17 Nov 2015

Slicrates The Unconventional - MGTOW

The Argument
Every art or applied science and every systematic investigation and similarly every action and choice, seem to aim at some good; the good, therefore, has been well defined as that at which all things aim.

So in this way every being through its actions and choices aims at some good and it’s good is that which best serve the purpose of the being it is. But then what is the good at which man aims?
If a thing is to be made distinct from any other things, then there must be a quality that is not shared between the two things. The soul of man can be shown to be constituted of both man’s passions, and reason. Where passion is shared between man and all other animals, this cannot be that which uniquely distinguished man from any other thing. From this it follows that it is reason, which is unique to man, which makes man the sort of being he is. So the good and aims of man are the good and aims of reason.

The aim of reason, and therefore man, is to contemplate and so the good life of man can be said to be the contemplative life and all his choices and actions are said to be good and aim at the good if they fulfill the function of contemplation.

Those actions suited to contemplation can be seen as those whose opposite would not serve this function. Cowardice cannot be seen as conducive to contemplation as a coward will not attempt to engage in argument he finds challenging. From this it follows that courage is conducive to contemplation. An imprudent man will waste time on things of no value and so too prudence then becomes conducive to contemplation. In this way injustice, intemperance and all other things we can here begin to call vice lead a man away from his function of contemplation. In this way the virtuous man is best performing his function and the pursuit of virtue a thing part of his function.

A man then is only as good a man as he comes close to virtue.


Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW: Several subscribers asked me what it means to be a man. I wrote the argument. Paired up with a rapper. He converted my argument into these lyrics.

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