30 Apr 2015

The Golden Uterus - SGTC (Say Goodbye To Crazy)

Paul Elam: Do you have an ex-wife who acts like her position as “Mother of the Children” places her in some sort of exalted position, ever above reproach or questioning because she happened to succeed at breeding with someone?
Is she officious, demanding, always claiming that she has a lock on what is in the best interest of the children (even when partying on child support money)?
Does she get outraged when you fail to follow her edicts as though she were some sort of deity?
If you are starting to rack up some yeses to these questions, then we have two things to say. One, congrats on your getting a divorce.

Baltimore As A Microcosm Of America

In these drug-saturated neighborhoods, they weren’t policing their post anymore, they weren’t policing real estate that they were protecting from crime. They weren’t nurturing informants, or learning how to properly investigate anything. There’s a real skill set to good police work. But no, they were just dragging the sidewalks, hunting stats, and these inner-city neighborhoods — which were indeed drug-saturated because that’s the only industry left — become just hunting grounds. They weren’t protecting anything. They weren’t serving anyone. They were collecting bodies, treating corner folk and citizens alike as an Israeli patrol would treat Gaza, or as the Afrikaners would have treated Soweto back in the day. They’re an army of occupation. And once it’s that, then everybody’s the enemy. The police aren’t looking to make friends, or informants, or learning how to write clean warrants or how to testify in court without perjuring themselves unnecessarily. There’s no incentive to get better as investigators, as cops.
– From the excellent Marshall Project article: David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish
By Michael Krieger: Baltimore, Maryland is in many ways the perfect microcosm for these United States of America. If you still don’t get that, you’ll be in for a rude awakening in the years ahead.

US “Blows Lid Off” Israel’s Nuclear Weapons, Hydrogen Bombs Program - And Nobody Cares!

David Duke Commentary: Back in February the Defense Department finally granted a three-year-old request under the Freedom of Information Act to release a 1987 report discussing Israel’s nuclear technology. Grant Smith of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy filed the request in 2012. As can be seen from the two articles below, the release of the report was covered in a variety of outlets, yet the story never gained any traction.
Meanwhile, the Zio media has reported 24/7 on Iran’s nuclear program, which has never produced a single explosive and is monitored above and beyond the requirements of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Even with Netanyahu crashing Washington with the help of Congressional Republicans and the possibility of a new nuclear deal with Iran the talk of the town, this most fundamental bit of relevant information — Israel’s decades old acquisition of nuclear and hydrogen weapons, is conveniently left out of the discussion.
The US government blows the lid off Israel’s nuclear weapons program by declassifying a top secret document, a report says.
Press TV: Last month the United States released documentation from its 1987 assessment of Israel’s nuclear weapons capabilities, following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday.

Greg Johnson Interviews Gilad Atzmon

"The truth is that the Jewish national project is a unique project in world history and this is why we don't know how to deal with it, how to fight it. ...I can definitely prove that all those Jews that support Palestine are serving tribal interests. I can show they corrupted our vocabulary. I can show how they lead to a paralysis of this movement."

Greg Johnson: On Sunday, April 12th, 2015, I sat down with Gilad Atzmon in London for a wide-ranging discussion of his views on Zionism, Israel, Palestine, the Jewish question, Jewish identity, philosophy (Kant, Heidegger, Weininger), history and the concealment of shame, Kevin MacDonald and David Duke. After the interview was over, I re-read my review of Gilad’s book The Wandering Who?. I was surprised, as I had forgotten how critical it was. Thus it was very big of him to do this interview, and I admire that trait greatly.
To listen in a player, click here.

Baltimore Riots...Prelude To Urban War

"It's urban war and a bad omen for the future for whites. ...Goldman Sachs' NSA has a new lease on life." Brother Nathanael

Baltimore Riots, Alex Jones With Max Keiser

Race Riots: America Could Fall - Exhaustive coverage of the Baltimore riots as troops begin entering the city to impose a curfew and perhaps even martial law. Rioters have burned at least 15 buildings and have injured 15 cops as well as reporters. Matt Drudge warned that America could fall in the aftermath of the Baltimore riots. Simply put, the ultimate threat to humanity is looking at us in the mirror. Max Keiser joins today's show (54 minutes in) to break down these developments and more.

Greece "Scrambles" To Make Full Monthly Pension Payments: "Still Missing Several Hundred Million Euros"

By To be sure, Greece has beenrunning out of money for quite some time. Given the incessant media coverage surrounding the country’s cash shortage and the fact that Athens somehow seems to scrape together the funds to make payments both to lenders and to public sector employees against impossible odds, it’s tempting to think that as dire as the situation most certainly is, the country might still be able to ride out the storm without suffering a major “accident.” Having said that, some rather alarming events have unfolded over the past week or so, including a government decree mandating the transfer of excess cash reserves from municipalities to the central bank. As it turns out, that didn’t go over well with local officials and as we reported on Tuesday, the government finally hit the brick wall, coming up some €400 million short on payments to pensioners. Here's what we said then:

According to Bloomberg, the Greek government is €400 million short of the amount needed for payment of pensions and salaries this month, citing a Kathimerini report.

The Protein World Saga - Feminists Acting Like Zio-Nazis

"Making bomb threats which makes feminism look more and more like Judaism. ...Feminists have done exactly what Jews have done, making bomb threats. Do you want them ritually genitally mutilated or something?" Paraphrasing Sargon of Akkad
Radical feminists (is there any other kind?) managed to shoot themselves in the foot by causing a big ruckus about something nobody else cares about and end up helping their enemy make £1m.

Who's Starving Yemen's Children?

The US-facilitated Saudi blockade is leading to severe food and water shortages in Yemen. When Iran tried to land a humanitarian cargo plane in Yemen this week, the Saudis blew up the runway so it could not land. What's behind this escalation? Where might it lead? RonPaulLibertyReport

Black Activist Smacks Down CNN Host Wolf Blitzer

An African-American activist and community organizer has smacked down CNN host Wolf Blitzer who has insisted that protesters are causing trouble in Baltimore.
Press TV: In an interview with Deray McKesson on Tuesday, Blitzer, known for asking loaded questions, seemed determined to focus on the hardships Black Lives Matter protesters had caused in Baltimore, which has seen several days of protests against the death of a black man in police custody.
But McKesson managed to turn the tables on the CNN pundit.
“You want peaceful protests, right?” Blitzer began his interview by asking McKesson, according to Raw Story.
“Yes,” McKesson replied, who was stunned by the apparent nature of the question. “Remember, the people that have been violent since August have been the police. When you think about the 300 people that have been killed this year alone. Like that is violence.”

Obamas Fuckit Speech - The FKN Newz

"Fuckit! White cops can still kill Niggas and get away with it." Deek Jackson

29 Apr 2015

The Dissident Dad - Michigan, USA Proposes Bill To Require Official Visits To Parents Homeschooling Their Children

The busybodies in Michigan have proposed a new bill directed at children who are homeschooled, which will require two annual home inspections and official state registration.
Stephanie Chang, a Michigan State Representative, is worried that homeschool parents will abuse their children while no one is watching. Apparently, the state wants to be the sole authority on child abuse; including indoctrination, a daily statist pledge for 5-year-olds, and the distribution of criminal records to teens who decide to smoke a plant.
Like dogs and sex offenders, the state wants children registered. As a result, thousands of decent and caring homeschool parents may soon be forced to allow an inspection of their family or be in violation of the law.
The tragedy the state is pointing to in order to push this bill is a 2012 case in which two homeschooled children were tortured, killed, and then left in a freezer by their mother. As tragic as this is, using it to create a new law to infringe on the privacy and sovereignty of 48,000 homeschooled children in Michigan is wrong.
Obviously, that mother was crazy and deranged. I would argue that it is clearly not the norm for homeschool parents who have consciously chosen to have a larger role in raising their children to then go on and torture them.

Israel Confirms - Freedom Fighter Mohammed Deif, Is Alive And Kicking

By Gilad Atzmon: Ynet reported today that, Hamas military chief Deif is alive, laying groundwork for next war with Israel.
Despite attempt on his life, that resulted in a cold blood murder of his wife and infant son,  Hamas' top military commander is actively renewing group's rocket stockpiles and rebuilding strategic tunnels.
Nine months after Israel locked horns with Hamas in Gaza for over 50 days, it is clear that not only did Mohammed Deif, Hamas' military commander, survive the Israeli the Hamas is once again ready for battle.
Not much is left out of Israel’s 'power of deterrence.'

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – Keynote Speaker 2015 TorontoDV Symposium

By : We are delighted to present Dr. Tanveer Ahmed as our 2015 TorontoDV Symposium keynote speaker. Ahmed is travelling from Australia to deliver what will be a spectacular presentation about the effect of Domestic Violence on men, women and children.
His comprehensive balanced approach will drive the direction of Domestic Violence to a closer end, where both men and women will be seen as significant victims and significant perpetrators thereof. Dr. Tanveer Ahmed will deliver insight aimed at our Judiciary as well as the public they officiate over. We desperately need to better understand the entire dynamics of DV and IPV.
Articles such as this one, authored by Ahmed are needed in greater numbers addressing the whole of DV and IPV, Intimate Partner Violence.
Men forgotten in violence debate
There is too little acknowledgement of the importance of male disempowerment in debates surrounding domestic violence. Gender relations have changed dramatically in the past few decades, but discussions about family violence are stuck in the mindset of 1970s radical feminism.”
That article caught my attention and the backlash that it caused, was alarming. Why? Who would not want to include men as significant victims of Domestic Violence, when that is what science tells us? It was clear to me, Ahmed would be an integral speaker at the 2015 TorontoDV Symposium.
We look forward to having you in Toronto this June 5, 6 and 7, 2015.

The MRM Hangover

"Between two factions of the manosphere MGTOW and MRA, the MRA side is we need to wake up, that's a difficult subject, you sound like a crazy person. Men buying in you are asking them to accept a much less pleasant reality and become an outcast. ...I think the answer is in changing ourselves. Leave social norms that diminish you and be happy." johntheother

Anita Sarkeesian Among TIME's 100 Most Influential People? #censurewheaton (DP)

This segment is about how radical feminist Anita Sarkeesian was featured among the TIME Magazine 100 Most Influential People, and the article was written by white knight Wil Wheaton, the worst cancer to ever afflict Star Trek. The Amazing Atheist

Why Do People Hate #Feminism? #3 - The Gender Pay Gap (#EqualPayDay)

A video for feminists to help explain why people hate them. The third reason people hate feminism is because of feminists blaming the Patriarchy for their low earning careers, instead of their gender studies degrees. Sargon of Akkad

Is Anyone Sticking Up For Men's Interests In This UK Election?

The manifestos of all major parties teem with blandishments to women, yet none of them has a word to say about the glaring disadvantages of boys and men, argues Neil Lyndon 
By : Notice anything missing from the coming general election?
Could any national drama more starkly reveal how completely men’s interests are a non-issue in British politics? We are not even in the wings.
While the manifestos of all major parties teem with cooing blandishments to women, none of them has a word to say about the glaring disadvantages of boys and young men in education and employment. None of them demonstrates a smidgen of concern that the routine separation of tens of thousands of children from their fathers every year by force of law in the Family Court is this country’s most indefensible abuse of human rights.
None discusses the sickening figures for suicide among men. You could scan the parties’ policies with ultrasound but you wouldn’t detect any trace of interest in a male contraceptive pill – 50 years after the pill for women went into mass circulation - still less a commitment to that essential development. Any party that promised a national effort to make a pill available to men within 10 years – like President Kennedy’s 1961 inauguration promise that the USA would send humans to on the moon and back within a decade – would get my vote almost without further question.

The Shabbos Goy

By Gilad Atzmon: German human rights campaigner PhD Milena Rampoldi, the woman behind the pro- Palestinian site www.promosaik.com, has been subject to some ugly harassment in the past week. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t the Zionists, Hasbara merchants or Mossad operators who tormented her. It was a Palestinian ‘supporter.’ The following interview is sad: it reveals the heightened state of despair displayed by our thought police. The Stalinist purge culture that is symptomatic of the Jewish Left and its network of Sabbos Goyim backfired once again. Truth cannot be suppressed forever, it doesn’t even leak out; it just bursts.  
Gilad Atzmon: Milena, you have been subject to some severe political pressure recently. It appears as if the people who mounted pressure on you consider themselves to be  ‘anti’ Zionists and ‘pro’-Palestinians. Can you identify these people and explain what their demands were? Why did they campaign against you?
Dr. Milena Rampoldi: I think that censorship is the result of fear combined with a sense of entitlement. I never thought that I would be subject to censorship as editor-in-chief of www.promosaik.com. Our magazine is relatively small. We are fighting for human rights and peace.

SNP's Women's Pledge - Bigotry At It's Finest

"If you vote for me, women, and also, women, and let's not forget, women, but most important of all, women. Women." 6oodfella

Was Your Apple Watch "First Day" Experience Comparable To This?

As the de minimus supply of Apple Watches meets the stupendous demand from wrists everywhere, The Daily Mash offers one satirically-conjured man's perspective of his first day wearing the device...
Sales manager Tom Logan’s new Apple Watch has been unexpectedly ridiculed by his work colleagues.

32-year-old Logan felt confident that his futuristic timepiece would attract admiring glances rather than unflattering Knight Rider comparisons.

UK’s David Cameron Defends 2014 Israeli Slaughter In Gaza

British Prime Minister David Camerondo has defended the apartheid Israeli regime’s 2014 military bombardment and butchery of civilian Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip gulag.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Cameron said in an interview with the UK-based Jewish Chronicle on Tuesday that Tel Aviv had a right to “defend” itself when it began its war on Gaza last July.
Israel started airstrikes against the besieged Palestinian territory in early July 2014 and later expanded its military campaign with a ground invasion. The war ended in late August that year.
Nearly 2,200 Palestinians, including 577 children, were killed in Israel’s 50-day onslaught and over 11,100 others, including nearly 3,380 children, 2,088 women and 410 elderly people, were injured. Tens of Israelis were also killed during the war.
Cameron said it was “important to speak out” about standing by Israeli.
The British prime minister’s remarks are his latest ones in showing support for the Israeli regime.
Cameron’s support for the Israeli war on Gaza last summer resulted in the resignation of Britain’s then Foreign Office Minister. Sayeeda Warsi. Warsi stepped down in August 2014 over Cameron’s “morally indefensible” failure to condemn the sufferings in Gaza.


28 Apr 2015

Excerpt From Black Man’s Guide Out Of Poverty

The following is an excerpt from The Black Man’s Guide Out of Poverty: For Black Men Who Demand Better, by Aaron Clarey, better known as Captain Capitalism
No matter what the media tells you,
No matter what politicians say
And no matter what Oprah says,

Families need fathers.
This “heroic single mother” bullshit is precisely that – bullshit.
Because of a myriad of reasons (beyond the scope of this book) there is a social, political, and economic push to marginalize fathers in today’s society, belittling the role they play in both society and the family. In return, they exalt single motherhood, single parenthood, and pretty much any other form of the family as long as it isn’t the normal, nuclear family, and as long as it doesn’t have a father.
Unfortunately, this skewed approach has had the disastrous consequences you’d expect it to have when you more or less dismiss or kick out an entire sex from society. Divorce, broken families, broken children, crime, psychological problems, recession, lower economic growth, increased bankruptcies, drug addiction, alcoholism, you name it, nearly every problem we have today in the US is (at least in-part) due to the lack of strong, manly fathers in today’s families.

Are The Lib Dems The Most Pointless Party?

Russell Brand looks at the radical feminist Liberal Democrats political party broadcast and analyse their policies past and present.

Banksters’ Marathon

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss central bankers running marathons... perhaps not quite fast enough for a QE-induced revolution. They also discuss wars for oil market share in a zero-interest-rate world in which supply and demand no longer matter.

The Baltimore Riots: The Stunning Comments By Orioles Owner's Son

The day after violent protests left Baltimore burning in the wake of a funeral held for Freddie Gray who died after sustaining a spinal injury while being taken into policy custody, Americans are struggling to explain how the events that transpired on Monday evening are possible in modern day America. While most are united in their condemnation of indiscriminant violence, many still feel a palpable sense of injustice after witnessing multiple instances of alleged police misconduct over the past year. 
In this context we present the following culled from Twitter messages posted by Orioles Executive Vice President John Angelos, son of majority owner Peter Angelos: “Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible. That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away

The Truth About Single Moms

Single Mothers are talked about in glowing terms for their hard-work, determination and fortitude - but what is the truth about single moms?

The Big Bad Penis Obsessed Government Wolf

Luke Rudkowski takes you along his journey as he goes from Denver Colorado, to NYC NY and to Amsterdam Holland. Get a behind the scenes look at the journey and the latest with WeAreChange as we update you on all the stories we are working on. WeAreChange

JSIL (Israeli) Land Thieves (Settlers) Destroy Trees In West Bank Gulag

Jewish land thieves or so-called 'Israeli settlers' have once again attacked Palestinian farms in the occupied West Bank Gulag and destroyed over a hundred trees and saplings.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: On Monday, Jewish land thieves uprooted more than 50 olive saplings in the town of al-Khader, south of Beit Lahm. They also cut and uprooted 85 grape vines along with more than 30 olive and almond trees in the Hal-houl town, north of Hebron (al-Khalil).
The agriculture industry, olive cultivation in particular, provides livelihood for about 80,000 Palestinian families in the West Bank. Israeli green shirts and 'settlers' regularly attack Palestinian villages and farms and set fire to their mosques, olive groves and other properties in the West Bank under the so-called price tag policy.
Price tag attacks are acts of vandalism and violence against Palestinians and their property as well as Islamic holy sites by Israeli land thieves.

The Boy Made of Glass + Male Prison Rape + The Male Paedophile

"You can see it in any walk of life, something seemingly minor can prompt a violent reaction from someone. these people are running on autopilot, their system is over sensitised, the circuits are blown and hyper arousal or dissociation are now prompted by minor things. The body and the brain will find a way to compensate..." Spetsnaz

How it's Done - Badgerpod Nerdcast

"Ban Calgary! ...Karen harasses Innocent bushes. ...Everyone is sarcastic like the ancient Greeks." HoneyBadgerRadio

Former BBC Producer Sues Radical Feminist Ex-Wife For £350,000 After She Lied To Him For 17 Years That He Was The Father Of Her Son

  • Chris Lewis, 68, of London, is suing his ex-wife Nicola, 48, for deception
  • TV boss believed Charlie, 19, was his and paid maintenance after divorce
  • But two years ago a devastating DNA test revealed he was not the father
  • Mr Lewis believes teenager was born out of affair months after his wedding
By Jack Crone: A top television producer is suing his ex-wife for more than £300,000, claiming that she lied to him about being the father of her son.
Chris Lewis, 68, has brought the unusual court case against 48-year-old former wife Nicola over the child he helped raise as his own for 17 years.
In court documents he claims Mrs Lewis had sex with another man only a few months into their marriage, but did not tell him. She had a child – Charlie, now 19 – as a result but led him to believe the boy was his, he argues.
DNA tests now prove that Charlie is not his biological son, he says, and as a result of the deception he suffered loss and damages – and wants compensation totalling £322,400.
The claim, made in documents before the High Court in London, says that the pair married in October 1994 and that Mrs Lewis gave birth to Charlie in March 1996. The couple separated in May 1999.
Although Charlie subsequently lived with his mother, Mr Lewis says he ‘would see him regularly and make financial contributions towards his maintenance and advancement’.

Baltimore "Purge": National Guard Arrives As City Burns, Rioters Warn "Nice Night For A Revolution"

This young gentlemen seemed to sum things up... 
"Nice night for a Revolution"
The National Guard has arrived...
Update: Rioters are cutting and stabbing hoses to damage them so Baltimore FD cannot fight fires...

Human Rights In Grandview Park

The last time I did this, I got soaked and freezing in the rain. This time, there was a parade. Yes, a parade. Ha! johntheother

British Candidate Suspended For Pointing Out That Miliband Is Jewish

A British council candidate has been suspended following criticisms for referring to the Labour chief as the Jew that he is, due to rampant cultural Marxism aka PC gone bonkers.
Press TV: Conservative candidate Gulzabeen Afsar, who is standing for the council in the Littleover Ward in Derby, posted on social media that she could never support Ed Miliband, who she referred to as “al yahud” – the Arabic for the Jew. When another user replied that she should respect Miliband as a potential future prime minister, Afsar replied: Nah bro! Never ever will I drop that low and support the al yahud lol.”
Her comments were attacked by other parties, RT reported.
“With anti-Semitism on the rise across Europe, it is abhorrent and terrifying that a prospective Conservative politician would say something like this,” a spokesperson for Derby Labour Party said. It is noteworthy that most Jews are not actually Semites being Ashkenazi, but the Palestinians are acyually Semites.
“Derby Conservatives should launch an immediate investigation into this incident and take the appropriate action. Derby must be free from prejudice, especially from those seeking elected office.”
Now William Spring, political commentator in London, says: “It is comical really, the length to which British party officials go to avoid mentioning what’s obvious.”

Israel Attacked UN Sites 7 Times During It's 2014 Gaza Slaughter: UN Inquiry

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The lunatic apartheid Israeli regime has been found guilty of carrying out seven attacks on United Nations’ sites, which were being used as civilian shelters during the 2014 onslaught on the Gaza Strip, a UN enquiry concludes.
“I deplore the fact that at least 44 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli actions and at least 227 injured at United Nations premises being used as emergency shelters,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a report released on Monday.
UN premises should be inviolable and dependable as safe locations, especially in the time of war, he added.  
Ban noted that this was the second time during his tenure as secretary general that he has been obliged to open inquiry into incidents relating to UN premises and personnel in Gaza.
The secretary general also condemned the attacks “as a matter of the utmost gravity” adding that, “those who looked to them for protection and who sought and were granted shelter there had their hopes and trust denied.” “Once again I must stress my profound and continuing concern for the civilian population of the Gaza Strip."

27 Apr 2015

Why Is No One Talking About The Political Assassinations In Ukraine

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest news in Ukraine about the mysterious deaths of key opponents to the Kiev western backed government. We also detail Hillary Clinton involvement and how see abused her powers as secretary of state. WeAreChange

Why Are US Special Forces In 81 Countries?

US special operations forces have seen a five-fold increase in budget and a doubling of personnel since 2001. They are now active in at least 81 countries. They operate in secret, with little scrutiny. Is this a good thing? RonPaulLibertyReport


By David R. Usher: Feminists working to expand social control of education and law have a dangerous new weapon: Phony rape allegations. The last few months have seen a flurry of rape allegations. In short order, almost all of them are found to be phony.
This trick is not new, but a new variation on old feminist themes that all died quiet factual deaths after wreaking havoc on the nation.
In the 1970’s, feminists made child abuse a national issue to get power, sue insurance companies, and seize custody of children in predatory divorces. The McMartin preschool day care fiasco, Little Rascals Day Care false conviction, and the Fells Acres Day Care wrongful conviction are just three of the many phony child abuse cases that were tragic feminist abuses of the justice system. The ruse fell apart in big cases, and later family courts when everyone discovered that it is impossible to program kids to say what feminists want them to say.
In the 1990’s, feminist adopted false domestic violence allegations in family law cases. They chose domestic violence because it does not require programming of children. A massive feminist psycho-industrial complex emerged producing reams of false science about domestic violence. Despite the fact that domestic violence declined 1/3 since 1976, The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 was born, with $1-billion in annual funding empowering feminists to destroy families and falsely blame all domestic violence on men.

Insanity Grips The Western World

By Paul Craig Roberts: Just as Karl Marx claimed that History had chosen the proletariat, US neoconservatives claim that History has chosen America. Just as the Nazis proclaimed “Deutschland uber alles,” neoconservatives proclaim “America uber alles.” In September 2013 President Obama actually stood before the United Nations and declared, “I believe America is exceptional.”
Germany’s political leaders and those in Great Britain, France, and throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan also believe that America is exceptional, which means better than they are. That’s why these countries are Washington’s vassals. They accept their inferiority to the Exceptional Country — the USA — and follow its leadership.
It is unlikely that the Chinese think that a handful of White People are exceptional in anything except their diminutive numbers. The populations of Asia, Africa, and South America dwarf those that comprise Washington’s Empire.
Neither do the Russians believe that the US is exceptional. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim of American superiority was: “God created us equal.” Putin added: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

TEDx - Ep6 Lessons For My Poor Son

Another horror show curtsey of TEDx. SkepTorr

MGTOW Thought: The Cascade Effect

'My response to Stardusk on the MGTOW growth issue, or on blotting out the Sun.' M

Laci Green Is Stupid

Does Laci Green matter? Unfortunately, yes. Feminism LOL

Bristol University's Resident Radical Feminist Finn Mackay

By Mike Buchanan: Finn Mackay is a radical feminist ‘academic’ at the University of Bristol – one of those people who’d be quite unemployable outside academia, which along with everything else financed by the state, is 72% funded from taxes paid by men.
A particularly androgynous woman who dresses in a very manly manner (why do radical feminists do that, given how much they hate men?), I’ve heard tales of how she’s been asked to leave Ladies’ toilets by women who’ve assumed her to be a man.
A little over two years ago, I wrote an article for AVfM, Kat Banyard, Laura Bates, Finn Mackay: the noisy handful. Two months ago Ms Mackay had a book published by a leading international publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, with the catchy title Radical Feminism: Feminist Activism in Movement. The book’s entry on Amazon is here.
We note it’s a scorching #224,135 on the Amazon UK bestseller list, far below the Kindle ranking of my own Feminism: the ugly truth, published over three years ago. I obviously know how many copies of that ebook I sell, so Ms Mackay’s book must have been a thumping loss-maker for the publisher. Maybe, one day, a smart publisher will realise anti-feminist books outsell feminist books. You can but hope.

Animal Farm For Modern Man + Bad Start With Hillary

"The exceptional nation lives on food stamps and Jews rule the farm." Brother Nathanael

Rapper @50cent Pulls An @TjSotomayor & Goes In On The Angry BT-1000 On IG!

"Since the black man 50cent was not unhappy, somebody came to piss in his cornflakes!" TjSotomayor.

Dan Perrins: Shoes They Will Never Walk A Mile In, Much Less 75

By Two years ago today Earl Silverman threw a rope over the rafters in his garage and used it to hang himself. It was a tragic end to one very good man’s dogged and tireless efforts to establish a shelter for Canadian men who were victims of violent partners.
Earl’s tenacity in life made the shock and sense of loss of his death all the more profound. It was also a source of outrage for many of us as we watched the feminist community, the mainstream media and the Canadian government look the other way and whistle about a suicide in which they played a role in causing.
The people with the resources, political muscle and public influence in the area of domestic violence had ignored, dismissed and even mocked Earl for years. All he wanted to do was help people. All they wanted him to do was shut up.
Score one for their side. Earl will never pester them again about the victims they throw under the bus each and every day. They are culpable in his death as surely as if they had tied the noose and fitted it around his neck.

When Psychotherapists Hurt Families

By Imagine a paranoid schizophrenic. He believes that everyone is out to get him. The world is conspiring to kill him. They are at every corner, at the bus stop, in the parking lot and watching his house at night. He seeks out a psychotherapist. He is surprised but delighted when the therapist agrees with all his delusions. The therapist says, “Yes, people are out to get you, they are at the bus stop and parking lot and they are watching your house.” The patient and therapist collude on how to deal with this “problem” and in so doing dig the patient deeper and deeper into a delusional world that is ruining his life and the lives of the patient’s family. The family has been trying to help the gentleman realize that this is a part of his psychosis, and he needs to take his meds, but they have been far from successful. Nothing they can say has made any difference. Now the patient has a professional ally who agrees with his delusions and that person is also an authority. The family is sunk. They try to get a court ordered commitment to a mental health facility but the therapist testifies that the man is fine and his thoughts are not in error. The judge listens to the therapist and decides against the commitment. Things go downhill quickly. It was bad enough for the family to deal with the man’s pathology on their own but now they are outgunned and easily defeated by the authority, the therapist, speaking out and contradicting their reality. It is simple to see the devastating impact of such collusion and the irresponsibility of the therapist. This is clearly malpractice.
But could this happen in real life? I’m afraid so.

26 Apr 2015

MGTOW: Falsely Accused Of Rape And Fighting Back!

More and more "rape" stories (among other feminist talking points) are proven to be blatant lies seemingly by the day. And to make things better, the falsely accused are fighting back! Raging Golden Eagle

MGTOW Commentary: On Feminist Poem + On Bree's Assault

I slam a feminist's poem. Enjoy! M

Potent Whisper #OurBrixton (Spoken Word)‬ + RASPECT FYABINGHI - ANOTHER DAY

Brixton has seen a lot of change in recent years. Unfortunately not all of this change has been positive. Social housing is being demolished and huge amounts of local families are being evicted to make way for unaffordable private developments, our libraries and public services are under attack and we have had news that traders at the world famous Brixton Railway Arches are all to be evicted by Network Rail for “refurbishments”.
The above are examples of some of the changes that are often referred to as "progress" by those with power, but is this really the type of "progress" our community wants? Further, is this the type of progress that LONDON wants?

Rape Your Sex Robot

Is it possible to rape a sex robot? What about killing a robot, is that murder? Is formatting your HDD euthanasia? Is changing the batteries in your Rhoomba slavery? Of course, yes to all the above - if you have a penis, that is. Sex robots exist now, but we think they don’t because when we say sex robot, we’re thinking of a female-bodied robot. The vast majority of actual sex robots are for women to fuck, not for men. johntheother

Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of "Small Debtors"

Last week, the Greek government issued a decree which called for local governments to transfer excess cash to the central bank so that Athens would be able to pay pensions, salaries, and the IMF. The move is expected to raise as much as €2 billion to help keep the country afloat while the country’s “amateurish, time-wasting gambler” of a FinMin feebly attempts to find some kind of middle ground with his EU counterparts and as PM Tsipras pulls out all the stops including the old EU Summit sideline end-around with Merkel and the wild card energy gas pipeline advance from Gazprom (which may portend the dreaded “Russian pivot").  
If the “temporary” local government reserve sweep constitutes what we have brandedsoft” capital controls, we now have the first evidence that the “hard” variety may have arrived because as Kathimerini reports, Greek debtors are having their deposits seized in lieu of payment.

Greece: Entrapment Of Occupiers By The Riot Police Inside A Building Provokes Protesters To Attack

Perseus999: On 16 April 2015, following 3 days of encirclement by scores of riot policemen of a university building, that had been occupied by anarchists for 18 days in the centre of Athens, Greece, in solidarity to a hunger strike of political prisoners (some of them for 47 days on that day) enraged protesters that gathered before a solidarity protest against destructive gold mining in Calkidiki in northern Greece and begun to throw bags of food and health essentials above the heads of policemen to the entrapped occupiers and then begun attacks that escalated into riot.

The Drug War And The US Prison-Industrial Complex + Libya Migrant Crisis: Whose Fault? + Morsi Jailed: Another Mission Accomplished + US warships in Yemen. Why?

In Idaho the drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex are working hand-in-hand to deliver big profits to the corporatists by maintaining one of the highest prison populations in the USA. Watch the Liberty Report to see what happens to Idaho families seeking to use cannabis oil to provide relief for their very ill children. With special guest Will Norman Grigg. RonPaulLibertyReport

Radical Feminist BBC: Bigotry, Bias, Corruption

5hadowfaxYes, you heard correctly, the BBC has finally crossed the line separating bias and corruption. Their decision to hold the Ashfield hustings debate in front of a women-only audience - a debate that they are duty-bound to cover in an impartial and inclusive way - clearly shows that they are deliberately using their influence as a publicly-funded broadcaster to sabotage J4MB's election campaign.

Female Doublespeak - MGTOW

"Alexandra is like a butcher trying to understand the plight of a chicken before she slaughters it and has it for dinner."
"I've heard about Alexandra Blue before. She's also from Toronto, the city I live in. One of the worst feminist strongholds in the world. And she's around the age of twenty and she recently produced a video called "Dear Men" about four months ago and it's been her most popular video in four years with over twenty-five thousand views. She was talking about the sexodus article And then she made a second video attempting to clarify that she's not a feminist. In her first video she shames men for blaming feminists.