22 Apr 2015

The Dissident Dad - Raising Independent Minded Children In America Is Tough

No joke, trying to raise an independent-minded, decent human being in America is like trying to fly through a Category 5 hurricane.
For starters, nothing beats some of the toys offered up to kids. For example, you can hone your child’s remote killing skills by buying him or her a military drone toy. Not only can you kill women and children in their homes, but you can do so without actually having to deploy overseas!
Teach your kids this valuable skill via the, Maisto Fresh Metal Tailwinds 1:97 Scale Die Cast United States Military Aircraft – US Air Force Medium Altitude, Long Endurance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) RQ-1 Predator with Display Stand, available at Amazon:
At least toying around with unmanned drones is safer to than playing at public parks. In case you missed it, a 12-year-old boy was recently killed by the local militarized police in Cleveland for just holding a toy gun at a park. Sorry, I just can’t get this story out of my head. While shooting a child within 2 seconds of arriving at the scene was criminal enough, to just stand around and not offer up any first aid was unimaginably evil.
All that said, it’s my opinion that the most dangerous place for a young child is often America’s taxpayer-funded schools. These places are frequently characterized by an endless flow of bullshit my kids hopefully won’t ever have to go through. Just the other day, an 11-year-old Kansas child was taken away from his mother after challenging an anti-drug propaganda program at his school.

Finally, there are tremendous challenges to be faced at the home front. I’ve said this in many posts before, but choosing to raise your children to be independent thinkers who don’t automatically want to control others by force, can sometimes lead to tension with family and friends, especially older ones. I find most of them to be just innocent victims who happily reside within the matrix, merely repeating thoughts they were subliminally conditioned to believe.
Thoughts like nationalism, the offensive use of violence, and the belief in all sorts of official coercion justified as serving the greater good. As such, I’ve encouraged my children to always question authority and its true motives, even if others in the family naively believe the government, police, and the banks have your best interests at heart. However, at the end of the day, they will be allowed to come to their own conclusions.

With outright propaganda, like “war is good for the economy” and other similarly offensive ideas, I’ve become more bold as a father, with a new willingness to stand up to these bad ideas, no matter who the person espousing them happens to be. The coporate-statist propaganda is everywhere, so I continue to enthusiastically attempt offer up an alternative by example, as best as I imperfectly can.
– Daniel Ameduri aka The Dissident Dad


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