11 Jan 2015

Hebdo Police Commissioner Dead

"I have a tendency to believe that it's a big hoax."
Phil In France

Saudi Prince: $100-A-Barrel Oil 'Never' Again

By Maria Bartiromo: Saudi billionaire businessman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal told me we will not see $100-a-barrel oil again. The plunge in oil prices has been one of the biggest stories of the year. And while cheap gasoline is good for consumers, the negative impact of a 50% decline in oil has been wide and deep, especially for major oil producers such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. Even oil-producing Texas has felt a hit. The astute investor and prince of the Saudi royal family spoke to me exclusively last week as prices spiraled below $50 a barrel. 
He also predicted the move would dampen what has been one of the big U.S. growth stories: the shale revolution. In fact, in the last two weeks, several major rig operators said they had received early cancellation notices for rig contracts. Companies apparently would rather pay to cancel rig agreements than keep drilling at these prices. His royal highness, who has been critical of Saudi Arabia's policies that have allowed prices to fall, called the theory of a plan to hurt Russian President Putin with cheap oil "baloney" and said the sharp sell-off has put the Saudis "in bed" with the Russians. The interview has been edited for clarity and length.
Q: Can you explain Saudi Arabia's strategy in terms of not cutting oil production?
A: Saudi Arabia and all of the countries were caught off guard. No one anticipated it was going to happen. Anyone who says they anticipated this 50% drop (in price) is not saying the truth.
Because the minister of oil in Saudi Arabia just in July publicly said $100 is a good price for consumers and producers. And less than six months later, the price of oil collapses 50%.

Scientists Develop Prototype Quantum Data Storage System

Scientists have developed a prototype quantum “hard drive” with the capability of storing data for up to an unprecedented six hours.
Press TV: The record storage time was achieved by researchers at the Australian National University (ANU). 
“We believe it will soon be possible to distribute quantum information between any two points on the globe,” said the study’s lead author Manjin Zhong, of the ANU's Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE).
Information was stored by directly writing the quantum state on the nuclear spin of a substance using laser light. The ANU scientists, assisted by a team from the Otago University, used solid europium crystal atoms for the process.
“Quantum states are very fragile and normally collapse in milliseconds. Our long storage times have the potential to revolutionize the transmission of quantum information,” the lead author added.

Aaron Swartz Died 2 Years Ago Today - In Remembrance Of This Special Soul

By Michael Krieger: Two years ago humanity lost a brave, brilliant and kindhearted individual named Aaron Swartz. On that day, I composed a post expressing my outrage and sadness. I reposted it on the anniversary of his death last year, and am reposting it again today.
I would also like to add that if you haven’t seen the Aaron Swartz documentary, The Internet’s Own Boy, I highly recommend you do.
Let us take inspiration from his life and his struggles in order to continue his very important and courageous work. What follows is the original post, Remembering Internet Prodigy and Activist Aaron Swartz (1986-2013): Your Life is an Inspiration:
Remembering Internet Prodigy and Activist Aaron Swartz (1986-2013): Your Life is an Inspiration
It takes a person like Aaron Swartz to remind you how little you are actually doing to bring forth social, political and economic justice in this increasingly insane and sick world.

MGTOW Teacher Quits In Protest Against Feminist Hate

I resign in protest after after two new feminist administrators shame me publicly and privately. mgtowteacher 1953

Suck It Up, [Feminist] Buttercup! - JudgyBitch

"All the buttercunts in the world can come and talk to me!" Says Janet Bloomfield
Paul Elam: We promised that 2015 was going to be a year of movement at AVFM. We are in part going to keep that promise with some help the Bitch. The One Who Judges.
Suck It Up, Buttercup is a new AVFM Hangout that will be hosted by Janet Bloomfield, aka JudgyBitch.

Hero Muslim Worker Hid Customers From Terrorists In Paris Market

A Muslim man who saved a group of customers by hiding them in a basement storage room of the Hyper Cacher supermarket during the recent hostage taking in France has been called a hero.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: When they came running down I opened the door of the fridge,” Lassana Bathily told French Television network BFM TV.
Several came in with me. I turned off the light and the fridge. When I turned off the cold, I put them in. I closed the door. I told them to stay calm and I said you stay quiet there, I’m going back out.”

Paris To Rally The Gentile Soldiers Onwards - Letter From Mr A

"The only logic that I can see in such a course is for these powers to so harm each other that global power would be left to God's Chosen Super Power. Sound insane to you? It sure does to me." Mr A.


What direction will movies, books and fiction in general would go as humanity moves away from statism and more towards a free and peaceful society? Stefan Molyneux

Israeli Trained US Police Threat Is Too High

"US police are a greater threat to Americans
than enemy forces are to US soldiers
who have invaded a foreign country."
By Paul Craig Roberts: The hypocrisy of American police is beginning to bother even law and order conservatives. The New York Police Department is rivaling the black community in Ferguson in keeping alive the murders of their community members.
We are constantly reminded of how dangerous it is to be a police officer. A total of 50 police officers were reportedly killed last year in the “line of duty,” but the police themselves managed to kill 1,029 Americans during the same time period, most of whom were unarmed and innocent of wrongdoings.
In other words, any encounter between the public and the police is more than 20 times more dangerous for the public than for the police.
That should raise questions about the absence of restraint on the ability of police to use deadly force as a first resort. Yet authorities and white communities invariably defend police violence against the public.
If Americans had half-decent educations, Americans would know that power comes from precedent. The police, like the executive branch, have now established themselves above the law. The laws that apply to the public do not apply to police, US presidents, presidential appointees, NSA, and CIA.

Relationships And Other Mental Disorders - Women Murderers

"People can take control of their compulsions. They do it all the time." Feminism LOL

Oil Price Blowback: Is Putin Creating A New World Order?

“If undercharging for energy products occurs deliberately, it also effects those who introduce these limitations. Problems will arise and grow, worsening the situation not only for Russia but also for our partners.” – Russian President Vladimir Putin
By Mike Whitney: It’s hard to know which country is going to suffer the most from falling oil prices. Up to now, of course, Russia, Iran and Venezuela have taken the biggest hit, but that will probably change as time goes on. What the Obama administration should be worried about is the second-order effects that will eventually show up in terms of higher unemployment, market volatility, and wobbly bank balance sheets. That’s where the real damage is going to crop up because that’s where red ink and bad loans can metastasize into a full-blown financial crisis. Check out this blurb from Nick Cunningham at Oilprice.com and you’ll see what I mean:

“According to an assessment from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, an estimated 250,000 jobs across eight U.S. states could be lost in 2015 if oil prices don’t rise. More than 50 percent of those job losses would occur in Texas, which leads the nation in oil production.