17 Jan 2015


Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are in Mexico City and they find the so-called “failed state” looks a whole lot better in many regards than certain Western countries. They look at the role of the US drug war in creating the ultra-violence which has led to the headlines that caused the perception of a failed state in Mexico. In the second half, Max interviews economist and journalist Guillermo Barba about Mexico’s unallocated gold reserves at the Bank of England, the failed state question and the future of the Mexican economy.

Foreshadowing - Arming Jews - Fake Media - DEW - Organisations No Help - Israelis

"It's like 'Animal Farm'. They [Jews] have this myth of course of being a race, an ethnicity. The mass media has abdicated it's responsibilities. Nothing is being scrutinised. They just spew out what they are told to spew out, they're all wage slaves. The alternative media isn't much better, the people in control know very well how to infiltrate everything and how to derail any independent thinkers. We are getting wiser and starting to question and more people are waking up. ...They are manipulating our societies before our eyes." Says Morris.

Charlie Hebdo - The Hidden Agenda Exposed

Whatever you believe actually happened in Paris, one thing is very clear: the powers that be are going to try to use this event to expand wars, intensify domestic surveillance, and legislate away more of our rights.
This is not speculation. They have already started in France, in the U.K. (see this document), at the E.U. level, in the United States and they are going to attempt to push this on a global scale (also see this). All nicely coordinated to ride the wave of outrage that followed the attacks.
If you want a glimpse at just how far they want to take this, look at France. They're already dealing out serious prison sentences for those caught saying anything that could be interpreted as supporting terrorism.

MHRA Mike Buchanan Interviewed Notts TV

By Mike Buchanan: This piece was recorded in Nottingham some hours after the ITV 'This Morning' programme in London, in which Caroline Criado-Perez lied, then brazenly changed her story. It was recorded in two parts, the second part starting at 5:20.

IRS Goes Global

Fatcat spies on your bank account, ...anywhere on the planet! 666

Russia's Modest Proposal To Greece: "Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban"

It has been a good week for Greece: first we learned that its treasury has run dry as Greece have stop paying all taxes ahead of the elections (and likely after), making further reforms virtually impossible as the government simply does not have the cash to promote economic changes; then we found out that first two then all four of the largest Greek banks have submitted Emergency Liquidity Assistance requests to the ECB to preserve liquidity in light of a deposit run that is picking up pace. And yesterday, adding insult to injury, Spiegel leaked that while seeking preapproval from Merkel for his QE program to be announced next week, Draghi told the Germans that Greek bonds won't be among the securities monetized by the ECB.
It almost makes the Greeks wonder what's the point of staying in the Eurozone and keeping the Euro if all it leads to is 50% youth unemployment, 25% total unemployment, and unprecedented pain and suffering as a result of the internal devaluation that will continue indefinitely since Greece, courtesy of the Euro, is unable to engage in an external one.

Central Bankers Have 'A License To Lie'

The Swiss National Bank's move has destroyed its credibility, according to Anatole Kaletsky, co-founder and chief economist at Gavekal Dragonomics. He said the next move of the ECB's Mario Draghi will be critical, as people do not trust central bankers anymore.

"We Have Been Captured... We Are Parented, Not Represented"

Root’n Toot’n Free’dum Luv’n Willy Kristol and His Four Part Plan for Peace
By Thad Beversdorf: Today I was debating the idea of Western domination.  And one of the things that came up was the idea of how ‘lucky’ the world is that China and Russia have been able to  maintain a sense of independence from the Western front.  
Imagine a world completely unchallenged by Western dominance, which we know is precisely the goal of our ambitious Western leaders. The goal, as stated by many Western leaders including George Bush Senior whilst President in an address to the nation, is to come to some New World Order of centralized control, with unified laws and principles enforced from one power centre.
Currently Western foreign and monetary policy are controlled and enforced by this central power centre.  That is clear given that the policy objectives are unified whilst their implications are broad and even conflicting.  What I mean by that is while the policy is embraced by all Western nations the implication of the policies go from being negligible, like here in the US, to economically crushing like in Europe.  So if foreign policy decisions were fragmented amongst Western nations the harsh implications of such policies would prevent those respective nations from supporting such policy decisions.  But the policies are supported, if not by the people of those nations (refer to farmers burning down of the Ministry of Agriculture building in France), then by their respective political classes and thus must be being decided as a central power.

The Deeper Issue - Men's Psychology

In The Men on my Couch, Dr. Brandy Engler claims that when men seek therapy for sexual problems the issue really comes down to love.

By One example: “Hank” had marital problems, and threatened to leave his wife if she wouldn’t give him blow jobs. Engler’s doesn’t judge this but instead digs deeper.
Hank was always the one to initiate sex, and would go down on his wife without her having to ask. So the real issue was Hank’s feeling of rejection. His marriage felt one sided due to his wife’s failure to reciprocate. Although Dr. Engler doesn’t address this, I’d bet anything that Hank’s wife doesn’t reciprocate much even outside the bedroom.
Men are constantly berated for treating treat women like sex objects, but the flip side is women objectifying men as utilities, or “love objects”, as Engler puts it.
Case in point: On Valentine’s Day the flower delivery guy constantly shows up at my office with flowers for women while the men receive nothing. It’s a competition between women to see who gets the best bouquet – and no doubt many a husband comes home to an angry wife who berates him for the inadequate bouquet he sent – while she ignores the fact that she’s done nothing for him.

Apartheid JSIL (Israel) Vowes To Destroy The ICC Over It's Probe Into The Evil Regime's Crimes Against Humanity In Gaza

The Jewish State of Israel in the Levant's (JSIL's) Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has expressed outrage over a move by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to launch a preliminary investigation into Tel Aviv’s war crimes against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip and has vowed to destroy it.
Orwellian UK Zionist Shill Regulator BANNED Press TV: JSIL Prime Minister Benjamin 'the baby butcher' Netanyahu said in a statement that he rejected the "scandalous" ICC decision, claiming the court has no jurisdiction over Palestine as it is not a state.
Tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed or injured in JSIL's war on Gaza last summer
Netanyahu described the probe as "absurd" and claimed that Israel “fights terror while maintaining international law and has an independent justice system."
In a statement on Friday, the ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, said the court launched a preliminary probe into Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people.
Bensouda added that she will conduct the examination in "full independence and impartiality."

"Escape From Enlightenment"

A not so distant future when heterosexuals are the minority. Empathy. Human rights. Don't be a but head. Larken Rose

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