1 Jan 2015

Zara Faris Debunks Feminism At London Debate

"Why not campaign for an end to the women and children first policy in lifeboats and have it first come first served?"
Muslim Debate Initiative: Zara Faris gives an opening presentation on Feminism and the Islamic alternative to it.

The Imperial Collapse Playbook

By Dmitry Orlov: Some people enjoy having the Big Picture laid out in front of them—the biggest possible—on what is happening in the world at large, and I am happy to oblige. The largest development of 2014 is, very broadly, this: the Anglo-imperialists are finally being forced out of Eurasia. How can we tell? Well, here is the Big Picture—the biggest I could find. I found it thanks to Nikolai Starikov and a recent article of his.
Now, let's first define our terms. By Anglo-imperialists I mean the combination of Britain and the United States. The latter took over for the former as it failed, turning it into a protectorate. Now the latter is failing too, and there are no new up-and-coming Anglo-imperialists to take over for it. But throughout this process their common playbook had remained the same: pseudoliberal pseudocapitalism for the insiders and military domination and economic exploitation for everyone else. Much more specifically, their playbook always called for a certain strategem to be executed whenever their plans to dominate and exploit any given country finally fail. On their way out, they do what they can to compromise and weaken the entity they leave behind, by inflicting a permanently oozing and festering political wound. Poison all the wells is the last thing on their pre-departure checklist.

MHRM New Year's Hangout

Well, it is New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day depending on where you are. It’s time for a year in review, but more importantly it is time to talk about the year to come. Paul Elam

All White UK Police Pepper Spray Protesters At Brixton Anti-Racist Demo

The British lame-stream media said on Thursday that the [all white - they forgot that bit] police used pepper spray at a 'noise demo' organised by campaigners on New Year's Eve outside London's Brixton Prison.
Press TV: Reports also said at least three protesters had been arrested at the demo that had been held under the banner #blacklivesmatter to highlight the number of black people killed in police custody and the disproportionate number imprisoned in the UK.
The all white Metropolitan police that were there have confirmed the arrests. They said they had used pepper spray after being assaulted when arresting a 36-year-old demonstrator who had set off a firework.
Brixton prison was built as a house of correction in 1820. It is today considered as the oldest prison in London still receiving inmates. It was originally constructed to host 175 inmates, but usually exceeds its quota by above 200

The Trews vs Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

Reacting to Budweiser's Superbowl Commercial where a puppy and horse fall in love and revolt in a George Orwellian fashion. Russell Brand

Anarchist Riot Greetings From Athens For The New Year

Farewell to 2014 with a different kind of festive mood. All videos have been shot by @kinimatini and Tar in Athens, during December 2014, except the "flying" Santa at the end, that has been shot by AgitPropULA. Perseus999
Χρόνια Πολλά κι Εκρηκτικά.

Join The Manosphere! + The Economy Is Biased Against Men

"The manosphere tries to give men an alternative view and one that does not necessitate their mental self-flagellation." Bernard Chapin

Worst Currency in 2014? (One You Might Actually Use)

By: Currencies had a wild year in 2014. The dollar, for a change, didn’t get mangled, but gained against most major currencies. Hallelujah. But other currencies got mangled.
There were allegations that some countries were escalating the currency war over the past two years, particularly Japan. Abenomics, its economic religion, calls for devaluing the yen. So the Bank of Japan has been printing money at a terrific pace, compared to the size of the economy, with the purpose of monetizing the deficit, forcing down yields, and devaluing the yen.
While the first two are considered “bold actions” in today’s crazy world, the latter is considered a beggar-thy-neighbor policy. And Japan caught some heat from the nervous G-20 over it; they considered it tantamount to admitting that it wanted to escalate the currency war. So devaluing the yen disappeared from official discourse, even while the BoJ sped up the printing presses.
Switzerland too has been doing the same thing – printing money, selling francs, and buying mostly euros with it – but the nuance was different, and more acceptable by G-20 standards; the Swiss National Bank has been trying to keep a lid on the franc since 2011. That lid has held so far, while the SNB has blown its balance sheet out of all proportion.
One currency stood out because it was maligned by official organs and pooh-poohed by central banks and disparaged by pundits: gold. After all the lousy press it got, some folks think it lost a ton of value against the dollar in 2014. But it didn’t. On New Year’s Eve, as I’m writing this, it dropped 1%. That was about its loss against the dollar for the year. So it didn’t make the chart.

The Religion of Feminism: Censorship, Masculinity, and Evil

Thorium: The characteristics common to both Feminism and Religion are numerous. Society will continue to suffer for so long as both exist.

Who Is Behind The Oil War, And How Low Will The Price Of Crude Go In 2015?

Who is to blame for the staggering collapse of the price of oil?  Is it the Saudis?  Is it the United States?  Are Saudi Arabia and the U.S. government working together to hurt Russia?  And if this oil war continues, how far will the price of oil end up falling in 2015?  
By Michael Snyder: As you will see below, some analysts believe that it could ultimately go below 20 dollars a barrel.  If we see anything even close to that, the U.S. economy could lose millions of good paying jobs, billions of dollars of energy bonds could default and we could see trillions of dollars of derivatives related to the energy industry implode.  The global financial system is already extremely vulnerable, and purposely causing the price of oil to crash is one of the most deflationary things that you could possibly do.  Whoever is behind this oil war is playing with fire, and by the end of this coming year the entire planet could be dealing with the consequences.

Palestine Statehood Rejection Leaves No Option But Resistance: Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has pointed out that the UN Security Council’s rejection of the Palestine statehood proposal leaves no “legitimate” option for the Palestinians but resistance.
Minimum demands by the Palestinians were not accepted in the UN and international circles,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham on Wednesday, adding,This shows that the only way available to the Palestinian nation to reclaim their rights is to continue their resistance.”

US Ally, Saudi Arabia Beheads 87 In 2014, Up Over 10% From 2013

Tyler Durden's picture It was a good year for those who long for 'beheadings'. After a solid 79 head-removals in 2013, 2014 surged 10% higher with a recent record 87 beheadings overall (following a surge since August for crimes such as "drug smuggling, witchcraft, or sorcery"). The 'State' responsible for all these executions... not ISIS, but US ally, Saudi Arabia...

As BNO News reports,

A Pakistani man convicted of smuggling a large amount of heroin has been decapitated by sword in Saudi Arabia, the government reported on Wednesday, disregarding concerns raised by human rights activists and raising the number of people executed there this year to 87.