31 May 2015

A Window Into Jewish Vindictiveness

By Gilad Atzmon: The Canary Mission’s clip is a glimpse into Jewish vindictiveness. The Canary Mission is a Jewish Zionist organisation that vows to track pro-Palestinian activists and ruin their lives as well as any prospect of a professional future for them. Pretty grim but slightly more merciful than traditional crucifixion. 
But the Canary Mission is not at all unique in its spite. Sadly enough, the ‘liberal’ JVP is practicing some very similar tactics. We recently came across JVP’s call to excommunicate Alison Weir, a legendary American activist.  Along the years, we have seen JVP, JFJFP and Mondoweiss campaigning repeatedly and relentlessly against some of the most profound speakers for Palestine, peace and justice - people such as Ken O’Keefe, Greta Berlin, George Galloway, Myself and many others.

I guess that the conclusion is inevitable. This form of vindictiveness that is manifested by the Canary Mission, JVP, Mondoweiss and JFJFP is actually intrinsic to Jewish Diaspora politics, both Zionist and anti-Zionist.  If Jewish liberals want to reinstate their position in the solidarity movement, they must take a clear step and openly retract their recent campaigns and also vow to avoid repetition of these tactics in the future.  


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