5 Oct 2015

Manchester Conference - A Resounding Success - J4MB UK

By Mike Buchanan J4MB: Just back home, following our second day handing out thousands of leaflets outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester. We were met with negligible hostility other than from a handful of feminists, both female and male. I recommended the website of The Anti-Feminism League to them, as well as that of A Voice for Men.
Collectively we had a huge number of calm and amicable conversations with people, including Jews and Muslims. Most freely admitted they had no idea about the physical and psychological problems which commonly result from MGM – as detailed in the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm – or that the procedure is illegal in the UK (although prosecutions are not brought). The proof that MGM is illegal in the UK – notes of a speech by a barrister, with links to his presentation – is here.
We were supporting the good people from Men Do Complain, and over the two days the tireless leaflet distributors included Richard, Patrick, William, John, Oliver (at 18, the youngest of the group), Tim, Jon and Robin. It was an honour to work with these men, and I look forward to doing so again. We all felt the exercise had been successful beyond our wildest dreams, and decided that next year we’ll campaign outside at least four party conferences – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, and UKIP.
We shall post photographs and links to video footage in the coming days.
Onwards and upwards!

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