8 Dec 2015

A Message About Vaginacrats + "Damn The Torpedoes, More About MGTOW"

"There are two brands of politicians when it comes to gender issues knight and troubadours, ...They answer to the same master, they are simple stage props used interchangeably by the same production company, they are owned and operated by Gynocentrism Inc. Their marching orders are women first and most often women only!" Paul Elam.

[1] E. Belfort Bax, The “Monstrous Regiment” of Womanhood (1907)
[2] Cassandra Langer, What’s Right With Feminism, iUniverse, (2001)
[3] Alison Tieman provides a historical example of slave leadership in her video When Slaves Ruled.

[4] The Philadelphia Record, quoting Max O’Rell’s 1903 comments on American women


"Damn The Torpedoes, More About MGTOW"
The Vanguard Report: We will talk about the "men going their own way" idea - for it is exactly that, an idea, and it can many different things to different people. We will also talk about something called "vetoing the dictionary". This means, that dictionaries don't create language, people do. And yes, we are referring to the word "feminism" in this case, and to the feminists themselves. Yes, feminists are people, but other people are people too, and all people can have a shot at controlling the language.

For this episode, Kevin Wayne of Mankind Global Media will join Fidelbogen as co-host

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