2 Jan 2015

Official Propaganda: American Traitors & Mossad

Britain’s Prince Andrew Named In US 'Sex Slave' Case

A woman has said that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with that man, Britain's Prince Andrew, as an underage sex slave.”
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The allegation was made after the so-called Duke of York was named in a motion filed in a Florida court this week.
The woman, who was 17 at the time, claimed that US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein loaned her to rich and powerful friends, including the prince.
She claimed she did have sexual relations with that man, Prince Andrew in London, New York and the Caribbean from 1999 through 2002.
Epstein, who is a known friend of the prince, was convicted in 2008 of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution and served a prison term.

Dr. Copper

Jan Skoyles discusses copper with Simon Hunt of Simon Hunt Strategic Services about the industrial metal known as 'Dr. Copper' for its ability to predict the economic forecast. Due to monopolies and various price fixing schemes, Mr. Hunt reckons that other metals are now better at forecasting the future. He also makes his own predictions for where the future price may take us in the copper market in 2015.

The Year In General And Feminist Stupid: 2014

"It's been a hell of a year. 
...A critical mass of complete morons!" 
Sargon of Akkad

Mike Buchanan Debates With A Feminist About Men-Only Clubs

Roweena Russell has won this month's 'Lying Feminist of the Month' award https://j4mb.wordpress.com/2014/12/22... for comments made in this programme. She's a deserving winner.]
Mike Buchanan: I was in a discussion on BBC Radio Tees with Roweena Russell, a particularly grim feminist - organizer of the North East Feminist Gathering, which sounds like fun - about a Conservative Club in Great Ayton, Yorkshire, which bars women from entering the club. It's perhaps worth noting that Conservative Clubs are not under the control of the Conservative party, a point presumably lost on the whiny woman in Great Ayton who complained about the club.

Men Are Good And So Are Men-Only Spaces: Part Two

By : Part One of this series described numerous male spaces that over the past 40 years have been dismantled. Nearly all of the examples of male spaces had something important in common: they focused on all-male groups who gathered to be supportive to women and the culture at large. 
The armed forces, police, and firemen are obvious examples of men being of service. The Lions, Kiwanis, and Rotary are also obvious examples of men gathering in male spaces to be helpful to women and society. These spaces harmonise with men’s traditional provide-and-protect role. Even the all-male colleges could be seen as ultimately preparing young men to be of service to women and society, especially the military academies. The athletic groups were also similar and provided a competition ground that helped a woman choose which man might be best for her. Most of these male spaces had a similar objective to be of service to women and the culture by helping men perform their primary sex role of providing and protecting.

Neo-Feminism Isn't Progressive, It's Conservative + 3 Anti-Muslim Attacks In 1 Week, US Media Yawns

"When women were fighting for the right to vote and work that made sense." Secular Talk

US Schizophrenic Beheads Mother On New Year's Eve

A man in the US state of Florida has been charged with first-degree murder for beheading his mother on New Year's Eve.
Press TV: Christian Gomez, 23, attacked his mother in garage with an ax, cut her head off and dragged the body to the garbage outside the home, according to Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.
"He just left the body sitting there, next to the trash can, went into the garage, tried to clean up the scene a little bit," said Gualtieri said. “When he saw that wouldn't happen is when he left."
The sheriff said Gomez confessed to killing his mother.
He said Gomez was upset with his mother because she wanted him to move boxes around the house, and he was jealous of the attention Suarez-Cassagne paid to his brother.

Big Kaputski Of 2015

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert celebrate entering 2015 with some regular guests who attempt to predict the big themes of the New Year. First, they talk to Dominic Frisby of Moneyweek.com about where it all might kick off this year - perhaps Japan? Next, Professor Steve Keen talks Minsky moments, debt deflation and the Bancor. Last, but not least, they speak to Liam Halligan of BNE.eu for his predictions on Europe, China, Russia and dividend yields in 2015.

Feminist Rohtak Sisters Now Claim “It was a social experiment,”

By : In a shocking revelation, the Rohtak sisters now claim that they were performing “a social experiment” to show how men in Indian society have become vulnerable. In an exclusive interview with us, the girls claimed that they had been trying this experiment at a national level for some time and had already shot earlier videos [in which they had beaten up a few other men in parks] but that these earlier videos were not successful because the girls could not figure out how to continue the experiment.
With this revelation from the Rohtak sisters, the explanation of new videos surfacing every day has become clear.
The sisters claimed that as part of their graduation research program, they had decided to take up the men’s cause and show how Indian men could be exploited by simple complaints from a woman and how idiotic the Indian media can behave in those situations. They also wanted to experiment with the reaction of the Indian government, which just fell short of posthumously rewarding Bharat Ratna [the highest civilian award of the Republic of India] to Nirbhaya [a pseudonym of the victim of a December 2012 gang rape and fatal assault on a New Delhi bus].
The sisters claimed that they knew that the Indian government would bestow Bharat Ratna on any woman if the woman could play the victim card well.

Abusing MGTOW

AaronClarey: My first and final response to the kerfuffle over my claim there are men posing as MGTOW's who use it first and foremost as an excuse, instead of an empirically concluded philosophy.

Feminists Fight AGAINST Men’s Rights.

Oratorasaurus: Correct, for every one innocent man in jail, there are probably many more that are walking free. Also, for every male rapist in jail, there are probably many more that are walking free. Lastly, for every male rapist in jail there are probably many female rapists who were proven to be rapists but are not in jail due to the courts treating women differently than men for the same crimes.
And there are a number of feminists arguing that the solution to men’s issues is more feminism. All issues that men face are due to patriarchy and toxic ideas of masculinity, which feminism fights. Therefore feminism is the answer.

In fact, the complete opposite is true. Feminists fight AGAINST men’s rights.

Here are some examples to prove my point.