31 May 2015

A Window Into Jewish Vindictiveness

By Gilad Atzmon: The Canary Mission’s clip is a glimpse into Jewish vindictiveness. The Canary Mission is a Jewish Zionist organisation that vows to track pro-Palestinian activists and ruin their lives as well as any prospect of a professional future for them. Pretty grim but slightly more merciful than traditional crucifixion. 
But the Canary Mission is not at all unique in its spite. Sadly enough, the ‘liberal’ JVP is practicing some very similar tactics. We recently came across JVP’s call to excommunicate Alison Weir, a legendary American activist.  Along the years, we have seen JVP, JFJFP and Mondoweiss campaigning repeatedly and relentlessly against some of the most profound speakers for Palestine, peace and justice - people such as Ken O’Keefe, Greta Berlin, George Galloway, Myself and many others.

Zionist Shill BBC Admits To Broadcasting Pro-Israel Propaganda

"BBC admits breaching its own rules by broadcasting pro-Israel propaganda." corbettreport

Jewish Hasidic Sect In Stamford Hill 'Bans' Women From Driving

Letter signed by Belz rabbis also reportedly said children driven to school by women would be banned from classes.
By Heather Saul: The leaders of an Orthodox Jewish sect in north London have reportedly declared that women should not be allowed to drive in a letter sent out to the community.
Rabbis from the Belz Hasidic sect in Stamford Hill have said women driving cars contravenes “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp” and the conventions of hasidic institutions, according to a report by the Jewish Chronicle.
The letter, which was signed by Belz educational leaders and endorsed by rabbis, also said women could be banned from their schools if their mothers drove them from August onwards.
It cited increasing numbers of “mothers of pupils who have started to drive” which it said had led to “great resentment among parents of pupils of our institutions”.
Stamford Hill's residents are predominately Hasidic Jewish and only New York is believed to have a larger community of Hasidic Jews outside of Israel.

You Are All Greeks Now

Max and Stacy discuss the gone peopleof Greece and beyond, as austerity meets an immoveable force of the banksters ever expanding black hole of debt. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Liam Halligan of BNE.eu about the economic situation in Europe, the EU referendum and Scottish independence.

Glenn Greenwald Wraps Up The “Snowden” Psyop And Tacitly Advocates For The Faux “Freedom Act”

The time has come — indeed, it is long overdue — for the wisdom, ingenuity and resources of American business to be marshalled against those who would destroy it. Lewis Powell memo, 1971
By Scott Creighton: The manufactured hero psyop is drawing to a close while it’s main spokesman and front-man, Glenn Greenwald, is tacitly supporting the USA Freedom Act as a sort of “better than nothing” fix to the problem.
During his latest interview with ACLU Legal Director, Jameel Jaffer, Glenn sounds an awful lot like James Sensenbrenner, author of the Freedom Act and the Patriot Act as well.

If the perfect defeats the good, then bad prevails,” said Representative James Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, an author of the Patriot Act who is now leading efforts to change it (and the author of the USA Freedom Act).
GREENWALD: Right. Even if it’s a step in the right direction (the USA Freedom Act) it’s a very small step in the right direction. (Greenwald said this in an interview with Jameel Jaffer yesterday)
NOTE TO GLENN: No. It is not a step in the right direction unless of course by “right” you mean far-right fascist direction and in that case, it’s a HUGE step in the right direction.

Lying To Get Sex Is Not Rape

By : It has come to my attention that New Jersey law Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D) has sponsored a bill which would make “sexual assault by fraud” a punishable offense.
Even our own DV Policy Advisor, Erin Pizzey, thinks that we should give this a thought: But is it really a good idea?
Mind you, I’m not a citizen of New Jersey (or even an American) but given that such ideas are bounced around various legislatures around the world, this topic is bigger than New Jersey.
In the following lines, I’ll try to argue that such a law is a very bad idea. It should also be noted that just because I think the law is bad, that doesn’t mean I think the supporters of it are bad people. It just so happens though that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which is why the arguments against this idea shall be rooted in the premise that its supporters are well-intended.
Based on a dubious story
The bill comes following the story of one Mischele Lewis, a 37 year old single mom who dated a man who claimed to be a British secret agent.
You can read the entire story in the link above but, basically, the short story is that the man Mischele Lewis dated lied about pretty much everything

Tribal Thought Policing By The Elders Of ‘Anti’ Zion

By Gilad Atzmon: The following is an announcement of a Jewish Herem (excommunication) signed by Jewish Voice For Peace (JVP) targeting one of America’s leading human rights activists, Alison Weir. The letter was leaked to me by three different JVP Chapter Leaders who, apparently, are experiencing fatigue with JVP’s thought policing.
According to my informers, the letter was written by Rebecca Vilkomerson, JVP’s Executive Director. It was sent to the 40 chapter leaders of JVP. My JVP sources told me that the letter wasn’t intended to be publicized. After all, The Protocols Of The Elders of ‘Anti’ Zion are better communicated in a clandestine manner. 
May 5, 2015
Dear Ms. Weir,
Jewish Voice for Peace has chosen not to work with you because our central tenet is opposition to racism in all its forms, and you have chosen repeatedly to associate yourself with people who advocate for racism.
You have been a repeat guest of white supremacist Clay Douglas on his hate radio show, the Free American. Clay Douglas is concerned primarily with the survival of the White race and sees malign Jewish influence everywhere.

Not Everything You Hate Should Be Illegal

"X shouldn't be illegal." "Why do you love X so much. Huh huh?!" *Face palm city* Julie Borowski

Feminist Trigger Warnings

"The Idea is that some feminists will crawl under their desks and cry for hours. ...You don't seem that triggered, it seems that I've put a fire under your ass and now you're on the war path! ...OK society, freedom of speech is over we've discovered there are people out there who's feelings are hurt, bullshit, it's on them. ...What's more important is our freedom and right to express ourselves." The Amazing Atheist

Why Do People Hate #Feminism? - Gender Studies Degrees

A video for feminists to help explain why people hate them. The fourth reason people hate feminism is because gender studies degrees are indoctrination camps for insane, paranoid feminists, as evidenced by the fact they are now consuming themselves. Sargon of Akkad

ISIS In Greater Israel's Scheme

"Greater Israel is alive and wreaking havoc in the Middle East. ISIS is doing Israel's bidding!" Brother Nathanael

30 May 2015

Frenchwoman Jailed For Only 18 Months For Torturing Boyfriend

By Mike Buchanan: Another ridiculously lenient sentence, this time in France. I cannot help but look in such articles for the inevitable excuse(s). Inevitable because women must not be seen as having moral agency, as being the equals of men when it comes to being held responsible for their actions and inactions. The excuse is at the end of the piece:
Medkour’s lawyers blamed her addiction to alcohol and she apologised for her actions. I’m not heartless,” she was quoted as saying.
The following lazy journalism is not unexpected in a piece on the BBC website:
French campaign groups say abuse by men against women is three times more common, but say as many as 7,000 men complain of abuse every year.
‘French campaign groups’, eh? Hmm, I wonder if they might be run by feminists, given that in the UK the figure would be 1.5 times more common (British Crime Surveys consistently report this ratio). And anyway, does the ratio matter? Should we not care about men such as Maxime Gaget?
7,000 Frenchmen complain of abuse every year, they say. Even if the figure is true, it’s surely a huge under-statement of the number of Frenchmen being abused by female partners. Source

Even Women Are Calling BS On #CropTopDay

Either women are getting wiser to the feminist bullshit, or internalised misogyny is becoming more widespread. 6oodfella

Varoufakis’s Great Game

By : Game theorists know that a Plan A is never enough. One must also develop and put forward a credible Plan B – the implied threat that drives forward negotiations on Plan A. Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, knows this very well. As the Greek government’s anointed “heavy,” he is working Plan B (a potential exit from the eurozone), while Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras makes himself available for Plan A (an extension on Greece’s loan agreement, and a renegotiation of the terms of its bailout). In a sense, they are playing the classic game of “good cop/bad cop” – and, so far, to great effect.

Plan B comprises two key elements. First, there is simple provocation, aimed at riling up Greek citizens and thus escalating tensions between the country and its creditors. Greece’s citizens must believe that they are escaping grave injustice if they are to continue to trust their government during the difficult period that would follow an exit from the eurozone.

Second, the Greek government is driving up the costs of Plan B for the other side, by allowing capital flight by its citizens. If it so chose, the government could contain this trend with a more conciliatory approach, or stop it outright with the introduction of capital controls. But doing so would weaken its negotiating position, and that is not an option.

Policing Solidarity

By Gilad Atzmon: I believe  it was my recent expose of JVP’s harassment, slander and herem (excommunication) campaigns that led to a new petition calling on us to  “End slander in the pro-Palestine movement online.”
Of course I oppose slander and abuse, but I also reject any form of censorship and thought control. Even though, more than anyone else, I have been the target of vile slander, I will not sign this petition nor will I support it.
The petition pledges to “block”, “delete” and/or “remove” those who behave in such a way as to interfere with ‘unity’. Do I have to remind our activist ‘undersigners’ that while ‘unity’ is not exactly a value, truth, justice and freedom most certainly are? 
Rather than blocking the JVP leadership for tagging Ken O’Keefe as a ‘prominent Neo Nazi’ or associating Alison Weir with ‘White Supremacism’, we have to deal with the problem by openly questioning why these tactics are prevalent within certain Jewish groups - both Zionist and anti-Zionist - and why they keep appearing in our midst. And at the same time we must encourage our Jewish liberal ‘allies,’ as they call themselves, to search their souls, self-reflect and then to mend their ways.

Milo Yiannopoulos: A Mutilated Penis Is A Sexy Penis!

By : Breitbart.com is a pretty decent conservative website with some great commentary, even if it is at times a little lockstep with the two party paradigm that doesn’t actually exist. They even do some really cogent fisking of feminism and the social justice crowd.
So, you can imagine my dismay when they posted a piece by Milo Yiannopoulos that was quite possibly the most stupid and disturbing piece I have seen since the Agent Orange Files. When I say that I am not excluding the pap served up at places like Jezebel, Raw Story and Anita Sarkeesian’s YouTube channel.
The rationale he employs in his piece actually does fall in line with what I have seen from pro-mutilation feminists who think male genital mutilation is a good thing because they prefer the penis after it has been cut, though I must admit I have never seen a feminist be so brazen or, uh, detailed about it.
Milo informs us that he is gay, and then uses far too many words to paint a portrait of a gay man who likes “circumcision” because he thinks it will up the chances of getting a blow job. At least from him. As he says with flirtatious promise:

Perhaps as a gay man I’m biased, but aesthetics matter. And let me tell you – sorry if this veers into “TMI” territory – that I’m infinitely more likely to make you happy down there if you’re cut.”
OK, so gay men are not exempt from being stupid. Or shallow.

Renowned Psychologist Condemns Child Circumcision

Professor Gregory Boyle speaks frankly in condemning forced genital cutting of children, revealing his personal struggles with this issue and his observations about the psychological motivations behind childhood genital mutilation.

Prelude To WWIII

"We'll probably be at war by this summer, if we are lucky it won't be nuclear. ...Members of NATO preparing for war with Russia."

Your Meat And Veg Must Be Bananas

Dumbest radical feminist blond in history proposes that all men should be castrated. Victor Zen begs to differ.

FIFA Arrests - Papal Sex Crimes - Royal Peasant Fucking - FKN Newz

"In the UK, queen's speech ushers in police state big brother surveillance workhouse slave economy thought crime radicalisation law and referendum on planet rape!" Deek Jackson

“Dear Moderate Feminists, You Don’t Exist” Feminism Is Defined By The Laws And Public Policy It Has Created

MensRights subreddit: This is a letter to all the moderate, armchair feminists out there. You know who you are. You’re a feminist because you believe in equality! You believe men and women should have equal rights, that feminists aren’t all a bunch of man haters, and you don’t understand why some people (like MRAs and Red Pillers) are just so darn angry with feminists all the time. You certainly never did anything to hurt us! You only want for all of us to just get along!

To all you ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to take you through an explanation as to why you, yes you, sitting at your computer or browsing on your mobile, you, who are an actual living, breathing person with a variety of thoughts, feelings, and experiences at your disposal, why you don’t actually, for all practical intents and purposes, exist.

(1) You don’t make the laws.

Ask yourself this, my moderate feminist reader – when was the last time you, and whatever moderate feminist organization that you’re a part of, created or influenced legislation that got passed or policy changes that got enacted? You got women the vote, you say? Come now, I highly doubt it was you and your specific moderate feminist lobbying organization that you’re a part of that got women the vote. Nothing? Interesting. Well, since you haven’t created any laws that have impacted society, I guess there’s no proof there that you exist these days.

State Charges Alleged Serial False Rape Accuser, But She Disappears

By An assistant attorney general for Montana says that 24-year-old Christina Nadine Nelson, formerly Christina Mark, made a string of alleged false accusations against three men between 2009 and 2012. A total of five medical rape exams were conducted on her, and she made two reports of assault. Christina had a motive or pattern of accusing young men that she had dated of raping her and assaulting her when no such rape or assault had occurred,” prosecutors have stated in court documents. At least one of the young men has been scarred for life.
Now, finally, she’s being charged with felonies in connection with two of the allegations she made. Except there’s a problem: authorities can’t find her. Nelson did not appear for her initial appearance on May 21. She wasn’t required to appear in person but by telephone. An assistant attorney general said Friday that Nelson’s whereabouts aren’t known, even by her own attorney. Nelson was supposed to appear last week in Yellowstone County as well but didn’t show. An assistant attorney general fears she might be in Europe.
How was this woman permitted to leave the country?
The incidents we know about are disturbing. Read on.

29 May 2015

On Men, Women And Reddit/TheRedPill

"Men are frustrated with women what do women need to do to change this?" Karen Straughan

The Truth About Male Privilege

The bullshit known as feminist patriarchy theory/Male Privilege debunked.
Stefan Molyneux: Male Privilege is a term for social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are made available to men solely on the basis of their sex. Feminists tend to believe that they are living under patriarchy - where men hold the power and women are unfairly exploited. Stefan Molyneux looks at the statistics and data in an attempt to answer the question - what is The Truth About Male Privilege?

NAWALT Part 1: The Deductive Argument - MGTOW

A refutation of the deductive form of the "Not All Women Are Like That" argument. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Why I No Longer Hold The Door Open For Pretty Girls

Red Pill Philosophy: It's sad but true...

Ritual Infant Genital Mutilation Rule Change Could Give Penis Sucking Rabbis More Leeway To Spread Herpes Via Barbaric Snip-N-Suck Circumcision

Gothamist: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving to repeal a Bloomberg-era health code requiring mohels to obtain written consent from parents before they perform a controversial circumcision ritual that has given infants herpes.
Anonymous city health officials announced the news during a conference call with reporters last night; under the new agreement, mohels suspected of infecting a baby with herpes will be DNA-tested, and if a mohel's herpes virus matches the infant's strain of herpes he will be banned from performing circumcisions for life. The baby will also have herpes for life, and possibly brain damage.
Officials believe that since the year 2000 over a dozen infants have been infected with neonatal herpes in NYC from the ritual, known as metzitzah b’peh [MBP], in which the rabbi uses his mouth to suck blood from the boy's freshly snipped foreskin. Two children are believed to have died after contracting herpes from MBP.
In 2012, the Health Department voted to approve a regulation requiring mohels to obtain a signed consent form from parents before performing a MBP circumcision. But the regulation was not enforced, and health officials tell the NY Post they received only one consent form from a mohel since the policy began. A group of rabbis also filed a federal lawsuit against the city over the consent form requirement.

It’s Getting Ugly in Spain

By Don Quijones: After game-changing municipal and regional elections in Spain, panic and fear are beginning to take root in the hallowed halls of government power and corporate HQs. The governing People’s Party (PP) won more votes than any other. However, it also lost majority control of virtually all of the country’s key municipalities and electoral regions.
As I have been warning for months, the Rajoy era of maleficient strong-arm governance seems set to give way to a new era of political instability. According to some commentators, Spain may even become ungovernable after this autumn’s general elections. If the new political reality at the local and municipal level is anything to go by, they may be right: in nine out of ten major municipalities the local government will be run (or otherwise) by loose coalitions of disparate political parties.
They include Spain’s two biggest cities: Madrid, for decades the Popular Party’s impenetrable seat of power, and Barcelona. Both cities now seem destined to be led by strongly leftist (or as some are calling them, “anti-system”) mayors, Ada Colau in Barcelona and Manuela Carmena in Madrid. Among the policies they espouse are an immediate halt to foreclosures (bitterly opposed by the Spanish banking lobby), an audit of the public debt, a complete revision of municipal contracts, increased taxes for big businesses, job-creation programs, and a halt to the privatization and outsourcing of public services.

US Government Mandated Ritual Genital Mutilation (Circumcision)!

Stefan Molyneux: After 1½ years of fighting against the mutilation, Heather Hironimus was jailed after she fled to protect Chase Nebus-Hironimus from a court order demanding that he be circumcised. Jailed since May 14th for defying a judge's custody order and refusing to let her son be circumcised - Hironimus gave her consent - under duress - to the procedure wanted by the boy's dad, Dennis Nebus.

This Time It Is Different

'Gordon Brown has NEVER been right when it comes to politics, not even once, and he has been the worst manager of finance that Britain has ever known.'
By : For years, I have warned that we will face our worst nightmarethe collapse of socialism. In the death throes of this abomination that even the Ten Commandments listed as a serious sin, equal to “thou shalt not kill”, government will become the ugly beast that will devour society to retain power. Of course, they will never see themselves that way, but they will justify in their minds that stripping us of our freedom, rights, privileges, and immunities, is necessary to maintain socialism for the good of the people.
We are running out of other peoples’ money, as Margaret Thatcher warned. Karl Marx, who sought to change society by sheer force, set all this in motion. What has taken place is really scary, for indeed they have altered society far more than anyone dares to ponder.

The Dissident Dad: 10 Things I Had To Unlearn That My Children Won’t

The Dissident Dad: This list could grow to 1,000 ideas, but I’ve kept it down to ten. In the future, I might update it and add some more.
There are a lot of bad ideas that dominate the world we live in today, most of which are uncritically accepted as the norm and fully embraced by society.
As a millennial myself, I’ve noticed my peers seem to accept most of these as conventional wisdom. Hook, line, and sinker.
Here are some ideas I was propagandized with that I hope my children will never have to “unlearn.”
1. Violence is normal.
Presidential candidates today are fighting over who can kill better by using drones or boots on the ground. By constantly threatening the use of violence against other countries, statists have conditioned the population into thinking that killing tens of thousands of people is normal behavior, instead of the immoral, dangerous provocation it is. Rather than being charged with murder, politicians and others that help support this behavior are often paid $250,000 or more a speech after they leave office, and referred to as Mr. President or former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
Video games, movies, television shows, and even toys all have a common theme: death and destruction. For example, there’s nothing like teaching your child about policing in 2015 America via these Playmobil toys (above):

Neo-feudal USA: The Death Of Democracy

By Gerald Celente: Neither a conspiracy nor conjecture: By every quantitative measure, 21st century America has degenerated from being the beacon of democracy to a neo-feudal state. 

From crime and punishment to the vast wealth and income-inequality gap, the rules are different for the political elite and economic nobility than they are for the common man bound to live by the letter of the law and brought to justice for minor infractions — all while political insiders, corporate charlatans and financial bandits are left free to rape, pillage and plunder.

What should have been headline news and met with outrage last Wednesday barely made the front page of newspapers or the top of broadcast news. Deemed not as important as the murder of a wealthy family who lived near Vice President Biden, or the motorcycle gang war that left nine dead, five of the world’s largest banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, pleaded guilty to felony charges for rigging the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign-exchange markets.
Regardless of “brazenly illegal behavior” on a “massive scale,” the trend is clear: Despite a long track record of “breathtaking flagrancy” of stealing billions, the government, in case after case, gently hits banks with a slap-on-the-wrist fine — and not one top bankster is sent to jail.

It’s the same with whistleblowers and those who leak government information — more of whom the Obama Administration has sent to prison that all presidents combined.


Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss ‘vaporwealth’, which much like ‘vaporware’ is a product or a net worth, in this case, which is never manufactured, but is, instead, either stolen or magically created on the Fed’s balance sheet. In the second half, Max interviews Liam Halligan of BNE.eu about the economic situation in Europe and how Nicola Sturgeon is the new existential boogie man for the tabloids.

Corruption: That's What Government Was Designed For

Why I’m Looking Forward to the Next Big Crash
Submitted by Bill Bonner: Our beef with our own generation is not that it failed, but that it succeeded too well. It took control of government and used it like an ape uses a rock – to crack open a nut. But we’ll come back to that in a minute…
Yesterday, a London-based magazine and a TV station interviewed us. Both asked if we were “pessimistic.” “Of course not,” we replied. “We expect today’s financial system to fall apart in a terrible crash and depression. But we’re looking forward to it.” This was not exactly the answer they were looking for… And there’s not enough time in an interview to explain why this view makes any sense at all. The audience must have thought we had lost our mind.
We also had a meeting with our old friend and editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report Marc Faber yesterday. He helped make sense of our “pessimism.”

The system is corrupt,” he said. The government. The banks. The central banks. Big business.”

28 May 2015

The Sloppy Journalism Of Raw Story’s “tbogg”

By We live in a time when “trusted journalist” is becoming an oxymoron and one of those morons responsible for the tarnishing of journalistic integrity is Tom Boggiono (“tbogg”) of Raw Story, an ideological rag that routinely blocks Men’s Rights Advocates (MRAs) merely for being MRAs.
There is no excuse for sloppy writing or sloppy thinking, especially in professional journalism. It is a highly competitive enterprise and a critical one: knowledge is power; lives can change forever with a few words and disasters happen when those words go astray. People’s lives can end over a turn of phrase.
Attention, employers: if you want to hire a sloppy liar to tar your publication with his mendacity on display to the public in ways so embarrassing that you’ll win the Tour de France by backpedaling, then Tom Boggiono can put the “oh, no” in your annual report.

These Idiots Need Feminism Because...

A fun little video where I mock a bunch of feminists. Ceara McCord

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Is Feminist Propaganda ... BOYCOTT IT!


The Manipulated Man. MGTOW

Messenger Rising: Niko Choski & Myself on the abuse and manipulation of men and boys and the emotional and psychological damage caused as a result of this abuse.

UN Seeking To Put Zio-Nazi Israeli Military On Blacklist

At long last the United Nations is seeking to put the Israeli Zio-Nazi green shirt death squads on its blacklist over the worse than apartheid and colonialism regime’s aggressive policies against the Palestinian people, particularly the little children and babies who have been described in the Israeli Knesset as "Little Snakes" and over 500 of whom have been blown to smithereens by Zio-Nazi bombardments in the last year alone .
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The move is recommended by Leila Zerrougui, the UN secretary-general's special representative for children and armed conflict.
Zerrougui said such an act must be taken because of some 500 Palestinian children who were butchered and 3,300 others who were murdered during last summer's Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip.
Observers believe the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon seems likely to resist the call because the move could fully terminate ties between the genocidal nuclear Tel Aviv regime and the UN.

National Geographic News Discovers… Feminist Research…

By : Ok, so this article is a few years old, but has been making it’s rounds on facebook recently.
Let’s ignore that Susan Fiske is a feminist psychologist with a fascinating wiki dossier, and had close family among the Suffragettes.
The obvious problem is, she studied a whopping, an astounding, an unprecedented… twenty one men. I could do the same in my trailer court, probably get the same results, and it would be equally meaningless. A picture of nearly naked nubile women, without heads, won’t engender empathic personality engagement; they were headless, therefore both brainless and emotionless, with nothing to offer any reliable indications as to their intention other than taut bellies with navel jewelry. Just what the fuck did she expect the reaction would be??? I would almost hazard a wager, that the “most misogynist” men were more red pill, and saw a shit test, and weren’t playing the game, after all, the headless bodies could have been underage; and for shits and giggles, they might have thought the researchers were tools, hence the result.

And the men who scored higher as “hostile sexists”—those who view women as controlling and invaders of male space—didn’t show brain activity that indicates they saw the women in bikinis as humans with thoughts and intentions.

“Canary Mission,” The Israel Lobby’s Latest Propaganda Pilot Project

: At its current stage I think the Canary Mission (CM) website and organization, that are now being given full attention by the press, are a pilot project that is 1) meant to measure and increase “antisemitic” sentiment in society and 2) further implement the toxic war on terror doctrine.
What is Canary Mission? It’s a new slick and secretive initiative that aims to expose the alleged enemies of freedom, the USA, Israel and jews who collectively pretty much are branded as terrorist supporters. This obvious Israel lobby project profiles people (currently mostly US students) and organizations that it specifically deems hostile towards the jews and the state of Israel. It has little, if anything at all, to do with fighting for freedom. For this they use the by now completely worn out and prostituted meme of antisemitism while conveniently whitewashing crimes committed by the Israeli government.

Greece Owes $1.2 Billion To Drugmakers As Government Can No Longer Afford Basic Medical Supplies

Tyler Durden's picture Talks between Greece and its creditors went full-retard on Wednesday when the following soundbite from Canada’s FinMin Joe Oliver hit the wires:

“No Greek payment to IMF would be default to IMF”
That seemed self-evident to us, but in a world governed by debt, we suppose everyone occasionally needs to remind themselves that failure to make good on one’s obligations constitutes default.
In any event, Greece apparently owes quite a bit of money to the world’s drug suppliers because, as we reported earlier this week, Athens is now running short on bed sheets and painkillers in its hospitals as the consequences of being completely beholden to the ”institutions” which control the printing of a fiat currency become increasingly clear.

How Dave Thier Rationalized Lying To Forbes Readers About A Nonexistent MHRA Boycott

By : Why are reporters like Dave Thier of Forbes standing by their fake reporting of a nonexistent MRA boycott of Max Max Fury Road? We aren’t sure, but an increasing number of non-MRA sources are wondering the same thing.

Whistle Blower Julian Assange On The Fascist TPP – “Deal Isn’t About Trade, It’s About Corporate Control”

It’s mostly not about trade. Only 5 of the 29 chapters are about traditional trade.
– Julian Assange in a recent interview with Democracy Now
By Michael Krieger:  I’ve focused a little bit more of my attention on the Trans-Pacific Partnership lately, as the Obama Administration scrambles to attain “fast-track” authority from Congress. The content of this unbelievably dangerous gift to multi-national corporations is being kept secret from the public, and for very good reason.

Zionist Anti-Muslim Website Targets US Pro-Palestinian Student Activists

An unknown Zio-Nazi group has launched a new website that publishes the profiles of pro-Palestinian student activists in the United States in an effort to prevent them from getting hired after they graduate from college.
The website, called Canary Mission, went live in mid-May and includes profiles of 54 pro-Palestinian activists, primarily university students and professors, with photos and links to their social media profiles.
“It is your duty to ensure that today’s radicals are not tomorrow’s employees,” a video explanation on the anti-Muslim website warns.
The activists say that posting names on the website is harassment and “driven by deep hatred and prejudice.”
Among those listed on the Canary Mission website is Omar Barghouti, founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to increase economic and political pressure on Israel.

Portrayal Of Men In The Media: Why There Needs To Be A Reverse Bechdel Test

By The Bechdel Test is an informal rating system outlined by graphic novelist Alison Bechdel that classifies media with three simple criteria: to pass the test a plot must

  • “have at least two [named] women in it,
  • who talk to each other,
  • about something besides a man.”
Very few video games pass all the criteria of the Bechdel Test, and just over half of movies do.
The test is imperfect; a film could pass the test but still include sexist content; nevertheless some cinemas and organizations – such as the Swedish Film Institute – are taking the rating seriously, and using it to highlight gender bias against women.

27 May 2015

666: The Secret Meeting In London To End Cash

By Michael Krieger: At this point, anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the central planning economic totalitarians running the fraudulent global financial system is aware of the blatant push in the media to acclimate the masses to accepting a cashless society.”
In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail. Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital fiat currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.
While we’ve all seen the idiotic arguments for banning cash, i.e., it will allow central planners to more efficiently centrally plan economies into the ground, Martin Armstrong is reporting on a secret meeting in London with the aim of getting rid of any economic privacy that remains by ending cash.
From Armstrong Economics: 
I find it extremely perplexing that I have been the only one to report that there issecret meeting in London where Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University and Willem Butler the chief economist at Citigroup will address the central banks and advocate the elimination of all cash to bring to fruition the day when you cannot buy or sell anything without government approval.

Israel Is A Discredit To America

You Are Judged By The Company You Keep
By Paul Craig Roberts: The Israel Lobby tries to prevent reports and criticism of Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians by branding every critic of every policy of the extreme right-wing Israeli government an “anti-semite.” In other words, if you object to Israeli armed forces shooting down Palestinian children in the streets and then bombing the funerals of the kids the Israelis have already murdered, you hate Jews and are an anti-semite.
The success that the Israel Lobby has enjoyed in imposing this twisted logic on Congress, the White House, the media, the universities and the insouciant American public is astonishing. As a consequence, Americans are no longer answerable to Christian morality but to the evil that the Israel Lobby represents.
Americans have become accomplices to genocide, lies, and unspeakable evils.
Jeffrey St. Clair, one of the few remaining Western journalists with a moral conscience, describes the latest Israeli horror to which we are all accomplices.
Meet the Real Israeli Defense Force: the US Congress
By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR: It started as a rather melancholy Friday afternoon in the West Bank. Nothing unusual. Just another funeral for a promising young man who died much too young. Under the implacable shadow of the Wall and in the rifle sights of Israeli soldiers, more than 200 mourners walked down the cobbled street toward the old cemetery in the village of Beit Ummar. Some shouted angrily at the soldiers, condemning Israel for yet another senseless death.

Bombing Gaza, Iraq, Nurtured To Lie, G4S, People Trafficking

"The Israeli air force with F16 and whatever else they've got are bombing Gaza. ...Some missile they say was fired from Gaza into Israel. Well there's enough informers and traitors and Mossad agents in Gaza to insure that you get a missile sent when you want one sent. Press TV reported that Islamic Jihad did not claim responsibility for this missile. ...People are being bombed and killed in Gaza. It's always the same story. ...It's surely a war crime, keeping all the people in Gaza in prison and the fishermen are shot at virtually every week, farmers are shot at, it's just unbelievable." Morris

Fuck You In The Ass With A Ferret Bazooka

"Men's rights activists don't like feminism!" DoctorRandomercam. Thanks to Badger On (and possibly someone else as well) for the request. But you all knew this was inevitable anyway. Grab a stiff one.

Why A Feminist Takeover Of Hollywood Is A Problem And Why It’s Happening

By : I know right now the MRM has bigger fish to fry. Talking about the media is a trivial tactic used by feminists for them to cover up that in the western world, there is extremely little to no oppression of women, while the oppression of men persists like a difficult weed problem. But, what I’m personally more qualified to talk about, more than the Canadian legal issues that are the cause of Dan Perrins’s courageous hunger strike, or about the Calgary Expo’s hostility to the Honey Badger brigade and their upcoming legal battle, is art.
Normally, I dislike talking about art as if it were only the product of its social context. This came out of the cultural Marxist thinking, still prevalent in academia, that all cultural products were only worthy of study for what they could tell us about the intellectual climate of their time periods, or about those time periods’ power hierarchies. There is some value in this. But now, the ability to produce art itself has become mass produced, taking power and social oppression more and more out of the equation when it comes to “figuring out” art, and it has become more and more about the individual psychological expressions of the artists, with the art functioning as personal statements but not so often political ones.
However, if something is being created for commercial purposes, the more expensive to make something is, the more power dynamics in society shape how it’s made. This was true of big monumental sculptures in the Renaissance and remains true of Hollywood films today.