. The restructuring of Greece’s debt that Varoufakis has been trying to sell to other eurozone leaders has its origins in those proposals. Whether Varoufakis succeeds in persuading Angela Merkel of its merits remains to be seen. The portents, however, are not auspicious—some European leaders are said to be tiring of Varoufakis’s habit of saying one thing in negotiations in Brussels and another to audiences at home.”

Alison Saunders, Radical Feminist And Director Of UK Public Prosecutions, Should Resign – PLEASE Sign This Petition

By Mike Buchanan: We’re not normally fans of petitions – men simply aren’t inclined to make a ‘contribution’ to a petition, even if it takes only seconds to sign – but this is one we can wholeheartedly support, and we warmly thank N for bringing it to our attention.

It’s a petition seeking the resignation of Alison Saunders, the odious radical feminist Director of Public Prosecutions, and there are only four days left to sign it. Please join me in signing it. Now. Thank you.

US Government Report Finds DEA Agents Had “Sex Parties” With Prostitutes Hired By Drug Cartels

Although some of the DEA agents participating in these parties denied it, the information in the case file suggested they should have known the prostitutes in attendance were paid with cartel funds. A foreign officer also alleged providing protection for the DEA agents’ weapons and property during the parties, the report said. The foreign officers further alleged that in addition to soliciting prostitutes, three DEA SSAs [special agents] in particular were provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members.
* A deputy U.S. Marshal “entered into a romantic relationship” with a fugitive’s spouse and would not break off the relationship for more than a year, even after being told by supervisors to end it.
* An ATF “Director of Industry Operations” had “solicited consensual sex with anonymous partners and modified a hotel room door to facilitate sexual play.” The ATF employee even disabled a hotel’s fire detection system, and when caught by the hotel, said he had done it before.
– From the Politico article: DEA Agents Had ‘Sex Parties’ with Prostitutes, Watchdog Says
By Michael Krieger: There’s no agency in government more vehemently opposed to ending the immoral and counterproductive “war on drugs” than the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Now we know why.

26 Mar 2015

Therapy And Male Baby Ritual Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) Grief

"Currently I am collecting information from men who have experienced difficulty coping with their circumcision grief and have sought professional help from psychiatrists, psychotherapists etc. Preliminary findings are that often therapists treat such grieving men flippantly and dismissively."
By Genital cutting societies such as that of North America deny that male circumcision is a human rights violation and that men in particular suffer physically and psychologically from the procedure, and this is often reflected in therapist attitudes. As more male teenagers and adults find out from the Internet that they have lost out sexually and enter a circumcision grief process, there is a greater need for therapists to be educated that this grief is very real and should be accepted and treated seriously. (The author knows cases of attempted and actual suicide as a result of circumcision grief.)
While some therapists are empathetic and appreciate why the man is upset, more typically men report being called “nuts” or “crazy,” the therapist joking about their own son’s circumcision, “some men are happy” [so you should be too], “you cannot say lack of an orgasm is due to circumcision,” “piercing ears is just as damaging,” “some girls prefer it” or “you should be grateful” and that circumcision prevents STIs and cancer [which is unproven]. Surprisingly some therapists thought it was “just a psychological problem and not a physical one” and that “the foreskin is not a part of the penis.’