8 Feb 2015

George Galloway Accused Of Anti-Semitism On BBC

When UK MP George Galloway appeared on BBC's flagship programme Question Time, he faced a barrage of heckling for his opposition to apartheid Israel's treatment of Palestinians.
By Lindsey German: I FOUND last night’s Question Time on BBC television shocking and disturbing in equal measure.
Shocking because a questioner was allowed to attack a member of the panel, George Galloway MP, by implying that he had contributed to the recorded rise in anti-Semitism. That in itself was a slur.

Why I became a Black Men’s Rights Activist: A reader responds

We few, we merry few, we Band of Brothers; for whosoever sheds his blood with me on this day, he too shall be my brother…” -William Shakespeare, “Henry V”
By : One of the things a writer always confronts is how readers will respond to what he’s presented to the world; and in my personal experience of doing this writing thing over the past five years, the world can be an unforgiving place. However, I can also say that there have been quite a few instances where what I have said from my keyboard and my heart has touched someone, and I have had the good fortune to be informed of this fact.
Such was the case with a recent column I wrote, “Why I became a Black Men’s Rights Activist,” a piece that seems to have gotten around on social media last time I checked. Which is a bit ironic, in as much as I’ve never been a huge user of the varying social media platforms. Today is the day that I have to admit their power and reach.
I say that because on last Friday, while checking my Facebook account, an admittedly rather infrequent affair for me, I found the following deeply moving, deeply personal message from “Darius”; after having a chance to chat with him on the telephone over the weekend – during which I found that he was a delight to bust it up with – he has graciously consented to my sharing his letter to the world:

Male Solitude - The Dark Passenger

"Robin Williams recent death has shifted the focus on male suicide front and center. The man who touched the hearts of millions, who seemingly had everything, swinging on the end of a rope." Spetsnaz

Uktaine War Holiday JISM - FKN Show

"Are you tired of wars [Zio-Nazis] in the middle east and other desert regions is the sight of towel headed Niggers shouting Allah Akbar not that entertaining any more? Do you yearn for a war with more white people [other than the Ashkenazi] a war somewhere in the west, a war with some green scenery, more built up areas and a little less profit Mohamed? Well you're in luck." Deek Jackson

Labyrinth, The Goblin King And The “Patriarchal” Truth

By I’ve licked at the red pill for many years; and in that time, I’ve met various people with various reasons to attempt to sustain themselves on blue pill mantra, that is, tradconism. With so many people believing that they are individuals, while being the same; it’s little wonder I came to the conclusion in my mid-twenties that we’re all just cogs.
When you break things down to the bare essentials, stripped of the trappings of civilization which we take for granted, what are we to each other but mere animals? I’ve had arguments over the necessity of basic shit shoveler trades; most arguments run along the lines of, “grunt work is no longer essential, most of us work in offices now,” to which I have to answer, “I’m rather partial to wiping my ass with soft paper and flushing it away, aren’t you?”
“The Patriarchy” doesn’t answer the questions essential to civilization. Currently, those who are rich, and/or have power, are just pencil pushers, money shufflers, panderers of female ego, and general scoundrels. To say I hate money, is an understatement of exponential orders of magnitude to the nth power… squared. Most people look around and see those big buildings and think, “wealth.” I see a service industry. Service industries don’t generate wealth, they require monetary input, by those who actually make wealth. The industrial and manufacturing economy doesn’t require service; at least, not the services being brazenly advertized on every street corner and magazine.

ISIS - Greek Govt Can Sink TTIP - Ukraine - Vaccinations

"The West doesn't want peace, it wants war and subjugation and The West is Zionism, The West is Israel. ...The Greek government could possibly sink TTIP. ...This Greek government also wants to end co-operation with Israel. ...It could end up like that Polish government that all disappeared in a plane! ...Look what they did to Libya, they do anything to keep people enslaved to their debt. The Greeks want to withdraw from NATO as well." Morris

World Rabbis Slam Netanyahu The Baby Butcher Of Gaza For Land Theft

Hundreds of rabbis from the four corners of the world have slammed JSIL [Israeli] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 'the Baby Semite killer' for acting against the international law.
Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) submitted an open letter by as many as 400 rabbis from across the world to the Israeli premier, criticizing his policies toward Palestinians.
The rabbis called on Netanyahu to halt razing to the ground Palestinian homes in the occupied territories, saying that Netanyahu’s policies toward Palestinians are in contradiction to “international law.”
“Thousands have been forced to build without permits, and great human suffering is caused when hundreds of homes are demolished each year,” the letter stated.
It was in reaction to Netanyahu’s recent decision to destroy some 400 newly-built Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank.

Akala - Murder Runs The Globe

Murder Runs The Globe taken from Akala’s forthcoming 5th album Knowledge Is Power Vol2 GlobalFaction

Greece Exposes The Global Economy's Achilles Heel

Countries that can't repay their debts - won't.
By Chris Martenson: The new Greek political party, known as Syriza, the Coalition of the Radical Left, has done the unthinkable: they've dared to speak the truth.
In this case, the truth is perfectly captured by the blunt assessment by the new Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, who recently declared "I'm the finance minister of a bankrupt country."
Such honest assessments are not supposed to be uttered in politics, no matter how true they may be. And so, as you can imagine, the machinery of the defenders of the status quo is in quite a lather over the whole affair. And it's doing everything it can to minimize and marginalize the new Greek government.
One editorial in the Financial Times summed up the establishment view quite well, I thought, putting its contempt for those who dare to simply state what is true right on the table: 
Athens plots a daring escape from the troika 
Feb 2, 2015
Syriza is as radical as any party to take power within the eurozone. Hardly any of Greece’s new cabinet have experience of government; predictably, its first week was studded with chaotic interventions, including a clumsy blunder into EU-Russian relations. Syriza’s rhetoric is still more suited to a university seminar than a serious programme of government.

Greece, Beware Bureaucrats & Bankers Bearing Bailouts + HANGING BANKSTERS - WB7

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert warn Greece to beware bureaucrats and banksters bearing bailouts.

Greece Resists IMF Swindle

"Former hairdresser Emily Maitlis sinks her Jewish fangs into Syriza's new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, he deftly curbs her prickly Jewish tongue. ...A black hole of Jewish enslavement. The IMF is a bastard child of the Jewish owned Fed who's real head Stanley Fischer was deputy director of the IMF from 1994 to 2001, just before heading up the bank of Israel. He's a bonifide economic hitman who fully kosherized the IMF. Now she playes the anti-Semitism card. ...Bravo Yanis, you see right through the Jewish ruse to turn valid criticism of Jews into anti-Semitism and thus discredit real reform." Brother Nathanael