30 Mar 2015

Respect Of My Father - MGTOW

Thanks for your questions Rskuhure. I'm sorry that your emotionally upset enough to cry about wanting your father's respect. And I don't think you're the only person that feels this way. The world is a lot tougher place emotionally and physically then it was only a decade or two ago. And fathers these days see their grown kids as failures because they appear to have trouble navigating the world around. In the past it was easier for men to get jobs, save money, raise a families and do all the things we associate with the American dream.
And after about five to ten generations of technological, social and financial progress, the millennial generation of men in their prime today is falling backwards with regards to social and financial progress. And I think the reason many of us are obsessed with computer, phone and other technology today is because it's the only thing moving forward or progressing rapidly in our lives. But the lack of progress from adult children means that fathers probably respect their grown male children less then they did in past generations. Men after-all are graded and judged based on what they do instead of who we are on the inside. To be successful in today's world requires a combination of hard work, luck with regards to being in the right place at the right time and constantly re-inventing and retooling yourself. Especially if you work in a field that's technologically driven. And men also need to be highly social and navigate a world that's increasingly female. We have to be sensitive to women's opinions and criticisms. Fathers these days don't seem to understand that the world has changed. They don't understand that the quality of women, with regards to social behavior that are available for dating. And most fathers lose respect for their grown male children if they aren't in relationships either. So as men we have to pick and choose our battles and focus our effort on one thing while neglecting another. I know that when I was younger I focused on financial success and ignored my mental health. This gained me the respect of my father but later one when not paying attention to my emotional needs came to the surface I couldn't succeed in the way I once did and this cost me respect and trust from my father. He saw me as less. And he started respecting my brother more. Sandman

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