15 Dec 2015

The Myth Of "Authority" - Video Contest

Larken Rose: I'm having a contest to see who can make the best video to go with this audio narration (which is basically a summary of The Most Dangerous Superstition). The rules are simple: you add whatever graphics and video you want, and you can add music if you want, but don’t add to or subtract from the actual narration.
(If you send an e-mail to larken@larkenrose.com I can send you an MP3 of the narration.) Video entries must be sent in by the end of the year.

In order to raise some money so there can be something for first prize, AND to help raise airfare to get Amanda Rachwitz and her family to Anarchapulco in February (she’s the narrator of this, and of “The Mirror”), I’m making the following deal: anyone who donates at least $15 will get a signed hardcopy AND an audiobook of my novel, “The Iron Web,” AND will get a vote in this video contest, to decide who made the best video. (Only those who donate get a vote.) 


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