25 Oct 2015

Feminism: Mission Accomplished!

By : I’d kept hearing that there were things like women being paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, or how rape culture permeates our social consciousness, or how domestic violence against women was so common that we shouldn’t even consider looking out for children.
And then I read this post:
The word Flattering is the #1 enemy of feminism today.
Oh, such a relief. We’ve won! We’ve WON! Every injustice and problem in the world facing women today has been solved except for trivial crap like manspreading, microaggressions, and mere words like “bossy” and “flattering” to the point that “flattering”, of all things, is now the single greatest threat to women the world over!
Can you see the tears welling up in my eyes? Tears of joy? We’ve done it! We can literally disband feminism entirely at this point! We can finally go home. Or, well, I mean to the kitchen to eat ice cream instead of making sammiches, since we’re at home blogging about stuff anyway instead of working. You know what I mean.
Seriously though, it’s really uplifting to hear that the term “flattering” is the #1 enemy of feminism today. I didn’t want to believe it at first, so I did some digging around, and sure enough, the wage gap has been debunked hundreds of times, and even in the original study which was cited as the source of such, it said flat out that women’s choices were easily able to explain it away.
Ha ha, so silly, such impetuousness in our youth like five minutes ago believing that. Heck, Warren Farrel, only man ever elected three times to the Board of the National Organization for Women in NYC, went through the whole thing quite amazingly in his book “Why Men Earn More,” so really, who better to speak about this? Now we can embrace women’s agency and life choices, how we’re smart enough to know money is probably the least important aspect of choosing a job and how foolish those men are for ignoring everything from health benefits to commutes to risk of physical harm, or psychological harm due to isolation and such. Seriously, we’re free of the wage gap, and that fills my heart with joy.
Even more than that, I checked up the latest statistics: I can WALK OUTSIDE AT NIGHT! SWEET! According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in the USA, white women have less than 5% of the chance of being mugged than black men do! We’ve triumphed yet again!
Even rape culture has been torn down. The most recent FBI study in Texas found that by including men in rape statistics, not even men who were forced to penetrate, but just men by the same standard as women, they now comprise about 62% of all rapes in the state. If we included guys who were forced to penetrate a woman, or who had sex while intoxicated or who were pressured into such, men would comprise over 80% of all rapes! And this is TEXAS! Possibly the single most uber-conservative state there is! If women are the least likely to get raped there of all places, then we’ve freaking nailed it! We’ve yet again achieved a safer world for women!
Oh man, I am getting stoked! I mean, oh woman. Something like that. Anyway!
Domestic violence against women is about half that as domestic violence against men if you ignore those horrible people who hit each other, isn’t that great? Women are HALF as likely to be the victims of domestic violence! Chalk up yet another one for feminism! We’re on a freaking roll today!
Yep, after doing the research, it looks like you’re right. It turns out the word “flattering” really is the #1 enemy of feminism today. I bet if we just blog about it for awhile and demand they remove it from the dictionary it’ll probably go away, so fortunately that’s not much effort.
I’ll just get my manslave to write it up for me while I gorge myself on ice cream. Catch you girls later for the victory party!
Oh, and P.S.: And I’ll tell you, I am SO glad we got rid of that awful fat shaming already. I’mma wallow like a pig in this chocolate ice cream. Yum! A well deserved and just dessert!

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I'm a writer, a video game writer, an animator, transgendered, Lithuanian, female, bisexual, and, interestingly enough, legally blind without my glasses. And none of that matters. What matters is I'm passionate about men's and others' human rights.



  1. Men have been manipulated and exploited by women for centuries. Women expect men to bring more to the table than women do financially and physically - or they're not "marriageable"; hence the provider and protector role with which men have been sadistically saddled.

    This sexist and exploitative role for men was socially induced and enforced by women upon men as well as by other men - meaning that society held men up to provider/protector role/standard to be considered marriageable or as a candidate for decent employment. What's the most common theme on the internet for men and marriage these days? The lack of "marriageable men". The message is - if you can't provide money to women - as a man - you have no worth.

    "Traditional", in the context of relationships between men and women, is a term used to describe the financial, legal, physical, spiritual and psychological exploitation of men by women.

    "Chivalry" is the social manipulation of men's ego and sense of worth for purposes of encouraging men to sacrifice for women - even if the sacrifice means men's deaths. Chivalry is gynocentrism and a women first mindset - AKA male disposability.

  2. Fortunately, marriage rates are dropping the globe over and women are having to learn to fend for themselves. For every woman that opts out of marriage, another man is saved from the life destruction of divorce. To counter men’s escape from this most misandric of institutions, many nations are now enabling de facto marriage - which essentially forces marriage upon men after X number of months of cohabitation and gives girlfriends the rights to alimony and asset division should their boyfriends dump them. In the UK - it's called the Cohabitation Rights Bill.

    Rape culture is the latest of the hypergynocentric (feminist) inventions. Both progressives and conservatives can get behind 'affirmative consent' because it demonizes men and potentially stops hookup culture - all with the foundation of deeply fraudulent, almost entirely made up rape statistics. Such manipulation of statistics to push a political agenda should in and of itself be a crime. It's mass fraud on a global scale.

    Affirmative consent is a very simple concept - yet people seem to want to make it complicated. It was never intended to stop rape. It was intended to stop hookup culture and give women the power to destroy the lives of men when women don't get their way. Affirmative consent means that if you can't definitively prove she said yes throughout the sexual encounter - all the way through the sexual encounter - then if she accuses you of rape or sexual assault - you get expelled and your future as a man is destroyed. Major backers have even admitted that AC was intended to make men fear sex with women. Hypergynocentrists (feminists) have been pushing to have ‘Yes Means Yes’ made a part of VAWA or a facsimile thereof ever since mattress girl and the Rolling Stone UVA rape hoax.

    Ever notice that adult women go after adolescent boys when they rape? Know why? Because young boys are weaker, less powerful, naive and are not yet able to counter adult women in sexual situations. Ever wonder what would happen if society drilled into these boys’ heads that these women were rapists in the same way they drill into women's heads that drunken regret sex is rape? What happens instead? Women are given probation - not prison like men - and the boys are taught that they were lucky. As always, hypocrisy and double standards are the hallmarks of hypergynocentrism.

  3. Ever since white-knight Ronald Reagan enacted no-fault divorce (the divorce rape of men) in the US, marriage and committed relationships have become anti-male. There is no worse decision you can make as a man than to give a woman the ring of power – or any power for that matter.

    How is it empowerment for women to eschew marriage and traditional roles but weakness and misogyny if men act in kind? How did women imagine that they'd walk away from their traditional roles and not expect men to do the same? How is it that men suffering 98% of workplace deaths and deaths related to national defense isn't cause for a gender based national outcry - but rape is considered the most horrific of crimes? Hypocrisy and double standards - that's how. Between suicides, workplace and national defense deaths, tens upon tens of thousands of men, in the US alone die every year. Know why there’s no national campaign to stop this horrific exploitation of men? I think we all know why.

    It's important to remember that women demand all of the special treatment and exploitation of men listed above - but it is other men that enact the policies and legislation that enforces male disposability, hypergynocentrism (feminism) and destroy men by the hundreds of thousands in divorce court every single year.

    When it comes to femsplaining and toxic-femininity, the hypocrisy and double standards are usually thick enough to choke a horse. You can find examples of femsplaining, discrimination against men, sexism against men, toxic-femininity, hypocrisy and double standards all throughout feminist discourse. The best way to stop this campus rape would be to have men and women only colleges – yet women demand more and more coed dorms and fraternities. Know why? The answer is more simple than you thought. Women can’t control men’s speech in male-only spaces, nor can they manipulate, exploit and/or destroy men’s lives without close proximity to their targets. This is why women are fine with women-only gyms and other women-only (safe) spaces but protest male-only fraternities and other male-only spaces.

  4. Most men have been so "indoctrinated" into a woman-first mentality since birth - they become anti-male (AKA - white knights) and enact legislation that is deeply harmful to other men in the name of women's rights. These men are cowards and unable to defend themselves or others against the fallacy of female oppression. The more women complain - the more men are oppressed - especially by other men. This is another reason why women despise male-only spaces. They can't force the social and financial ostracization of men that might expose the truths listed above unless they have the power to socially and financially ostrasize men that stand up for themselves.

    If you ever wondered why feminists wish to stop anti-feminist speech on the internet - wonder no more. It's almost comical to see a man try to speak such truths in public. As a matter of fact - it's dangerous for men to speak publicly (non-anonymously) against the supposed oppression of women - especially if you want to get elected/re-elected. To speak against feminists in this manner has been halted through a form of social and financial blackmail. "If you don't support us - we'll see that you're fired, unemployable and hated by women everywhere." This is the foundation of "rape apologist", "stare rape", "man spreading", "man splaining", boycotts and ridiculous claims of misogyny should you dare arrive at the possibility of an opposing view. A man that defends himself against the open hatred of men by women is equated with a rapist or murderer by women and especially by other men.

    1. Thank you for your excellent comments. I more or less agree with all your points. I would gladly present your comments as a post if you would add a title and your name or pseudonym. Bravo!

    2. My name is Brian. Feel free to print that. Please post away with anything I write. You've given men a venue with which to post their deepest thoughts - and you've done it with no wish of benefit for yourself. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you. You're the hero - not me. As for a title - how about this?

      Feminism - The Greatest of All Lies Ever Told

      Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be heard.

    3. Full disclosure - A lot of what I write is inspired by other men. To name a few - Barbarossaa, Sandman and Spetsnaz. So - I'd rather their names be attached than my own.

    4. I post as Tim on Barbarossaa's site. I post as Brian with Sandman. My real name is Brian however. I've posted under many names over the many years I've been writing. I'm getting ready to expose my true identity soon, like others have. Like most - I have to wait until I can support myself through the inevitable attacks and setups that follow the open contradiction of man-hating feminism and gynocentrism. I hate hiding myself - but I know I'll be fired and I know I'll suffer both social and financial ostrisization from the moment I expose my identity. I've been banned from most men's rights and feminists sites to boot. Why? Men's right's gynocentrists and white knights hate men.

      Thank you for all you do.