6 May 2015

#Election2015: Feminist Caroline Nokes Threatens Injunction Against F4J Ahead Of Election

- Fathers4Justice have received correspondence from solicitors acting for Prospective Tory Parliamentary Candidate, Caroline Nokes, which they say is a matter of serious public interest
- Nokes threatens INJUNCTION against Matt & Nadine O’Connor and Fathers4Justice in attempt to silence group before election after Fathers4Justice founder sent a letter to MPs defending Fathers4Justice from false allegations made by Ms Nokes http://www.fathers-4-justice.org/urgent-statement-by-fathers4justice-about-conservative-party-allegations/
- Caroline Nokes faces civil AND libel action on re-election from F4J founder & the Fathers4Justice organisation
- Comes just weeks after Prime Minister David Cameron apologised to Fathers4Justice for making FALSE allegations about group http://www.fathers-4-justice.org/prime-minister-david-cameron-apologises-to-fathers4justice-founder-matt-oconnor/ 
- Fathers4Justice say Caroline Nokes TARGETED founders 8-yr-old son in violent, 9-month long campaign of political intimidation, before smearing F4J in media and in Parliament

- Group say Nokes LIED to constituents in writing about her conduct
- Group emailed all MPs and members of House of Lords on 26/3/15 before dissolution of Parliament after being told of Caroline Nokes’s allegations by a member of the House of Lords
- Dispute began after Nokes BROKE her 2010 election promises made to Fathers4Justice, to support the introduction of Shared Parenting
- Group calls for full investigation into Caroline Nokes misconduct in public office after her re-election
- F4J say “We will not be bullied, no MP is above the law. Those responsible must be held to account and brought to justice”
Fathers4Justice today took the decision to disclose that they had received correspondence from the solicitors acting for Prospective Tory Parliamentary Candidate, Caroline Nokes, which they say is a matter of serious public interest after Caroline Nokes threatened the group with an injunction. The group say they have a right to defend their reputation from false and defamatory allegations made by Ms Nokes when she was an MP, both in Parliament and in the media, and they point to the recent public apology made to Fathers4Justice by David Cameron. Further, they refer to ongoing civil action against Ms Nokes.
The group say they regard the threat to seek an injunction against a legitimate lobby group in the run up to the election, as an attempt to silence critics of Caroline Nokes from highlighting her involvement in a campaign of politically motivated intimidation which targeted the 8-yr-old son of F4J founder Matt O’Connor. The group are taking legal advice as to whether her actions are a breach of the Representation of People’s Act.
The group will be calling for a full investigation into the conduct of Ms Nokes when she is re-elected to public office on 7th May.


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