31 Oct 2015

Radical Feminist UK MP Jess Phillips’s Ridiculous Maiden Speech In The House Of Commons

By Mike Buchanan: This must surely be the most idiotic maiden speech ever given by an MP in the House of Commons. Ms Phillips chooses that most ludicrous of feminist narratives, about the gender pay gap, as the core of her speech. As we'd expect from a narcissist, the speech was mainly about herself, and she even found time to mock her husband over his lack of qualifications, whilst bragging about her own two 'degrees' (one is a postgraduate diploma, as we can see from her entry on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jess_Ph...).
She spoke of the 'misfortune' of having two children, 'Both of whom are sons, incidentally!'

Chinese 2nd Child To Fight Global Ponzi

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how a service driven Chinese economy could spell bad news for Western economies but how a two-child policy could save the global property ponzi for another generation. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about the latest news with the Chinese economy, its crackdown on corruption and its increasing role in the global economy.

The Femorcist

Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran: Why Is The USA In The Middle?

Why is the US taking sides in the Middle East at all - but especially why is it siding with a bloody tyranny like the Saudi Regime?

Putin To Cut Undersea Cables And Destroy Internet

"Propaganda, ..because the United States is preparing for war." In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on Putin to cut undersea cables and destroy Internet.

UK Politician @jessphillips Laughs At Men's Issues

6oodfella: This is why we need a men's rights movement. This utter cretin claims that until there is parity between the sexes in the government, we cannot discuss men's issues. We've to believe that when there are more women in government, we can discuss men's issues, even though we can't discuss them right now when women are in the minority.

These Feminists Are Hell Bent On Stripping Womens' Agency

Ceara McCord: Two feminist articles that infantilize and strip women of agency. Just another day in the world of feminism.

It’s Not Just Putin That Makes Zionists Hate Russia

Commentary by David Duke: The following is a December 25, 1998 article from the Washington Post that has been archived in the Jewish Virtual Library.  The bluntness with which Russian Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov condemned the Zionist role in ruining his country during the 1990s is breathtaking.
Zyuganov was poised to win the upcoming Russian Presidential elections. Out of desperation, Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin (then 46 years old) prime minister in order to save Zionist power in Russia from the prospect of a Zyuganov victory Remember, Yeltsin stole those elections from Zyganov in 1996 by hook and by crook, using every trick in the book. (Former Russian President Dmitri Medvedev publicly admitted that Yeltsin had not actually won that election against Zyuganov.)
Putin didn’t actually work out the way Zionists had hoped, and has himself come into the Zio cross hairs. But it is important to realize that in Russia, both on the nationalist right and the Communist left, there is a great deal of animosity towards Zionist power that goes well beyond Putin, and this goes a long way in explaining the Zionist crusade against Russia.

30 Oct 2015

The New Malthusian Trap

"A very important race that should be taking place and that is the race to secure the future of our species by getting off this planet, developing free unlimited energy for example or an artificial womb which ought to be in my opinion the goal of any thinking species such as the human ape. What we have instead is another race and that race has been taking place for millennia, that is the reproductive race, the race to eat fuck and reproduce, the race to satisfy the ever increasing hypergamy found in the human female. The new malthusian trap." CS MGTOW

Why Do People Hate #Feminism? #7 - Male Feminists

Male feminists exist on a spectrum that runs from well-meaning but misinformed to spineless, pathetic cuckold because feminism justifies total emasculation. Sargon of Akkad

UCL Is A Feminist Hothouse - Last Night It Finally Confronted The Facts

UCL’s spiritual founder, Jeremy Bentham, has been described as a pugnacious critic of established political doctrines. He created the concept of utilitarianism with its axiom: It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people that is the measure of right and wrong. Bentham’s axiom seems the perfect antidote to the ideology of political correctness which appears to measure right and wrong according to the greatest happiness of a small but vocal group  of career women. I believe we have Bentham’s blessings upon us. UCL is a great place for the Gender Equity Network to start.
Academia has been spewing feminist legitimacy for decades - giving the oxygen feminism needs to survive. We  have never been able to question feminist precepts  or explore feminism objectively and be able to go on getting funding for research.
Athena SWAN is the scheme which patrols gender  inequality in academia. Started only a few years ago, it seeks to ensure that funding to universities who are engaged in science-related research is dependent on evidence of active participation in equality schemes.  You could say that the feminist thumb screws are really on.

Supporters of Athena SWAN are interested in ensuring more women have top jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) and arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL). Conspicuously, they are not trying to cajole women into less desirable jobs – such as refuse collection – mostly done by men.
They are only interested in one aspect of gender inequality in education – gender issues relating to staffing in higher education. This is also the only area in the whole of the education system where women appear to be the victims of inequality rather than men.  And even here, below the senior levels, there is no significant gender gap in terms of numbers of academic staff overall. It is only in some subjects, or at senior levels, that men dominate higher education staffing numbers. Even these differences appear to be a result of diminishing numbers of women employed at older ages - ‘the leaky pipeline’ - and in fact those who do reach seniority do so at the same age as men. This suggests that if you stick at the job your chances of making it to the top are equally fair.

Spare Us The PC Drive To Plaster Feeble Women’s Sport All Over TV

Catch him watching them? Very few of his questionable millions have gone their way. That’s the measure of its real market value - interest in it. Actions always speak louder than words.
If people dared be honest they’d admit that neither women’s football, nor cricket nor rugby, has any takers - apart from the lasses who tog up to play.  Without the bullying BBC and every other feminised outfit pushing it down our throats, no one would be talking about it.  But never fear, the feminist front of women’s sport more than makes up for its lack of fans.
I have had had it up to here – to drowning point - frankly. First, we had women’s cricket paraded before us on the sports spot on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme all summer long.  Even Sky Sports was at it, devoting precious sports minutes to inane coverage of a wimmin’s Ashes in Australia.  Who cared?  No one! I don’t know what the cricket-loving chaps thought but I was ready to scream.
It has certainly been enough to undermine the confidence of the men’s team. They don’t know who they are or how they should behave. No wonder they keep throwing wobblies or descend so easily into defeat. Soon they will be victims too.

Dirty Trick Or Refugees + Jim Crapper + Team USSA - WB7

The Empathy Gap

We have looked at numerous places where men and boys face hardship and discrimination but this short video starts to look at the source of these difficulties. We all have a built in gynocentric bias that most of us can't see but is within us impacting the way we treat men and boys. Check out this short video and see how much of this you might have. Share it with your friends and see how much they might have.

Iceland Jails More Banksters

"Causes of death have changes since 1969 and now suicide leads. ...The CIA sucks ass. ...Iceland jails 26 corrupt banksters for a combined 74 years for directly contributing to the collapse of the country's economy in 2008 with most of them being CEOs of large financial institutions rather than low level traders, not reported by western lame-stream media sources.

Rated Farce + The Sphinx Of The Period - WB7

29 Oct 2015

Do Women Want Equality

Professor Fiamengo questions whether women really want equality, or just more privileges.

US On Road To Third World

By Paul Craig Roberts: On January 6, 2004, Senator Charles Schumer and I challenged the erroneous idea that jobs offshoring was free trade in a New York Times op-ed. Our article so astounded economists that within a few days Schumer and I were summoned to a Brookings Institution conference in Washington, DC, to explain our heresy. In the nationally televised conference, I declared that the consequence of jobs offshoring would be that the US would be a Third World country in 20 years.
That was 11 years ago, and the US is on course to descend to Third World status before the remaining 9 years of my prediction have expired.
The evidence is everywhere. In September the US Bureau of the Census released its report on US household income by quintile. Every quintile, as well as the top 5%, has experienced a decline in real household income since their peaks. The bottom quintile (lower 20 percent) has had a 17.1% decline in real income from the 1999 peak (from $14,092 to $11,676). The 4th quintine has had a 10.8% fall in real income since 2000 (from $34,863 to $31,087). The middle quintile has had a 6.9% decline in real income since 2000 (from $58,058 to $54,041). The 2nd quintile has had a 2.8% fall in real income since 2007 (from $90,331 to $87,834). The top quintile has had a decline in real income since 2006 of 1.7% (from $197,466 to $194,053). The top 5% has experienced a 4.8% reduction in real income since 2006 (from $349,215 to $332,347). Only the top One Percent or less (mainly the 0.1%) has experienced growth in income and wealth.

Million Mask March November 5th 2015

World’s Largest Protest by the Most Influential Group in the World In 7 days, November 5th you have the opportunity to be part of the biggest global protest in the history of the world:
Anonymous Million Mask March 2015
Order of Public Court 
WHERE:  Outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London
(Nextdoor to Harrods) 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
ATTIRE:  White wigs, black robes and Anonymous Masks

This Week In Stupid - Benjamin 'The Baby Butcher Of Gaza' Netanyahu And Germaine 'Kill All Men' Greer

Sargon of Akkad: The prime minister of Israel point out that Hitler didn't want to kill all the Jews, and that's completely normal.
AA: This is not the first time Jewish leaders have made up a load of bullshit to excuse their own behavior. The Holohoax was about absolving the Russian Jews, Lenin, Trotsky et al who slaughtered tens of millions of Orthodox Christians and this time it is about Israel and the world waking up after last summer's slaughter of Palestinians.

Former UK Attorney General on the Chilcot Enquiry

Afshin Rattansi on the Iraq Enquiry. Former UK Attorney General, Lord Morris discusses the delay in the release of the Chilcot Enquiry and why after six years, the families of the soldiers who died still don’t know the reason we went to war. Plus was Tony Blair pre-empting accusations in the enquiry with his announcements over the weekend?

Money Laundering & Fraud Squads

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the financial sector black material’, where all light is absorbed so that all manner of fraud escapes basic understanding. In the second half, Max interviews former fraud squad detective, Rowan Bosworth-Davies, about the money laundering business in London.

Global Corporatocracy’s Unborn Baby Just Got A Lot Bigger

By Don Quijones: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is not yet fully alive: the agreement has been signed but still needs to be ratified by the governments of its signatory nations. Nonetheless, the corporatocracy’s unborn baby is growing at a startling rate.
Last week, the agreement boasted a grand total of 12 signatories (the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore) with a combined population of 800 million people. This week that number rose to 13 after Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo told U.S. President Barack Obama that the country he represents also wants a piece of the action.
“Indonesia is an open economy and with a population of 250 million, we are the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Indonesia intends to join the TPP,” Widodo said on Monday after meeting Obama in the White House.
If Indonesia does sign the agreement, it will bring the combined population of the TPP-bloc to over one billion people, not far off the population of the country the trade agreement was originally devised to encircle and corral — i.e., China (pop: 1.357 billion).

Falling Stars

Amy True - Falling Stars
Produced by Question Mark. From the EP Question Authority

Retirement Assets Of 100 CEOs Equals Combined Retirement Assets Of 41% Of American Families

By Michael Krieger: The following speaks for itself.
From Fortune:
The retirement assets of 100 Fortune 500 CEOs are worth more than the entire nest eggs of 41% of American families, a new study shows.
That means the 100 largest CEO retirement accounts—which totaled $4.9 billion last year—would equal the total saved by 50 million U.S. families, according to a report that was jointly published by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government.
Now here’s the truly egregious part of all this…
The CEOs’ extraordinary nest eggs are not the result of extraordinary performance,” said Scott Klinger, director of Revenue and Spending Policies at the Center for Effective Government, in a statement. They are the result of rules intentionally tipped to reward those already on the highest rungs of the ladder.”

Spencer Stone Please Stop White Knighting!!!

- He's in intensive care with collapsed lung
- Stone was stabbed four times in the chest
- Footage of the incident shows him fighting off a group of three men

28 Oct 2015

Jewish Elite, The Bell Curve And The End Of The West

The first part of a seminar Gilad Atzmon gave in Gothenburg, Sweden (October 18). In the early part of the day he elaborated on the Bell Curve - I spoke about  the dominance of Jewish elite in the west, cognitive partitioning and the destruction of the working people. 

CBS’s “Supergirl”: In Your Face With Anti-Feminism

By : Explicitly, thematically and in subtext, the pilot episode of the CBS network’s primetime show Supergirl aims to drive a kryptonite dagger into the heart of feminism. And then, twist the blade.
While another new CBS show, Limitless, is quite subtle about portraying men’s family relationships in a respectful and caring light, and dismisses feminist innovations like sexual harassment training as meaningless business annoyances, Supergirl has a big “fuck you” to feminists in almost every scene.
The positive vision of men in Limitless makes you feel better about being a man, regardless of what your flaws are – I like it a lot in a quiet way. If you are an MRA familiar with the work of Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) or any other FeMRA Supergirl will have you cheering.
It starts with the name: teenager Kara Zor-El (played as an adult by Melissa Benoist), the cousin of Superman, was sent to Earth to be a caregiver to him as an infant. Supergirl cares for children! It is, in fact, her only mission objective.
Although she insists her first name is pronounced like Car-Eh, her boss Cat Grant (played with Thatcher-esque snark by actress Calista Flockhart) pronounces it “Care-ah,” as if to underline the caring, traditionally feminine nature of Supergirl.

US Zio-Nazi Trained Goon Thugs Who “Serve And Protect”

A South Carolina sheriff's deputy attacked a high school student as classmates watched in horror at Spring Valley High School in Columbia.

On The US Violation Of China’s 12 Mile Limit

The United States should not use "threats and coercion" against a powerful country like China because these tactics will not work against Beijing, said former White House official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

What Were Cameron And Corbyn Speaking About?

What were David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn speaking about as they sat next to each other for the first time at an official event? Here's our take. News Worth Sharing

Apprentice Star Luisa Zissman Criticises Deplorable Mums Who Stop Contact And Says “Children Need Both Parents”

F4J: In a post on Instagram last week, former Apprentice star Luisa Zissman said, If you’re a mother who stops her children seeing their father. Hang your head in shame. Children need both parents.”

Farrakhan On Israel's Genocide In Gaza

"Their sense of moral correctness is gone." Louis Farrakhan addressed Israel's war against the Palestinians in Gaza.

#DrawAFeminist Collection

6oodfella: Thank you very much to everyone who took part, it was more than I expected. Which is your favourite? View them all on my Facebook page, and comment here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s... The music is from the YouTube Audio Library, and it's called "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" by Mozart. Enjoy.

Why I [Ex Jew] Believe In Jesus Christ

Brother Nathanael: With half baked answers I came to the conclusion that Judaism was bankrupt. The rabbis simply couldn't answer serious questions. ...I was perishing in the synagogue, but now have eternal life in the church. The rabbis have no answers, all they can do is curse, fudge and put serious enquirers on the road to hell!

Translating Feminist-Speak Into Christian Terminology

By : Feminism is increasingly infiltrating Christianity to the quiet dismay of a lot of believers I know in my personal life. My Christian friends accept that I am more a student of religious faith than a practitioner of any religion. I should also note that, although I am too skeptical to take the “leap of faith” necessary to be a Christian, I have no animosity to religion itself, but I do oppose certain religious practices for cause – involuntary circumcision, for example.
The feminist infiltration of Christianity has gone on for a long time. My former intellectual sparring buddy, Lutheran pastor, and late Catholic priest Richard John Neuhaus put it this way in 1990:

Elizabeth Achtemeier, professor of Bible at Union Theological Seminary, Virginia, has flatly asserted that radical feminist theology is “another religion.” Some may think that judgment excessive. After all, there are many women who think of themselves as feminists and are also determined to be orthodox Christians. Here the distinction between feminist and radical feminist comes into play. Women (and men) who say they are feminists often mean to say no more than that they think women should be treated more fairly than they have been treated in the past. They want the views, influences, and experiences of women to be taken more fully into account. They want women to have a greater opportunity to participate in all activities where gender differences are not pertinent. No sensible person can argue against feminism so defined. But such feminism has little or nothing to do with feminist theology today.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Sings Louis Armstrong's Version Of “Blueberry Hill” For Children’s Cancer Research

By Brent Van Arsdell: You’ve just gotta love what some politicians are willing to do for a good cause. Take Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, for example. When the cause was a benefit concert for children’s cancer research in St. Petersburg, he picked up the microphone and sang the Louis Armstrong version of “Blueberry Hill” . . . in English!

27 Oct 2015

Medieval Life Expectancy: Gender Difference Through History

By In England, homicides per capita fell roughly by a factor of thirty from the fourteenth-century to the late twentieth century.[1] This progress of civilization wasn’t associated with a secular reduction in gender inequality in life expectancy. Elite men’s life expectancy in medieval England was perhaps nine years less than elite women’s. Men achieved near equality with women in life expectancy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. But men’s lifespan shortfall subsequently grew to about five years in late-twentieth-century England. These facts of gender difference in life expectancy are largely unknown. Reducing gender inequality that disfavors men has never been of public concern. Whether that anti-men bias continues may determine the future of civilization.

Violence against men in late medieval England made men’s life expectancy much less than women’s. The best available data are for the legitimate offspring of British kings, queens, dukes, and duchesses. For such persons born from 1330 to 1479, men’s and women’s expected additional years of life at age twenty were 21.7 years and 31.1 years, respectively. Men at age twenty thus expected to have 9.4 less additional years of life than women had. The share of violent deaths to all deaths for men ages 15 and older was 46%.

Bring Back Jimmy Carter!

By Paul Craig Roberts: Caught with its pants down in Syria, the US government is making a fool of itself. By attempting to mischaracterize Russia’s actions against ISIS in Syria, Washington has admitted that the terrorists from outside Syria, who are attempting to overthrow the elected government of Syria, are “our guys.”
In an interview with Fox “News,” a senior US government official said: “Putin is deliberately targeting our forces. Our guys are fighting for their lives.”
Professor Michel Chossudovsky reports that “our guys” includes Western military advisers, intelligence agents and mercenaries recruited from private security companies.
The defense official told Fox “News” that the Russians are “completely disingenuous about their desire to fight ISIS.” According to the Obama regime, all of the hundreds of Russian air and missile attacks against ISIS are directed at US trained moderate terrorists — all five of them — and their hundreds of Western advisors.

Crossing Financial Rubicons

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss crossing the Rubicon and crossing the Delaware as forced capitalists ensure that bondholders never take any risk. In the second half, Max and Stacy continue their interview with Joel Benjamin of Debt Resistance UK.

‘The Red Pill’ Filmmaker Started To Doubt Her Feminist Beliefs… Now Her Movie Is At Risk

By Milo Yiannopoulos: Jaye has some heavy-duty credentials: she won two awards at international film festivals for her 2010 documentary Daddy I Do and sympathetically covered gay marriage in a second well-received documentary, The Right to Love: An American Family.

Jaye describes her latest project, The Red Pill, as “a fly-on-the-wall film about men’s rights activists.” But, she says, at some point during filming the process morphed into her journey through ideologies opposing feminism. What makes the film unique is that it will document her “chipping away at long held beliefs, as my worldview changed within the first month,” a process captured, she says, through video diaries which will be included in the film.

Paedophile Teacher Facing Jail After Admitting Orgy With Two Female Pupils (13, 16) Who She Was Caught In Bed With

By Mike Buchanan: Here we go again. From the article:
Prosecutor Graeme Simpson said: ‘There is evidence that there was an occasion when all three were in bed together, but no evidence of any sexual activity on that occasion.’
Graeme Simpson is the prosecutor? What, precisely, would constitute ‘evidence’ of sexual activity between a woman and two teenage girls? A video recording? Does Mr Simpson imagine a 31-year-old teacher – who the taxpayer is paying him to prosecute – was in bed with 13-year-old and 16-year-old female pupils to give them feedback on their homework? Give me strength.
At least two other male geniuses were in the courtroom. The first:

Adjourning the case for a pre-sentence report to be prepared, Judge Andrew Lockhart QC said: ‘The court is dealing here with a teacher who has abused the position of trust she was given by the education authority by reason of the position she took between 2008 and 2011.

The Retarded Social Justice Jargon Quiz

Thorium: Do you know what they all mean? And can you tell the difference between 'real' Social Justice jargon and mock imitation?

The Women's Irrational Movement

Feminism LOL: Lots of mystical bullshit explaining why feminists think we need more women in politics.

I Stand With Bahar Mustafa, Julie Bindel And Germaine Greer

By William Collins [AKA MRA-UK]: This is a test. Have no doubt, this is a test.
You see, you are either in favour of free speech or you aren’t. If so, you don’t get to choose who can speak. That’s sort of the point. Free speech means everyone gets to speak. Even hateful sexist, racist bigots.
And when it comes to people with hateful opinions, Bahar Mustafa, Julie Bindel and Germaine Greer are on the A team, without question. And they must be allowed their say.
Apart from anything else, if they coudn’t speak, how would we know they were bigots. I’d rather have these people out in the open.
You will recall Bahar Mustafa, the Diversity Officer at Goldsmith’s University, London, who, in May this year, posted a Facebook message requesting that men and white people not attend a BME Women and non-binary event. The uninitiated might find it odd that a specified gender or race should be excluded from an event supposedly about “diversity”. The initiated, of course, know that “diversity” means “adherence to approved identity politics”. So excluding white men is to be expected.
To emphasise her message, Mustafa also posted a photo of herself alongside a notice to that effect – adding a mug of male tears in case we were still in doubt about her allegiances.

U.S. Military Used Christian NGO As Front For North Korea Espionage

By Matthew Cole: On May 10, 2007, in the East Room of the White House, President George W. Bush presided over a ceremony honoring the nation’s most accomplished community service leaders. Among those collecting a President’s Volunteer Service Award that afternoon was Kay Hiramine, the Colorado-based founder of a multimillion-dollar humanitarian organization.
Hiramine’s NGO, Humanitarian International Services Group, or HISG, won special praise from the president for having demonstrated how a private charity could step in quickly in response to a crisis. “In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina,” read Hiramine’s citation, “HISG’s team launched a private sector operation center in Houston that mobilized over 1,500 volunteers into the disaster zone within one month after the hurricane.”
But as the evangelical Christian Hiramine crossed the stage to shake hands with President Bush and receive his award, he was hiding a key fact from those in attendance: He was a Pentagon spy whose NGO was funded through a highly classified Defense Department program.

Social Justice Education

johntheother "Who here thinks that the social justice warriors have learnt anything? ...Who thinks they've learnt the concept of reciprocity of behaviour? This is something most people I thought would learn in kindergarten, you push another little kid in a mud puddle, well then you're going to be pushed in a mud puddle pretty soon. Bar Bar put your hand down please. I'm going to tell you they have learnt nothing. ...This is now a world in which vigilante justice is becoming normal!"

26 Oct 2015

Male Concept Of Self - MGTOW

Spetsnaz: A Discussion With Niko Choski.
"MGTOW has helped some men."

Facebook Caught Secretly Lobbying For Privacy Destroying “Cyber Security” Bill

By Michael Krieger: There’s a privacy destroying bill moving through Congress called the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA, and it’s imperative that the American public stop it in its tracks. Here are a few bullet points on the bill from Fight for the Future:
  • All privacy policies effectively null and void. Companies can share any private user data with the government, without a warrant, as long as the government says it is being used for a “cybersecurity” purpose.

  • In exchange, companies are given blanket immunity from civil and criminal laws, like fraud, money laundering, or illegal wiretapping (if a violation was committed or exposed in the process of sharing data).

Globally, Only Half Of All Women Work. Why?

By In a new report, called The World’s Women 2015, the United Nations reports that 50% of the world’s working-age women are actually working, while 77% of the world’s working age men are working. Let’s take a moment and consider why men and women are not working. Certainly, we’ll consider men and women in the West, but since the survey is global, we’ll also consider the global population. Why aren’t working-age men working? Opting out of the labor market, for most men, means they face gross, dire poverty. So why might they not be working? Let’s consider the reasons:
They’re disabled (mentally or physically)
My husband and I lived in China for over a year in a city that was undergoing intense revitalization. Centuries old hutongs were being torn down and replaced with glass and concrete and asphalt. Most of this work was done by peasant laborers, carrying bricks and rebar and shingles on their backs, up rickety ladders, with no safety or proper work gear of any kind. They wore canvas shoes or sandals and it was not at all unusual to see a man with mangled feet and legs being rushed down the street in a wheelbarrow towards a medical center. It was however, very unusual, to see a disabled person on the street, or back on a work site, doing less labor intensive work, like stirring concrete or picking up scraps. It was mostly peasant women doing that work.
What happened to those men? Where did they go? I don’t know the answer to that, but it seems clear that becoming disabled in emerging economies is a career-ending prospect.

Feminism Is Over, The Battle Is Won - Time To Move On

'I was born in 1983, and was fortunate to grow up in a country where it was blindingly obvious that women ruled: with a queen on the throne and a woman in Downing Street'
: It would be easy to believe from the papers these days that women have never been more oppressed. From the columnist Caitlin Moran to the comedian Bridget Christie, a new creed is preached: that we are the victims, not the victors, of the sex war. Feminists claim we are objectified by the builder’s whistle, that a strange man attempting to flirt with us is tantamount to sexual assault. Suddenly, just as it seemed we women were about to have it all, a new wave of feminists has begun to portray us as feeble-minded — unable to withstand a bad date, let alone negotiate a pay rise. Worse still, they are ditching what was best about the feminist tradition: solidarity with the sisterhood and the freedom of every woman to do as she pleased. Feminism 4.0 consists of freely attacking other women over, erm, crucial issues such as bikini waxing, wearing stilettos and page three of the Sun. Moran writes that it is childbirth that ‘turns you from a girl into a woman’ (causing every woman in my office to snort involuntarily) and that feminism will only triumph ‘when a woman goes up to collect the Oscar for Best Actress in shoes that aren’t killing her’. The revolution will be televised, with ‘Nicole Kidman in flip-flops’.

The Number Of Male Domestic Abuse Victims Is Shockingly High - So Why Don’t We Hear About Them?

If you’re being honest, it’s probably a woman. After all, domestic violence against men isn’t a theme of many Hollywood movies.
Yet in 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data from its National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey — and one of the most shocking statistics wasn’t just the sheer total of victims of physical violence but also how those numbers broke down by gender.
According to the CDC’s statistics — estimates based on more than 18,000  telephone-survey responses in the United States — roughly 5,365,000 men had been victims of intimate partner physical violence in the previous 12 months, compared with 4,741,000 women. By the study’s definition, physical violence includes slapping, pushing, and shoving.

@idealcoffee Belief In Due Process Upsets Feminists

6oodfella: "Canada is the feminist shit-hole of the world!" This is a re-upload, because I showed the full names and avatars of the commenters in the original, and 3 of them complained to YouTube, so I have edited the video, and now their avatars and surnames are removed. I wonder if you can guess who the 3 were :) Will 'i deal coffee' be the next Protein World, or will they cave like all the rest? Enjoy.

Caught On Camera: Israel's Extrajudicial Killings (Must Watch)

Being A Goy In The Jewish State
Israeli forces have used excessive force and committed arbitrary killings in the Palestinian territories for years. That trend escalated during the past few weeks, as Israeli soldiers deployed to the West Bank and Jerusalem used firearms against Palestinians suspected of involvement in attacks, as well as those already detained.

Germaine Greer 'Is A Misogynist'? I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

'Watching Germaine Greer get her comeuppance at the hands of an intolerant student campaign leaves a bittersweet taste in the mouth'
By : Sometimes the workings of karma reveal such numinous perfection that even the most devout atheist might sense an unseen hand.
That Germaine Greer – leading inspiration for the poisonous incubus that has infested gender relations for the last 45 years – should now be on the receiving end of some of the battier excesses of the insane intolerance she has so signally promoted could be enough to persuade even Richard Dawkins of the power of intelligent design.
An online petition has been launched to prevent Greer – the 76 year-old Australian-born feminist writer and academic – from giving a lecture at Cardiff University, claiming that she promotes views that are “problematic” for transgender people.

Feminism - The Greatest Of All Lies Ever Told

By Brian [MRA]: Men have been manipulated and exploited by women for centuries. Women expect men to bring more to the table than women do financially and physically - or they're not "marriageable"; hence the provider and protector role with which men have been sadistically saddled.
[Left: Vintage Jimi by WB7]
This sexist and exploitative role for men was socially induced and enforced by women upon men as well as by other men - meaning that society held men up to provider/protector role/standard to be considered marriageable or as a candidate for decent employment. What's the most common theme on the internet for men and marriage these days? The lack of "marriageable men". The message is - if you can't provide money to women - as a man - you have no worth.
"Traditional", in the context of relationships between men and women, is a term used to describe the financial, legal, physical, spiritual and psychological exploitation of men by women.
"Chivalry" is the social manipulation of men's ego and sense of worth for purposes of encouraging men to sacrifice for women - even if the sacrifice means men's deaths. Chivalry is gynocentrism and a women first mindset - AKA male disposability.

25 Oct 2015

Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement

Angelo Agathangelou: Having been a part of the MRM* for many years and more than that our efforts having had many accolades a decade ago as prize winning activism several years running and bearing in mind that last year the mature movement had its first international conference in Detroit, 
USA with international representatives, nearly half the speakers being women and academics, it is irritating to say the least that the lame-stream media, in this case CNN nails us to the wall with a very poor misrepresentation of the MRM vanguard. I simply had to point that fact out to them.

Letter to CNN: Regarding the article by Kevin Powell, Special to CNN 'Why One Activist Thinks We Need A Men's Movement' Are you all retarded at CNN or by design misrepresenting the actual men’s movement that held the first international conference last year in Detroit USA with members and academic speakers representing from around the world, India, the UK and further afield?

J4MB Publicly Challenges Sophie Walker, Leader, Women’s Equality Party + The Men’s Hall Of Shame

By Mike Buchanan: The BBC continues to give the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) plenty of uncritical coverage on its television and radio channels. If only there was a British political party campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, eh?
Today I’ve watched very little TV, but still caught Catherine Mayer, co-founder and now president of the party, on The Andrew Marr Show. Cynically – and true to form – the BBC contrived to make her one of two people reviewing today’s papers, not a part of the programme in which she’d be challenged, even though she used it as an opportunity to voice her feminist propaganda. We’ll post her 10-minute-long appearance on our YouTube channel in the next day or two.
This afternoon I caught a (female) presenter on BBC News 24 speaking to Sophie Walker, party leader, on the subject of the gender pay gap. Predictably, Walker’s assertions went completely unchallenged.
Last week the party launched its first policy document, a 36-page-long whine list. In a moment I’ll be emailing Sophie Walker my public challenge of her.
It’s been yet another weekend occupied with J4MB work. We really should take the occasional day off.

Radical Feminist Jenny Mcdermott Needs A Good Lawyer

I have a question for Jenny Mcdermott : Do you have a lawyer Jenny? If not, go get one, now. johntheother

Need For Men's Rights

By Amit Deshpande: This talk hopes to break the stereotypes attached with sexual abuse, domestic violence and other such issues in which women are automatically assumed to be victims and men the assaulter. This view exists not just in public opinion but also in the eyes of law for personal vengeance. The talk urges us to shift the discussion to a point from where it is possible to see both sides objectively. 
Ever thought about the discrimination that men face?
Ever wondered if patriarchy is oppressive to women as well as men?
He is the founder of Vaastav foundation, leads an organisation committed to preserving and protecting men’s rights.
He’s here to show you a side of the coin you never thought existed.

Horizon ~ Code Rouge Feat. Amel Mathlouthi

Perseus999: Hip Hop in solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian people against the ongoing Jewish Israeli crimes against humanity, dedicated to the memory of the 9 murdered by Israel victims of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla (31 May 2010) and the victims of the Jewish occupation. Song in French with English lyrics.
------ Lyrics ------
Walking is becoming difficult. Your legs won’t follow.
You see these frontiers, the horizon never ends.
Hypocrisy. They talk about human rights on a yacht under the midday sun.
Can the legal system be efficient, if killers are also lawyers and judges?
A continuous reprimand.
In the country you were born, living has become a terrorist act.

Presstitutes At Their Work

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Western media has only two tools. One is the outrageous lie. This overused tool no longer works, except on dumbshit Americans.
The pinpoint accuracy of the Russian cruise missiles and air attacks has the Pentagon shaking in its boots. But according to the Western presstitutes the Russian missiles fell out of the sky over Iran and never made it to their ISIS targets.
According to the presstitute reports, the Russia air attacks have only killed civilians and blew up a hospital.
The presstitutes fool only themselves and dumbshit Americans.
The other tool used by presstitutes is to discuss a problem with no reference to its causes. Yesterday I heard a long discussion on NPR, a corporate and Israeli owned propaganda organ, about the migrant problem in Europe. Yes, migrants, not refugees.
These migrants have appeared out of nowhere. They have decided to seek a better life in Europe, where capitalism, which provides jobs, freedom, democracy, and women’s rights guarantee a fulfilling life. Only the West provides a fulfilling life, because it doesn’t yet bomb itself.

Feminism: Mission Accomplished!

By : I’d kept hearing that there were things like women being paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, or how rape culture permeates our social consciousness, or how domestic violence against women was so common that we shouldn’t even consider looking out for children.
And then I read this post:
The word Flattering is the #1 enemy of feminism today.
Oh, such a relief. We’ve won! We’ve WON! Every injustice and problem in the world facing women today has been solved except for trivial crap like manspreading, microaggressions, and mere words like “bossy” and “flattering” to the point that “flattering”, of all things, is now the single greatest threat to women the world over!
Can you see the tears welling up in my eyes? Tears of joy? We’ve done it! We can literally disband feminism entirely at this point! We can finally go home. Or, well, I mean to the kitchen to eat ice cream instead of making sammiches, since we’re at home blogging about stuff anyway instead of working. You know what I mean.
Seriously though, it’s really uplifting to hear that the term “flattering” is the #1 enemy of feminism today. I didn’t want to believe it at first, so I did some digging around, and sure enough, the wage gap has been debunked hundreds of times, and even in the original study which was cited as the source of such, it said flat out that women’s choices were easily able to explain it away.