18 Mar 2015

The "No True Feminist" Argument Debunked

Feminists [man hating club] love to talk about how other women they disapprove of aren't "real feminists" when actually, yes they are. All feminists are like that. End of Story. Miss Misanthropist


  1. Part 1:

    There is nothing more damaging to the vast majority of men than the patriarchy and white knight/chivalrous men. These men are extremely naive, ignorant and self-serving. Men in power will gladly throw the majority of men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy, to keep their jobs (get re-elected) and to maintain the status quo (see '1 in 5' and 'yes means yes').

    When it was asked for, the patriarchy gave women the right to vote, the right to higher education and the right to work. Unless they sign up for selective service, men still don't have many of the rights women are granted by default. Initially, men had to enlist and fight in war to have the rights women were freely given - by the patriarchy.

    I have never seen a movement so overflowing with hypocrisy, double standards and sexism than feminism. Take 'yes means yes' for example. To feminists, this is a good law. What's more, the law is based entirely on bogus, debunked rape statistics. It's no surprise that the patriarchy agrees with the 'yes means yes' law. The president of the United States, the patriarch of all patriarchs, personally endorsed and pushed 'yes means yes' into being.

    Alimony, child support and default maternal custody are constructs of the patriarchy and constructs of a time when women could not support themselves financially. This is American patriarchy. Men made these rules, which have, through divorce, destroyed countless millions of men's lives. Though feminists did milk it for all it was worth, the patriarchy made men the disposable gender, not feminists.

    It was mandated by society that men be providers and protectors of their families, just like women were mandated by society to be homemakers and caregivers. It was mandated that men go to war and sacrifice their lives for women and children. Those men that refused were branded cowards, imprisoned and ostracized socially and financially. Men and women that didn't play ball were demonized by both patriarchs and matriarchs. In the past, for a man to get a decent job, he had to be married with kids. To some degree, this social rule still exists today - enforced by both the patriarchy and the matriarchy.

    The patriarchal structure was designed to benefit women and those men at the top - and to make the majority of men disposable. This is how we arrived at male-only selective service and the male only draft. Feminists distort the real truth when they paint all men as evil oppressors. Why do they still do it? Because it's served them well for many, many decades. Now, as things are backfiring, you can smell the desperation. The patriarchy and gynocracy are seeing the err in their ways. Naive white knights and misandric feminists are getting their just due.

  2. Part 2:

    The single most misandric institution of our time is marriage. Men give all of their power over to their wives when they marry, which is why men should never marry. It is the patriarchy that gave women this power over men though marriage, not feminists. If you look deeply into the agendas of major women's groups, you'll find them fighting to hold onto this anti-male power.

    What men really need to understand is that both the patriarchy and feminism are working against the vast majority of men; hence the debunked rape, wage and domestic violence statistics. That feminists and many of the most powerful male world leaders continue to run with the deeply flawed statistics tells you everything you need to know about their agenda. Why do they keep using the debunked wage, rape and DV stats? Men are now and have always been the disposable gender. This fact has never been more clear than today. The powerful, cowardly, white knights of the patriarchy will continue to throw men under the bus to appease the gynocracy. You can see this playing out right now before your eyes.

    Our future is Sweden's present. High out of wedlock births, low marriage rate, low indigenous birth rate, mass immigration, feminist movie censors, males made to pee sitting down, the redefinition of speech against feminism as hate speech, sky high taxes and misandric government leaders. Our future leaders will be split between feminists and their cowardly white knight lap dogs.

    Expect to see more and more policies and laws that shift men's assets over to women in the relatively near future. Of course, these policies won't be called "Bachelor Taxes" outright. Instead, men's wealth will be shifted under the guise of equality and fairness, with a clear bias against men and in favor of women. If you look carefully, many such laws and policies are now/have been in place for decades.

    It seems to me that feminism is about forcing men, through misandric law, to give women whatever they want. Feminism is a narrative based on the idea that whatever was positively associated with men and traditional western society ought to be destroyed. Feminism is the idea that men are full-fledged villains who ought to be defeated, shamed and then either forgotten or hated. Feminism is the idea that whatever men accomplished they accomplished on the backs of women and that men should therefore be dispossessed and reviled.

    At one point in time, feminism may have matched the dictionary definition so often quoted. Today, feminism represents the epitome of sexism, hypocrisy, misandry and double standards. The phrase "Destroy the Patriarchy" means "dispossess from men power and property and hand it over to women." This is "equality of outcome". This is socialism, which is what feminism is really all about. Just ignore the fact that, when you drive down the road, everything you see about you was always and is now built by men.

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