25 Oct 2015

J4MB Publicly Challenges Sophie Walker, Leader, Women’s Equality Party + The Men’s Hall Of Shame

By Mike Buchanan: The BBC continues to give the Women’s Equality Party (WEP) plenty of uncritical coverage on its television and radio channels. If only there was a British political party campaigning for the human rights of men and boys, eh?
Today I’ve watched very little TV, but still caught Catherine Mayer, co-founder and now president of the party, on The Andrew Marr Show. Cynically – and true to form – the BBC contrived to make her one of two people reviewing today’s papers, not a part of the programme in which she’d be challenged, even though she used it as an opportunity to voice her feminist propaganda. We’ll post her 10-minute-long appearance on our YouTube channel in the next day or two.
This afternoon I caught a (female) presenter on BBC News 24 speaking to Sophie Walker, party leader, on the subject of the gender pay gap. Predictably, Walker’s assertions went completely unchallenged.
Last week the party launched its first policy document, a 36-page-long whine list. In a moment I’ll be emailing Sophie Walker my public challenge of her.
It’s been yet another weekend occupied with J4MB work. We really should take the occasional day off.

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Women’s Equality party policy document – the men’s Hall of Shame
By Mike Buchanan: Later today I’ll be publishing a public challenge of Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party, in relation to the party’s recently-published policy document. In the final two pages there’s a section, ‘WE are so grateful’, listing maybe 800 – 1,000 people. They include some well-known feminists, including Kathy Lette and Caitlin Moran, as well as Sandy Toxic’s wife, Debbie. Isn’t that nice?
The gender of some are unclear, but at least 18 are clearly men. They should hang their heads in shame, for being included in the list:
Andy Woodfield Neil Roberts Simon Browne – the barrister? Edward Coller Richard Clifford Jim Turner David Mellor – the former politician? Andrew Mallick Andrew Morton – the biographer of Diana, Princess of Wales, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Monica Lewinsky…? Peter Goodridge David Hickey Matthew Sweet – the journalist, writer, and BBC broadcaster? Andy Scott Nick Dickson Ben Hammersley – the author, journalist, and BBC broadcaster? Paul Hodgson Gregor Truter Michael Howlett
They’re all contenders for Toady awards. David Cameron has been the ‘Toady of the Year’ four years in succession, his 2015 award certificate is here.


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