31 Jul 2015

Non-Therapeutic Circumcision [Ritual Genital Mutilation] Of Male Minors - Our Letters To Jewish And Muslim Clerics And Organizations And A Response From Milah UK

By Mike Buchanan: We’re stepping up our efforts to have non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors in the UK declared illegal, and this will be our #1 campaigning issue for the foreseeable future. We recently publicly challenged Alison Saunders and Theresa May MP on the matter.
A few days ago we emailed letters to leading Jewish and Muslim clerics, organizations, and newspapers. The one we sent to Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is here, and the (very similar) one we sent to Dr Omar El-Hamdoon (President, Muslim Association of Britain) is here.
We’ve just received our first response, from an organization we didn’t write to. It’s a letter signed by the Co-Chairmen of Milah UK, Prof. David Katz and Dr. Simon Hochhauser. They describe the organization in the following terms:
Milah UK is the campaign group set up by the organizations of the Jewish community in the UK to promote and protect the right of the Jewish community to carry out religious circumcisions in accordance with our religious beliefs.
The letter is here, and it’s been posted here with the kind permission of the organization. Our response is here, and it ends with the following: 
Your lack of humanity towards male minors only reinforces our determination to have non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors declared illegal in the UK, so that future generations of Jewish men and boys will not have to suffer as their predecessors have.

Along with a number of other organizations, we shall work tirelessly towards that goal, for as long as it takes. When that happy day arrives – as it surely will – you’ll need to find something to replace the mutilation of baby boys’ genitals as ‘the most important, recognizable and indeed celebrated element of Jewish culture’.

 Jewish rabbi witch doctor sucking blood
from a baby's penis while the baby screams in agony!


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