18 Jun 2015

Don’t Fall for the Russell Brand Psyop!

By Orwellians: Unbelievable that thousands of people are actually following this guy, Russell Brand, as if he’s the long awaited people’s hero.
When he first came to my attention it was at the time that he called out to his fans and the public saying that voting during elections is useless and doesn’t contribute at all to bringing change since all the politicians basically follow the same agenda and are simply corrupted to the bone, I agreed with that and thus gave him the benefit of the doubt about what the underlying agenda was at the time.
Recently he suddenly changed his mind and told his fans that now we should definitely vote during elections because some politicians are good and will stand shoulder to shoulder with the common folks and will lead us to better times. Talking about being bought and paid for by the ones you initially appeared to oppose and fight.
Brand is not an activist and not a friend or ally of the people, he’s just another Trojan horse that has apparently successfully been introduced to the easy-to-fool folks out there – given that his fan base keeps growing every day. His Youtube subscribers list is substantial.
But here’s what Brand preaches and he basically reads UN scripts when you hear him waffling:

  • 2015 is an important year for climate change because world leaders are meeting three times this year to finally establish new and far-reaching policies
  • Climate change is being ignored and terrorism is being promoted by the press
  • The violence and terrorism in Syria is caused by climate change
  • …. and so on and so forth
The guy clearly has intellectual problems because he seems to be unable to understand what “geoengineering” and “carbon trade scam” mean. Nor does he show his fans to be aware of the fact that through his open support for the UN and its agenda 21 he actually helps to establish global governance overseen by a genocidal and pedophile organization, the UN.
He also forgets to mention that both for climate change propaganda and for the war on terror the media actively and to the same extent conspires in disinforming its audiences since for climate change the media has recently created two alliances, one being the Climate Publishers Network and the other one being a Ted Turner initiative through his United Nations Foundation. Both created with the specific goal to brainwash people extensively. That’s basically being admitted by them. And for the war on terror we all know how far-advanced the propaganda is by now, we’ve witnessed quite a few ISIS psyops in the past year with the Infowars ISIS video psyop being one of the most important ones to which thousands of misguided people and by now former truthers have fallen unfortunately.
I suggest Brand studies my report that perfectly documents how a NASA surface temperature map for the USA clearly shows how geoengineering programs are causing the way that map is, as it was released by NASA and prostituted by the press. I also suggest that Brand studies the ISIS beheading videos more closely since he has yet to discover that jihadi John is an UK-Israeli operative and that the hyped up beheading videos are merely staged events miraculously discovered by the Israeli intel front SITE.
Don’t support this Trojan horse that Brand is, he’s delivering you into the hands of the enemy. Oh, but wait, if you think that’s not true or not horrible enough then maybe the fact that Alex Jones really loves him and is his fan may change your mind after all.


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