9 Sep 2015

False Rape Accuser Who Caused Man To Be Arrested Is Given 'Strong Words Of Advice' By Police

COTWA: A woman claimed she was raped, so the police went into action and did what they normally do when that occurs. They cordoned off the area where the rape occurred, and they arrested a 32-year-old male scapegoat. 
One little problem. It turned out there was no rape. An innocent young man had been wrongly arrested. 

So, the police went into action and did what they normally do when that occurs. They thanked the public "for their patience" while they conducted inquiries into the incident-that-never-was, and then -- they let the woman go. Not a single charge was lodged against her. Her name wasn't even mentioned in the various news articles about the incident. Her anonymity is in tact, so the next man who's wrongly arrested on her say-so won't have any way of identifying her as a serial false rape accuser.

Oh, but wait, dear reader. Don't think for a minute that that this woman wasn't punished for subjecting a young man to one of the worst things that can happen to a human being. A police spokeswoman said this: “The woman has been given strong words of advice by police for her actions.”
Read it again: "strong words of advice." Yep. Imagine if you read a story about a rapist being given "strong words of advice." What do you think would happen to that police chief? But for false rape accusers, that's as much punishment as they deserve. It's business-as-usual in our "rape culture."

Is it any wonder that rape accusers believe, with justification, they can cry rape with impunity, for any or no reason at all? A female bus driver lied about being gang raped so she could get her hours at work switched. Women have lied about rape to avoid taking the bar exam and to exact revenge on boyfriends who take too long to buy cigarettes and on men who refuse to buy them a beer. One false rape accuser was just "bored." Cab drivers are a favorite target of false accusers looking for a free fare. The list goes on and on. They lie because they are rarely punished, and they know it. As a result, serial false rape accusers aren't just tolerated, they are rewarded for telling successful lies. See here and here. And even when they are caught, their enablers in the sexual grievance industry insist they should not be prosecuted, much less punished. When a 15-year-old girl told a rape lie that got a 14-year-old boy arrested, anti-rape campaigners said "it is awful that a girl so young has been prosecuted in this way."

You see, dear readers, this happens because the people who dominate the public discourse about sexual assault are happy think in black-and-whites even though ours is a world of grays. They think that because some men get away with rape, we must both rush to judgment and automatically believe every accusation of rape--even when that thinking leads to unspeakable injustice--and that we must turn a blind eye to the innocents who are wrongly accused, as if justice is a zero-sum game. If we ever got serious about it, if we ever removed the politics from crime-fighting and exiled the sexual grievance lobbyists to the kids' table where they belong, we'd see that victims don't always have vaginas and that rape lies destroy innocent lives.

But that's not going to happen, not as long as the public discourse about sexual assault is dominated by people happy to think like children and politicians eager to pander to them. 


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