16 Nov 2015

A New Low - Hillary Clinton Claims 9/11 Is The Reason She’s Owned By Wall Street

By Michael Krieger: That Hillary Clinton is owned by Wall Street is such an indisputable fact at this point, there’s no point in her even trying to squirm her way out of it. As such, it appears she took on a different tact at last night’s Democratic debate, straight out of the George W. Bush playbook. When asked about her Wall Street donors (her top career contributors are essentially all TBTF banks), she shamelessly replied:
CLINTON: So I represented New York, and I represented New York on 9/11 when we were attacked. Where were we attacked? We were attacked in downtown Manhattan where Wall Street is. I did spend a whole lot of time and effort helping them rebuild. That was good for New York. It was good for the economy, and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country.
You could almost hear her political minions plotting earlier in the day…

So did you see those terror attacks in France?
Terrible, yes awful.
So how can we use this to our advantage?

She should imply aiding and abetting Wall Street criminality = fighting terrorism!
Brilliant strategy guys.
What’s even more interesting is to compare what Hillary said last night to what she stated as a New York Senator in 2008 in the midst of the banker bailout debate. Specifically, as the battle for TARP was raging, she admitted on radio:
I think that the banks of New York and our other financial institutions are probably the biggest winners in this, which is one of the reasons why, at the end, despite my serious questions about it, I supported it.
Of course she supported it for the banks. She did it to shore up the people who have bankrolled her entire career and continue to do so. It has nothing to do with terrorism, it has to do with the fact that Wall Street owns her lock, stock and barrel.
Meanwhile, here’s a little additional information in case you still harbor any doubts. From International Business Times:
But less than two years ago, Clinton told a group of investors convened by Goldman Sachs that “the banker-bashing so popular within both political parties was unproductive and indeed foolish,” Politico reportedTwo of Clinton’s top deputies while she was secretary of state came to her from Wall Street: Thomas Nides was an executive at Morgan Stanley, and Robert Hormats was at Goldman Sachs. Her 2016 presidential campaign’s chief financial officer, Gary Gensler, worked at Goldman Sachs before becoming the top regulator at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Now watch one of the most shady, dishonest people in America shamelessly invoke 9/11 as an excuse for her Wall Street ties:
Let’s revisit that career donor table again shall we.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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