28 Apr 2015

Israel Attacked UN Sites 7 Times During It's 2014 Gaza Slaughter: UN Inquiry

Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The lunatic apartheid Israeli regime has been found guilty of carrying out seven attacks on United Nations’ sites, which were being used as civilian shelters during the 2014 onslaught on the Gaza Strip, a UN enquiry concludes.
“I deplore the fact that at least 44 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli actions and at least 227 injured at United Nations premises being used as emergency shelters,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a report released on Monday.
UN premises should be inviolable and dependable as safe locations, especially in the time of war, he added.  
Ban noted that this was the second time during his tenure as secretary general that he has been obliged to open inquiry into incidents relating to UN premises and personnel in Gaza.
The secretary general also condemned the attacks “as a matter of the utmost gravity” adding that, “those who looked to them for protection and who sought and were granted shelter there had their hopes and trust denied.” “Once again I must stress my profound and continuing concern for the civilian population of the Gaza Strip."
On one of the incidents, Israeli forces attacked a UNRWA school in Jabaliya, killing 20 people and injuring 20 others, on July 30, 2014.
During another incident on July 24, 2014, Israel opened fire on a UN school in Beit Hanoun and killed 15 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

The inquiry was complied via the analysis of weapons, medical reports, photographs and video footage, and the testimonies of both by UN organizations’ staff.
Israel started its latest Gaza slaughter in early July last year. Over 2,100 people died and some 11,000 others were injured in the Israeli bombardments, which ended on August 26, 2014 with a so called truce that took effect after faux  indirect negotiations in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
More than 15,500 housing units were also damaged in the war in Gaza while over 2,200 houses were totally destroyed, according to official figures released by Palestinian sources.
“I will work with all concerned and spare no effort to ensure that such incidents will never be repeated,” said the UN secretary general.


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