7 Feb 2015

Beverly O’Connor’s Twisted View Of Sex

By : Beverley O’Connor has talked some drivel in her time. But one effort she made last year is Feminist Sacred Babble at its finest. She decried that “Porn obscures our view of women.”
Now you know, before you read any further, that “our” doesn’t include O’Connor. Her view of women is in perfect focus.
She begins:

I remember when, as a young girl and woman, you’d hear men in a group laughing uproariously as one declared that a woman’s place was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
Do you remember this time? I don’t. O’Connor claims that this caricature of boorish masculinity not only existed, but was the norm. However, in these enlightened times, those invented days are now behind us.

It may be the company I keep, but it seems to me that any debate about the right of women to work was over.

Lavrov: US Escalated Ukraine Crisis At Every Stage, Blamed Russia

RT: Sergey Lavrov has lashed out at the US for their double standards over Ukraine and taking steps that only promoted further aggravationof the conflict. He added Russia is ready to guarantee agreements between Kiev and the self-proclaimed republics.
One of the major sticking points of the crisis so far has been the failure of Kiev to engage in talks with militia leaders in the East of the country. Lavrov is staggered the US, who talked with the Taliban during their invasion of Afghanistan, through channels in Doha, Qatar, is unable to put pressure on Kiev to engage in discussions.
“In the case of Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan our partners actively asked governments to enter into dialogue with the opposition, even if they were extremists. However, during the Ukrainian crisis, they act differently, making up excuses and try to justify the use of cluster bombs,”

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth

By Paul Craig Roberts: In the previous posting, The Grand Manipulation, I again wrote about the false reality that government manipulation of information and control over explanations creates for Americans and others who have subordinated themselves to Washington.
Consider the war on terror.” According to a Nobel economist and a Harvard University budget expert, Washington’s 14 years of war on terror has cost Americans a minimum of $6 trillion. That’s 6,000 billion dollars. This sum, together with the current PayRoll tax revenues is enough to keep Social Security and Medicare in the black for years to come. Without the vast sum wasted on the war on terror, Republicans would not have an excuse to be trying to cut Social Security and Medicare for budget reasons and to privatize the old age pensions and health care of people, thus turning Medicare and Social Security pensions into fee income for Wall Street.
Combatting terrorism is the excuse for squandering a minimum of $6,000 billion dollars.
What were the terrorist events that serve as a basis for this expenditure?

There are five: 9/11, the London transport system bombings, the Spanish train bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the French Charlie Hebdo rifle attack.
In other words, 5 events in 14 years.

Putin Says Russia Will Never Succumb To Unipolar World Order

Russian president says his country will never accept a world order which is headed by one single government. 
Press TV: Vladimir Putin on Saturday said Moscow will oppose a unipolar world order where an undisputed leader imposes his own will on the world.
“There's an attempt to disguise the current world order that has taken shape over the past few decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a world order that is headed by one undisputed leader who wants to remain such," Putin told a congress of the Independent Trade Unions Federation of Russia in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi.
Putin was clearly lashing out at the United States, which is currently at loggerheads with Russia over the armed conflict in east Ukraine.
He said that Russia will never be satisfied with a world system in which only things are allowed that meet the interests of an “undisputed leader.”
"A leader who assumes that everything is allowed to him but others only need what he allows them and what meets his own interests. Russia will never be satisfied with this kind of world order," Putin added.

The Beautiful New Greek Government Might Have Been Screwed If Not For Russia

'Georgios Katrougalos, deputy minister of administrative reform and in charge of selling these cars, told the Greek media that “ministers don’t need state luxury cars.” He’ll use his personal car, he said, a classic MG Roadster. Who can’t love these guys that have so much style?'
By : Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, often in a good-cop-bad-cop manner, have been cruising through the media, lobbing a mix of admirable rhetoric, verbal hand grenades, and down-to-earth explanations. And they have become white-hot media darlings.
So Varoufakis was in Germany to meet with his counterpart, Wolfgang Schäuble, and they didn’t “even agree to disagree,” he said. He urged Germany to help end the “gross indignity” of the Greek debt crisis. The Troika’s austerity program had wasted “too much time, hopes, lives,” he said.
But it’s all about other people’s money.
They’d come to power with a pledge to wipe out half of Greece’s insurmountable pile of debt. Debt restructuring, debt exchange, more haircuts for bondholders, exit from the Eurozone… these are the kind of terms that Syriza party officials have bandied about before and after the election victory.
To show that this isn’t just talk, that the Greeks mean business, the government hired Lazard’s government advisory arm, headed by Matthieu Pigasse, master of sovereign-debt restructurings. And they made sure the media picked it up.

Globalized Healthcare Is Coming

Off-shoring of health care and health care tourism.

Greece: Are You Finally Ready to Do the Right Thing and Leave the Euro?

The era of living off borrowed money is over in Greece, and the Greek people now have a choice.
By Charles Hugh Smith: Almost four years ago I wrote Greece, Please Do The Right Thing: Default Now (June 1, 2011). Default remains the only real way forward for Greece and Europe. Consider the destructive "gains" reaped by four years of lies, predation, debt-serfdom and austerity in service to kleptocrats: tremendous suffering by many Greek citizens, all for nothing but propping up the evil of debt-serfdom to the Greek kleptocracy and the financial royalty of Europe.
The truth is Greece squandered four years propping up a patently false illusion that using the euro as a currency was worth everything, when it was always worth nothing. As I have described at length for four long years, the euro created a brief (and highly profitable to the kleptocrats and banks) fantasy that marginal borrowers would magically be transformed into solid credit risks simply because they were now borrowing euros instead of drachmas.

ECB’s QE Program Implemented Without A Vote - Draghi Lied

By : I have stated time and time again, whenever a politician speaks, you have to listen to every word and read not just between the lines, you have to read between each letter. Mario Draghi said at the press conference, the majority was so clear that a vote was not necessary. That was an outright lie. Draghi did not take a vote for it would have revealed the divide emerging within the EU of the North v South. The representatives of Germany, Austria, Estonia and the Netherlands were all opposed, so there was no majority. Consequently, there was no legal instrument voted on for the QE flooding of markets with one trillion euros.

UK Female Genital Mutilation Fiasco Shows That The DPP Is A Feminist Playground

By Another day, another outrageous prosecution by [radical feminist] Alison Saunders, the Director of UK Public Prosecutions. On Wednesday Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena was acquitted of the hideous crime of female genital mutilation (FGM).
It took the jury just thirty minutes to deliver their not guilty verdict. But not before Dr Dharmasena and his family put their lives on hold as he was dragged through the criminal courts accused of mutilating a woman after she had just given birth.
This prosecution was brought after a high-profile political push to bring the first prosecution for FGM. It seems the office of DPP is nothing more than a plaything for feminists and politicians with their very narrow agenda – to prosecute men for crimes against women, on little evidence.

Obama Will Not Meet Him, Biden Refuses To Attend And Dozens Of Lawmakers Boycott Netanyahu The Butcher Of Gaza's Congress Speech

US Vice President Joe Biden has decided not to participate in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech about Iran at Congress.
Press TV: The vice president’s office said in an email on Friday that Biden would be traveling abroad on March 3, The Hill reported.
“We are not ready to announce details of his trip yet, and normally our office wouldn't announce this early, but the planning process has been underway for a while,” the office said.
As the president of the Senate, Biden should sit beside House Speaker John Boehner behind the podium for addresses by foreign leaders.
The announcement came while dozens of Democratic lawmakers have planned to boycott Netanyahu’s speech on March 3 to protest Boehner’s decision to invite the Israeli leader without consulting with the White House.
A number of American lawmakers formally said they would not attend the speech. Reps. John Lewis of Georgia, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina, and Earl Blumenauer of Oregon are among the lawmakers.
Meanwhile, President Barack Obama would not meet with Netanyahu during his trip to Washington, according to the White House.

Yanis Varoufakis Sums Up Europe In One Sentence