7 Jan 2015

Kaley Cuoco (And All Women) Owes Feminism Nothing

I'm tired of idiotic journalists asking famous women if they're feminists or not, just so they have more material to print from their response. 6oodfella

Ms. Ann In Harlem: The Naked, Stopdown Racism Of Hollback!’s “Social Justice Warriors”

“It’s a sidewalk, not a red carpet.” - Paul Elam, A Voice for Men
By Although it’s a new year, there is still way too much meat on the bone that the self-anointed anti-“street harassment” organization Hollaback! threw all of us back in late October. Their viral video presentation, “10 Hours Of Woman Walking In NYC” attempts to make the case that “street harassment” is a global pandemic – armies and armies of men catcalling and worse, kinda like a pickup version of World War Z or something.
Yea, that’s the ticket.
Only problem was, that Hollaback! really stepped in it and blew their own foot off with an IED-sized turkey of a “case”.
By now, you all know the facts, but what the heck, let’s do it one mo gin, shall we?
Fledgling actress Shoshona Roberts agrees to be Hollaback!’s guinea pig for their grand social experiment, dreamt up by a Madison Ave.-styled public relations guru, who as it turns out, has quite a colorful – pardon the pun – past in crafting marketing visions for other big-time clients. Although the claim is made that this outing took place over the course of ten hours of hidden camera footage, we get the ultra-condensed version – barely two minutes long – showing all the world to see the damning evidence of boys being boys.
To say the whole thing was anti-climatic, would be a serious understatement.

A Winter Wonderland of Fear – Fascist Cities Across the U.S. Move to Ban Unregulated Sledding

By Michael Krieger: Shutting down sledding hills is inspired by the same sort of simpering caution that keeps Americans shoeless in airport security lines and, closer to home, keeps parents from letting their kids walk a few blocks to school alone, despite the fact that America today is as safe as the longed-for “Leave It to Beaver” golden age.
– From The Economist article: Home of the Unbrave
It’s winter in the northern hemisphere, which means that countless hordes of children and their parents are excited to engage in that timeless pursuit of youthful seasonal pleasure: sledding. Many of us who grew up in colder climates have gone sledding at least once or twice. Yes it can be dangerous at times, but so are many of the other activities young rambunctious kids partake in. That’s part of being a child. Indeed, it’s part of life in general unless you want to stay cooped up in your cubicle or home 24/7.
As crazy as it may sound, many cities across the U.S. are actually moving to ban sledding within their municipalities. The Associated Press reported the following earlier this week:

MGTOW Is An Impersonal Force Which Goes It's Own Way

"Hey maaaan! Like…don’t bogart that MGTOW, man! Pass it around!"
By : In recent times, a cultural schism has appeared between two prominent lobes of the non-feminist revolution: on the one side the Men Going Their Own Way sector, and on the other, the sector loosely grouped around A Voice for Men. The tension between these sectors has grown steadily for two or three years, but seems to have escalated sharply in the past several months.
I don’t want to say either too much or too little, but I’d like to be as impartial as I can while hopefully adding something original. Yes, many of the ideas sketched here will be uniquely my own, but hey…why not?
The bone of contention seems to be a fear, within the MGTOW sector, that the AVfM sector is yielding to something called “traditionalism”. So to break this down further: what is traditionalism? I will base my talk on what people appear to mean by that word.
Firstly: many in the MGTOW sector have a settled conviction that married men cannot belong to what they consider their “movement”. So stubborn is their conviction, that to question it borders on heresy. Despite this, the leading lights of the AVfM sector do make bold to be heretical, contending that married men can indeed partake of MGTOW.

How Censorship Fails US...

"Sensorship doesn't work." ThinkingApe-TV

10 Key Events That Preceded The Last Financial Crisis That Are Happening Again RIGHT NOW

By Michael Snyder: If you do not believe that we are heading directly toward another major financial crisis, you need to read this article.  So many of the exact same patterns that preceded the great financial collapse of 2008 are happening again right before our very eyes.  History literally appears to be repeating, but most Americans seem absolutely oblivious to what is going on.  The mainstream media and our politicians are promising them that everything is going to be okay somehow, and that seems to be good enough for most people.  But the signs that another massive financial crisis is on the horizon are everywhere.  All you have to do is open up your eyes and look at them.
Bill Gross, considered by many to be the number one authority on government bonds on the entire planet, made headlines all over the world on Tuesday when he released his January Investment Outlook.  I don’t know if we have ever seen Gross be more negative about a new year than he is about 2015.  For example, just consider this statement

“When the year is done, there will be minus signs in front of returns for many asset classes. The good times are over.”
And this is how he ended the letter

Ex UK PM Tony Blair Could Face War Crime Charges: MPs

British government ministers say former Prime Minister Tony 'The Butcher of Iraq' Blair could face war crime charges when an Iraq war inquiry publishes its findings.
Press TV: The ministers told the parliament’s House of Lords on Tuesday that, when the so-called Chilcot report into the Iraq war in 2003 is published, Blair could face war crime charges.
The ministers also criticized the four-year delay in the release of the report, with Lord Dykes describing the long wait as an utter and total disgrace.”
Lord Hurd also condemned the long delay, saying many Britons are waiting anxiously for the report.
This has dragged on beyond the questions of mere negligence and forgivable delay, it is becoming a scandal,” said Hurd, adding, “This is not something which is of trivial importance, it is something which a large number of people in this country look anxiously for truth.”

Palestine To Join ICC On April 1: Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says Palestine will join the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1.
Press TV: In a statement posted on the UN's treaty website on Tuesday night, the secretary-general said, "The statute will enter into force for the State of Palestine on April 1, 2015." 
On Monday, Herman von Herbel, who serves as ICC registrar, confirmed that the body has received documents by Palestine declaring its acceptance of the body’s jurisdiction. This paves the way for the court’s investigation of JSIL (Israeli) crimes committed during the recent genocidal war on Gaza.
When Palestine accedes to the Rome Statute, The Hague-based court would be able to prosecute JSIL officials for crimes they have committed over the past months in Gaza and the West Bank.

So Called MGTOW Peter Wright: You. Me. Fight.

Feminism LOL: Jason. I challenge you to defend your own ideas.

Dearest Thunderf00t I'm An Attention Whore!!!

Response to dearest Ryan, who needed attention...
Well he got it (I was bored enough to give him some) SkepTorr

Russia Sanctions Stir Up Top-Level Mini-Revolt in Europe

By Don Quijones: In Europe, fears continue to grow over the potential consequences of the EU’s decision to double down on sanctions against Russia. Concerns have been brewing for some time, but it has finally dawned on some European leaders that completely alienating the EU’s largest neighbor and vital trading partner may not be in Europe’s long term interest. And these private fears are now being voiced in public.
During the run up to Christmas the Chancellor of Austria, Werner Faymann, cautioned against pushing the Russian economy towards collapse. I cannot approve of the euphoria of many in the EU over the success of sanctions against Russia. I see absolutely no cause for celebration. I do not know why we should be pleased if the Russian economy collapses,” Faymann told the Oesterreich newspaper. We would be sawing off the branch we are sitting on if we erected a new wall to Russia’s economy.”
With Austrian banks by far the most exposed among European financial institutions to Russian risk, Faymann has good reason to worry. But he is not alone. Faymann’s sentiments were echoed by the German Vice-Chancellor of Economic Affairs and Energy Minister, Sigmar Gabriel who warned that those who seek to destabilise Russia risk provoking an even more dangerous situation for all of us in Europe.”