27 Jan 2015

Meet The Extreme Super Rich - A List Of The 80 People Who Own Half the World

By Michael Krieger: Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to make it clear that the definition of oligarch, a term I use a lot, does not center solely around money.
Late last year, in the post Inside the Mind of an Oligarch – Sheldon Adelson Proclaims “I Don’t Like Journalism,” I attempted to frame the word oligarch as I use it. I wrote the following:
In a nutshell, while many oligarchs are extremely wealthy (or have access to extreme wealth), not all people with extreme wealth are oligarchs. The term oligarch is reserved for those with extreme wealth who also want to control the political process, policy levers and most other aspects of the lives of the citizenry in a top-down tyrannical and undemocratic manner. They think they know best about pretty much everything, and believe unelected technocrats who share their worldview should be empowered so that they can unilaterally make all of society’s important decisions. The unwashed masses (plebs) in their minds are unnecessary distractions who must to be told what to do. Useless eaters who need to be brainwashed into worshipping the oligarch mindset, or turned into apathetic automatons incapable or unwilling to engage in critical thought. Either outcome is equally acceptable and equally encouraged.

Why Normal Women Distance Themselves From Rabid Modern-Day Feminism #WomenAgainstFeminsm

"All we want is to not be associated with the hatefull misandric organisation that feminism has become." Anastasia Procner

My Thoughts On Feminism

For the record, I used to identify as a sex-positive feminist (mostly because of Laci Green) Chloe Miller

From Feminist To Egalitarian - My Journey Away From Ignorance

"Is it any wonder that I only saw a woman's side and was so confused by a bunch of man haters?" Ceara McCord

Greece And Syriza: Not What It Seems

By Joaquin Flores: The sounds of champagne decorking and exuberant cheers among Syriza volunteers, supportive voters, and their struggling-but-comfortable socialist middle-class base within the intelligentsia and literati, could be heard across Athens' cafes in the clean areas of town. Election results were finalized this evening in Greece, with a clear Syriza victory.

Syriza, EU, Abbas, Putin, GMOs, Faux Jews

"An ant can't walk in Gaza without Israel taxing it. ...There's no way the Jews are a race, lets get real, real quick and recognise that fact. ...There's no truth in it whatsoever!" Morris

Russia In The Cross Hairs

By Paul Craig Roberts: Washington’s attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the realm of insanity.
The New Chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, Andrew Lack, has declared the Russian news service, RT, which broadcasts in multiple languages, to be a terrorist organization equivalent to Boko Haram and the Islamic State, and Standard and Poor’s just downgraded Russia’s credit rating to junk status.
Today RT International interviewed me about these insane developments.
In prior days when America was still a sane country, Lack’s charge would have led to him being laughed out of office. He would have had to resign and disappear from public life. Today in the make-believe world that Western propaganda has created, Lack’s statement is taken seriously. Yet another terrorist threat has been identified–RT. (Although both Boko Haram and the Islamic State employ terror, strictly speaking they are political organizations seeking to rule, not terror organizations, but this distinction would be over Lack’s head. Yes, I know. There is a good joke that could be made here about what Lack lacks. Appropriately named and all that.)
Nevertheless, whatever Lack might lack, I doubt he believes his nonsensical statement that RT is a terrorist organization. So what is his game?

Israel Dismisses 43 Good Soldiers For Criticizing The Evil Regime

The Israeli military has dismissed over 40 good soldiers for publicly criticizing the Tel Aviv regime’s crimes against Palestinians.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: The 43 male and female reserve soldiers, who were members of the Israeli army’s spying unit, were fired on Monday after they refused to continue serving the system which affects the rights of millions of people.”
In a letter published by Israeli media in September 2014, the soldiers wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top army chiefs that they could no longer serve in the unit because they did not want to participate in the injustices committed against Palestinians.
The signatories also criticized the political persecution their spying activities involved.
The letter was reportedly written a few weeks after Israel’s 50-day offensive on the Gaza Strip last summer.

Greece’s Hard Choice: Escape Or Merely Reset EU Servitude

By David Stockman: We can heartily praise Alexis Tsirpras for calling bull on the destructive puzzle palace economics thrust on his country by the hypocrites and liars who rule from Brussels. And his finance minister designate, economist Yanis Varoufakis, is surely on the right track when he targets the rent-seeking bankers, big businesses, and media operators who have plundered the Greek state for decades.
Indeed, his pledge that “we are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy systemshould resonate throughout the length and breadth of Europe. After all, what has smothered growth, enterprise and hope in the EU is exactly the kind of crony capitalist corruption of economic life and exploitation of the state that had already wrecked the Greek economy – even before the Trioka administered the coup de grace.
So the Syriza Shock is an inflection point. It represents the beginning of the end of unimpeded rule by the elitist apparatchiks who dominate the central banks and the economic policy machinery of Brussels, Washington and London. Overwhelmingly, their half-baked Keynesian and statist solutions have propped up the giant banks, fueled stupendous inflation of financial assets and enabled an era of obscene gambling windfalls to the very rich unprecedented in modern history.

Jeff Berwick Invites You To Anarchapulco

"The financial system is fake, it's communism."
James is joined by Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante.com and the Anarchast podcast to discuss Anarchapulco, the first international anarchist/anarcho-capitalist conference of its type that will be held in Acapulco, Mexico from February 24th to March 1st, 2015. With speakers including Luke Rudkowski, Dan Dicks, Roger Ver, Cody Wilson and James Corbett, as well as musical acts, special events and workshops, Anarchapulco promises to be an educational (and fun) celebration of liberty. corbettreport

Dutch Parliament Monetary Debate Coming

By Bill Still: The Dutch Parliment will have to discuss monetary reform in similar fashion to the recent debate in the British Parliament due to a fast-moving initiative petition in the Netherlands.