27 Sep 2015

Trump: GOP Rivals ‘Want To Start WWIII Over Syria,’ Should Let Russia Fight Islamic State

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery: Donald Trump may not know the names of the leaders of Hezbollah or Hamas, and he may have less foreign policy “experience” that some of the other candidates, but he is showing some critical common sense that we are not hearing from the other candidates (with the possible exception of Rand Paul, to whom no one is listening). Even Princeton Professor Stephen F. Cohen, one of America’s preeminent Russia scholars, has noted during his weekly interview on the John Batchelor show that Trump alone has spoken publicly in support of developing a positive relationship with Putin’s Russia. 
Trump is right: his rivals, with the exception of Paul, really are rushing headlong towards war with Russia. Even if he weren’t saying anything about the immigration issue, this alone makes him stand head and shoulders above the others.

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