8 Dec 2015

Institutionalised Misandry In The UK: Coming Soon To A University Near You - Anti-Male Kangaroo Courts

Via J4MB:
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It’s very sad to see that radical feminists under the Obama administration have taken over the US Dept of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. It’s also very said that today’s American Men lack the courage to take action to fight this.
This unfairness with catastrophic consequences is being exported to the UK. An American Girl, Elizabeth Ramey, with the financial backing of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (British taxpayer-funded), is suing Oxford to force them to set up similar kangaroo courts against men:
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Any idea what happened to this case in the High Court? The article was dated May 2015. In any case, Oxford University students need to fight this threat hard or be resigned to live under the rule of a kangaroo-court system that terrorises them with being reported by third-party feminists for having sex.
[Note added 8.12.15: Our thanks to Ray for informing us the woman [right] wasn’t granted a judicial review – here.]


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