19 Jan 2015

UK Press Rebellion - British Media Launches Protest Against Spying, As GCHQ Places Investigative Journalism In Same Category As Terrorism

Emails from the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, Le Monde, the Sun, NBC and the Washington Post were saved by GCHQ and shared on the agency’s intranet as part of a test exercise by the signals intelligence agency.
The journalists’ communications were among 70,000 emails harvested in the space of less than 10 minutes on one day in November 2008 by one of GCHQ’s numerous taps on the fibre-optic cables that make up the backbone of the internet.
New evidence from other UK intelligence documents revealed by Snowden also shows that a GCHQ information security assessment listed “investigative journalists” as a threat in a hierarchy alongside terrorists or hackers.



The Mangina

He's not the hero feminism asked for, he's the hero feminism deserves. Wolf of the West

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. As Well As The Oppressed US Dissidents Of 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. was considered a terrorist by the power structure in his own time, and were he alive today, he would undoubtably be considered a terrorist by the very same politicians who will today shower his legacy with superficial praise.
By Michael Krieger: It is always easy to celebrate a dissident hero from decades past, long after particular struggles have been tirelessly fought and won. With the person safely no longer alive or a threat to vested interests, it becomes easy to claim solidarity with such noble principles.
What’s much harder to do is to celebrate and support contemporary dissidents and whistleblowers. People with so much heart, courage and conviction behind their beliefs they often end up dead, such as Aaron Swartz; in jail, such as Barrett Brown, Private Manning and John Kiriakou; or on the run, such as Edward Snowden. On this MLK Day I want to do what I’m confident Dr. King would have wanted. I want to ask everyone reading this to support and stand with today’s dissidents and freedom fighters, because while history is important, the battles we face today are no less significant or monumental.
I also want to acknowledge Dr. King’s tremendous legacy by reposting a piece I wrote in June 2013 below. Enjoy.
Martin Luther King: Everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was Legal

Camerondo Hits Out At UK Muslim Council Over Neo-Nazi Style Govt. Letters

UK Prime Minister David 'Bomb The Sand Niggers' Cameron has criticized the Muslim Council of Britain for comparing the government to the Neo Nazis over its letters to the country's mosques.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Cameron has said that the Muslim Council of Britain "has a problem" after it accused ministers of behaving like the "far right".
This followed the Telegraph disclosure of official letters by the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles to 1,100 mosque imams and Islamic leaders, saying that they must do more to root out "men of hate" who preach extremism.
The Muslim Council of Britain responded by urging Pickles to clarify his request, asking if like "members of the far right", he was suggesting that Islam is inherently apart from the rest of British society.
This was met by Cameron’s defense of the letters, where he said: "It's absolutely right to write this letter, to say we all have a responsibility to fight extremism.”
Now Raza Nadim, member of the London-based Muslim Public Affairs Committee, says: The concern of British Muslims has been quite ignored for the last couple of years, and specially after Charlie Hebdo, there seems to be an… amount of focus on the Muslim community, placing the blame of terrorism only at the door of Muslims, but when it has to do with foreign policy at large part.”

The Wrong Type Of Snow - Straight Male Able Bodied

"The wrong type of snow is basically a pathetic excuse given to hide something else." I am so sick and tired of people using the term "Diversity", when that is not what they mean at all, the bigots. 6oodfella

JSIL Jewish Apartheid: Human Rights Group Says 2014 Was Toughest For Palestinian Children

An independent non-governmental organisation (NGO) has described the year 2014 as the toughest for Palestinian children, as the supremacist Tel Aviv regime continues its aggression against Palestinian kids on a daily basis in an attempt to intimidate the families under occupation.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: According to Switzerland-based Defense for Children International, Israeli rights violations led to numerous fatalities, injuries as well as psychological trauma among Palestinian youngsters last year. 
The NGO further pointed to Israel’s summer 2014 military aggression against the besieged Gaza Strip, as well as the detention and fatal shooting of children in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as flagrant violations of children’s rights.
The rights group added that the Gaza war left more than 480 children dead and thousands of others injured, and the offensive contributed to making 2014 the worst for Palestinian children.

5 Ways To Unfuck The World

'A mindfuck a day keeps the brainwash away.'
I rebel; therefore we exist.” Albert Camus
By Gary ‘Z’ McGee: Here’s the thing: the earth is not fucked. The earth will go on evolving with or without us. In fact, in many ways it is better off without us. No, it’s the human world that’s fucked. Either we adapt and overcome by making cooperation primary and competition secondary, or we’re fucked. It really is that simple. Unfucking the world will not be a walk in the park. It will be a complete upheaval of what we think we know about how human beings are “supposed” to live on this planet. We’ll have to turn the tables on our egos, our so called leaders, and even our loved ones. We’ll have to outgrow being indifferent and get used to being different. We’ll have to awaken and clear outdated, multigenerational patterns that need interrogation and then integration at a higher vibration. Here are five ways to attempt unfucking an otherwise fucked up world. Without further ado, let the unfucking begin.

1.) Unfuck Yourself

To be human is necessarily to be a vulnerable risk-taker; to be a courageous human is to be good at it.” Jonathan Lear

Did John Hembling Plagiarize An Article By Jim Lobe?

JTO's response to AL: "I borrowed a couple of sentences from Jim Lobe. I didn't sight the source and therefore nothing I say should ever be considered again. I'm a very bad man and I'm terribly ashamed of myself. Or possibly, AVfM and particularly Paul Elam has been searching high and low for any plausible excuse to purge all my writing from the site and throw me under the bus."


Did John Hembling Plagiarize An Article By Jim Lobe?
By In a recent email from a reader of AVFM I’ll identify as “IR”, it was suggested that an AVFM article written by contributor John Hembling and published April 17, 2011, “appears to have several passages largely cribbed from this 2003 piece at Alternet:
The Alternet article was credited to author Jim Lobe.
The article by Hembling in question is this one:
AVFM takes allegations of plagiarism seriously and in the past we have removed and banned articles and authors we have determined were tainted by plagiarism. Some of these authors had significant followings among our readership and while I was aggrieved to lose them, the integrity of AVFM and our mission of compassion for men and advocacy of men’s issues must take precedence.
What exactly does “plagiarize” entail? I Googled the word, and got this primary result:
“pla·gia·rize ˈplājəˌrīz/ verb
1. take (the work or an idea of someone else) and pass it off as one’s own.”
In other words, plagiarism is a sort of intellectual theft. Copying someone else’s work word for word and representing the result as one’s own work is obvious plagiarism, but quoting someone is not generally plagiarism.
A harder question is when an idea is “borrowed” and substantially rewritten, but the source of that idea is not credited. I would contend that when a large number of common elements are discovered between two articles, the likelihood that the more recent article contains plagiarism grows and eventually the case for plagiarism becomes persuasive.

"State Terrorism Is A Known Israeli Policy" Zarif

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the killing of six fighters of Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah by the Israeli regime.
Press TV: “We condemn all actions of the Zionist regime [of Israel aka JSIL] as well as all acts of terror,” Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Press TV early on Monday, lashing out at Israel for committing acts of terrorism.
Zarif further censured the acts of terrorism against the people of Lebanon and the resistance movement, saying that “this has been a practice followed for a very long time,” the top Iranian diplomat noted. The policy of state terrorism is a known policy of the Zionist regime [of Israel],” he added.

Anarchy: "The Place Is Here, The Time Is Now" - Mini Documentary On Athens Riots Of 6 December 2014

Perseus999: Unseen footage from the fierce riot that "exploded" in Athens on December 6, 2014, during a very tense time, when anarchist Nikos Romanos was on the 27th day of his hunger strike and his health in a critical condition, on the 6th anniversary of his friend's murder, Alexis Grigoropoulos, in cold blood by a policeman in the Exarhia area of Athens on December 6, 2008.
During almost 7 hours of fierce riots the riot police managed to enter the square of Exarcheia, only once for less than 10 minutes, since the policemen were driven out by a hale of stones and petrol bombs thrown at them from the roofs of many buildings around the square.

#Netanyahu + The Palestinian People, Their Children & Their Orphans

"What are your views on Netanyahu marching in Paris when he himself assassinated over 2200 in one summer?" George Galloway MP answers.
"Netanyahu didn't just march in Paris,
 he forced his way to the front 
and behaved disgracefully!"

There Can Be Only Wombat - Honey Badgers

"This show is about feminists and what fucking ass holes they are." There is subtle satire. And then there is Sledgehammer satire. Do you find yourself longing for that bygone feeling of "What did I just watch?" DoctorRandomercam

27 Facts That Show How The US Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Drone Bomber Barack Obama

By Michael Snyder: During his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, Barack Obama is going to promise to make life better for middle class families.  Of course he has also promised to do this during all of his other State of the Union addresses, but apparently he still believes that there are people out there that are buying what he is selling.  Each January, he gets up there and tells us how the economy is “turning around” and to believe that much brighter days are right around the corner.  And yet things just continue to get even worse for the middle class.  The numbers that you are about to see will not be included in Obama’s State of the Union speech.  They don’t fit the “narrative” that Obama is trying to sell to the American people.  But all of these statistics are accurate.  They paint a picture of a middle class that is dying.  Yes, the decline of the U.S. middle class is a phenomenon that has been playing out for decades.  But without a doubt, our troubles have accelerated during the Obama years.  When it comes to economics, he is completely and utterly clueless, and the policies that he has implemented are eating away at the foundations of our economy like a cancer.  The following are 27 facts that show how the middle class has fared under 6 years of Barack Obama…
#1 American families in the middle 20 percent of the income scale now earn less money than they did on the day when Barack Obama first entered the White House.