6 Feb 2015

A Thinking Man’s Rebuttal To “The Thinking Man’s” Attack On The Men’s Rights Movement

False media – we don’t need it, do we?”
Chuck D, “Don’t Believe The Hype
By The proverbial ink had barely dried on Ms. Mariah Blake’s drive-by shooting of a article that appeared on the Mother Jones website last week, where once again the Manosphere in general and A Voice For Men in particular, came in for yet another toss under the bus – this time by none other than White Knight in residence over at London’s Telegraph, Mr. Andrew Lowry, the self-proclaimed “Thinking Man”. is column generates a hella more heat than light on a movement that the mainstream media, academia and Social Justice Warrior Class – a cabal known to us Manospherians as the Cathedral – can no longer ignore.
The Men’s Rights Movement.
As if reading from the same page of the Cathedral’s hymnal, Lowry follows in lemming lockstep fashion behind Blake, in attempting to foist lie after lie and half-truth after half-truth on a still-unsuspecting public about exactly who the MRM is and why we do what we do. Without further ado, your correspondent will address, in point for point fashion, Lowry’s canards and dispatch each with the truth. Because, as we all know, the truth, shall set you free.
Lowry opens his screed about young Ben Moynihan, the British citizen who stabbed three women on the basis of his supposed mating woes (Moynihan claimed being a hopeless virgin). The problem with this line of argument, is that Moynihan didn’t have any links to the Manosphere

Post Crisis Scorecard – Global Debt Up $57 Trillion, 60% Of American Jobs Created Are Low Level, Record Youth Living With Parents

By Michael Krieger: This morning, my Twitter stream was filled with some of the most outlandish bullish economic victory laps from pundits I’ve ever seen. The source was the monthly employment report, which showed a larger than expected increase in employment as well as higher wages. In addition, there was a huge upward revision to employment data in November. Interestingly enough, on the same day this report was released, several important articles came across my screen that make me as concerned as ever about the true state of the economy and where we are headed.
First, CNN Money just yesterday published an article titled: Obama Jobs: More Caregivers, Servers and Temps. Here are a few excerpts:

Got a job while Obama was president? Then there’s a good chance you are working in healthcare or food service or as a temp.
Those sectors were responsible more than 60% of the jobs created since Obama took office in January 2009.

Britain Espionage On People Unlawful: UK Court

A tribunal in the UK has ruled that Britain has unlawfully spied on its citizens by receiving intelligence from the US National Security Agency (NSA).
Press TV: Britain’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) ruled on Friday that UK’s espionage agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), has violated the rights to privacy and freedom of expression by receiving information from the NSA.
“The regime governing the soliciting, receiving, storing and transmitting by UK authorities of private communications of individuals located in the UK, which have been obtained by US authorities … contravened Articles 8 or 10” of the European Convention on Human Rights, an “order” posted on the IPT'S website said.
Articles 8 and 10 refer respectively to the right to private and family life and the right to freedom of expression.
The IPT also ruled that mass surveillance of the internet by GCHQ was unlawful for seven years ranging from 2007 until the end of 2014.
The judicial body based its ruling on the UK government’s regulation on spying on the fact that the public were unaware of safeguards that were in place.
This is the first time that the IPT, established 15 years ago, has upheld a complaint against GCHQ.

Levanta e Anda - Emicida

Official video of the song "Rise and Walk" (Emicida / Rael / Beatnick & K-Salaam), the album "Who Return Glorious Were Never Here."
Clipe oficial da música "Levanta e Anda" (Emicida/Rael/Beatnick & K-Salaam), do disco "O Glorioso Retorno de Quem Nunca Esteve Aqui".

The Cowardly And Despicable American Presstitutes

'They would be fired if they hold Kerry and Obama accountable, and they know it. But they have to get someone, so they eat their own.'
By Paul Craig Roberts: February 5, 2015. There is a brouhaha underway about an American journalist who told a story about being in a helicopter in a war zone. The helicopter was hit and had to land. Which war zone and when I don’t know. The US has created so many war zones that it is difficult to keep up with them all, and as you will see, I am not interested in the story for its own sake.
It turns out that the journalist has remembered incorrectly. He was in a helicopter in a war zone, but it wasn’t hit and didn’t have to land. The journalist has been accused of lying in order to make himself seem to be “a more seasoned war correspondent than he is.”
The journalist’s presstitute colleagues are all over him with accusations. He has even had to apologize to the troops. Which troops and why is unclear. The American requirement that everyone apologize for every word reminds me of the old Soviet practice, real or alleged by anti-communists, that required Soviet citizens to self-criticize.
National Public Radio (2-5-15) thought this story of the American journalist was so important that the program played a recording of the journalist telling his story. It sounded like a good story to me. The audience enjoyed it and was laughing. The journalist telling the story did not claim any heroism on his part or any failure on the part of the helicopter crew. It is normal for helicopters to take hits in war zones.

Greece: The Big Picture Update, And Why Deutsche Bank Thinks Europe Will Fold

Tyler Durden's picture The Greek situation summaries Greece by Deutsche Bank's George Saravelos have consistently been among the best in the entire sellside. His latest Greek update, which is a must read for anyone who hasn't been following the fluid developments out of southeast Europe, which fluctuate not on an hourly but on a minute basis, does not disappoint.
But while his summary of events is great, what is of far greater significance is his conclusion, namely that ultimately Europe will fold: "we consider the most likely outcome to be a Eurogroup offer of a new Third program" and "given that the current program expires this February the offer to negotiate a new Third program may provide political room for the government to sit on the negotiating table. At the same time such an offer is very likely to be attached to strict conditions, with the willingness to accommodate t-bill issuance an open question. Developments overnight suggest that this has become less likely, imposing maximum pressure on the government to reach agreement within a matter of weeks."

Are Refugees Australia’s & Our Collective Responsibility?

Russell Brand's reaction to Tony Abbott's strict immigration policy and Zionist Rupert Murdoch's tax avoidance.

How Deadbeat Fathers Seek Custody Of Their Kids To Avoid Paying Child Support!?

"What's more important, the welfare of the child, or the mother being on welfare" MrMadness Sotomayor

Empowering Women

"The female chameleon could not exist without the participation of men particularly those playing the role of white knight. Men who practise chivalry enable the chameleon. It is you fine fellows who are the problem. ...The men who enable women's avoidance of accountability are in almost all cases doing what they think is the right thing, protect the women, attack the bad man and hopefully gain a sliver of positive identity for being the obedient protectors of the feminine." johntheother

Wacky Wiki Wars - Honey Badger Radio

"Because vagina!"

What Pisses Me Off About Greece's Debt Crisis - The Banksters

Did you know: 80% of the bailout money went to European Union banks that were Greek bondholders, and not the Greek economy, i.e.
it was another bankster bailout.
The Syriza party and its leader Alex Tsipras won last month's general election in Greece with a pledge to write off half of Greece's debt New Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said "too much time, hopes, lives" had been wasted by Greece's forced austerity program.

MANstream Media: vox.com Names Elam As Gloria Steinem Of MHRM

MANstream Media Weekly lined up. Paul Elam, Warren Farrell and Tom Golden discuss Stand by Your Manhood,” a scorching and hilarious indictment of modern gender politics. Discussing that book, as well as a discussion of the recent article on the men’s rights movement at vox.com.