6 Jul 2015

Natalie Bennett, Radical Feminist Leader Of The Green Party, At Glastonbury, Opposing ‘Mansplaining’ (Update)

By Mike Buchanan: Our thanks to John for this photograph of Natalie Bennett at Glastonbury, opposing mansplaining. We enjoyed William Gruff’s comments on the original blog post, posted earlier today:

Mansplaining is any rational refutation of feminist stupidity that misandrous women cannot counter. That aside, you can rest assured that men don’t vote for the Greens – manginas yes, men no.
Good points, well made.
Ms Bennett’s profile on the Green Party website, the emphasis is mine:

Natalie has been the elected leader of the Green Party since September 2012. She was previously the Co-ordinator of Camden Greens and founding chair of the Green Party Women’s Group. In the 2015 General Election, she stood in Holborn and St Pancras, winning 13% of the vote.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she has lived in London since 1999.
She started her career as a journalist in rural New South Wales and has worked for the Bangkok Post, the Telegraph, the Independent, The Times and, most recently, as editor of Guardian Weekly.

Natalie obtained a degree in agricultural science from the University of Sydney, making her the only political leader in the country with a scientific background.

She spent two years in Bangkok working with the National Commission on Women’s Affairs, on its report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women. She also worked as a consultant with the International Labor Organisation (ILO) on child labour issues and World Health Organization (WHO) on women’s health.
She was a trustee of the Fawcett Society, Britain’s pre-eminent women’s issues group, from 2010-2014, she was the founder of the blog Carnival of Feminists and is an active campaign (sic) on women’s issues.
Within the party she’s been an active worker on policy, on issues ranging from the abolition of the Corporation of the City of London to abortion rights, proportional liability on the roads to job-share MPs and a 40% quota for women on major company boards, the treatment of women offenders and the rights of asylum-seekers and sex workers.
Natalie served as the internal communications coordinator for the party from September 2007-2010 and was the founding chair of Green Party Women.
Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here? More importantly, why would any man – or any normal woman, for that matter – work for or vote for the Green party, with such an obnoxious radical feminist in charge?

The word ‘obnoxious’ is superfluous, of course, being implied in the term ‘radical feminist’.
Now, where’s the link to the legendary Nick Ferrari interview of Ms Bennett on LBC?


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