20 Feb 2015

So's Your Face

Let's see who's looking out for the little guy.
"I'm not a meninist."

Greek FinMin Varoufakis Explains Himself + Varoufakis Says If Troika Rejects Reforms "The Deal Is Dead And Buried" + Full Eurogroup Statement On Greece

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is holding a press conference to explain the decisions that led up to what by appearance seems to be a Greek fold...

The “War On Terror” Turns Inward - US DHS Report Warns Of Right Wing Terror Threat

By Michael Krieger: What you are about to read from CNN is just the very beginning of the intentional demonization of a growing segment of the U.S. population that rightly believes the government is run by a collective of thieving, corrupt, immoral sociopaths. 
This isn’t speculation either, years of content on this site serves as definitive proof that this is true. Commingling dissent, violence and “right wing” ideology will be key in the ultimate division of government critics in these United States, and a successful attempt to scare people away from questioning a clearly degraded and parasitic status quo.
The writing has been on the wall for many years, and I’ve warned about this development on many occasions (links at the end). If Martin Armstrong’s model is correct, and the U.S. economy starts to move downward in fall 2015, dissent will spread across the land like brushfire and the status quo will call dissenters terrorists (they already did this during Occupy Wall Street). My advice to everyone listening is don’t fall for it, and instead unite together in order to achieve a peaceful societal and economic paradigm shift.

5 Reasons Women Love Rape Fantasies

By With 50 Shades of Grey titillating women across the country and making serious bank, this is a good time to explore just what women love so much about fantasies that involve humiliation, submission, exploitation and the promise of violent enforcement. Being hand-cuffed to a bed, gagged and whipped with a riding crop by a man who overpowers her in every way seems the very opposite of the empowered, confident, voracious women who stride through feminist media, and yet the pull of these hapless, helpless creatures is strong indeed. Women love rape fantasies. Here’s why:
1. She bears no responsibility
Sexually promiscuous women with appetites for variety and bedposts notched down to matchsticks are generally known in the popular vernacular as “sluts.” That may not be fair, but it’s the truth. We may have come a long way, baby, but we haven’t come so far that a woman with a triple digit number is going to be admired in any way, unless she happens to be a porn star who specializes in running trains. Personally, I’m not convinced this is misogyny, but rather our human inclination towards pair bonding. There is a stereotype, alive and well, that men will have sex with anything and have no standards when it comes to their own promiscuity, or at the very least, very different standards, but this is simply not true. Men, as much as women, are not entirely comfortable with sluts, whether the slut is the person standing beside them or the person in the mirror.

Marijuana Vs Sugar - Which Drug Is Most Dangerous?

Russell Brand's reactions to Jon Snow trying Skunk while studies are linking it to an increased risk of psychosis.

Don'ts for Husbands and Wives (1913)

"Just, a hundred-and-such years ago...women were still viewed as chattel!" - Matt Binder, historical gender-relations expert. Sargon of Akkad

A Whistleblower's Horror Story

Years after blowing the whistle on Countrywide, Michael Winston is bogged down in the courts, and fighting for his life.
By Matt Taibbi: This is the age of the whistleblower. From Chelsea Manning to Edward Snowden to the latest cloak-and-dagger lifter of files, ex-HSBC employee Hervé Falciani, whistleblowers are becoming to this decade what rock stars were to the Sixties — pop culture icons, global countercultural heroes.
But one of America's ugliest secrets is that our own whistleblowers often don't do so well after the headlines fade and cameras recede. The ones who don't end up in jail like Manning, or in exile like Snowden, often still go through years of harassment and financial hardship. And while we wait to see if Loretta Lynch is confirmed as the next Attorney General, it's worth taking a look at how whistleblowers in America fared under the last regime.
One man's story in particular highlights just about everything that can go wrong when you give evidence against your bosses in America: former Countrywide/Bank of America whistleblower Michael Winston.

Bang: The Definitive Interview With RooshV (Part Two)

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” - Benjamin Franklin
By : In Part One of my interview with RooshV, we discussed his origins and his early days in the pickup scene, his experiences overseas, his thoughts on Game/Pickup, American and foreign women, and lastly, Feminism. In today’s second and final installment of my interview with him, we move from the personal to the decidedly political, with Roosh giving his thoughts on Social Justice Warriors, the Manosphere in general and the MRA and MGTOW ends of it more specifically, what he sees as the future of the entire ball of wax, and gives his take on some of the biggest news stories of the past few months or so. Stay tuned for some “postscript” concluding thoughts by yours truly after the whole thing ends.
QUESTION: That brings me to a piece you wrote last year that, in my view, was perhaps the single best essay ever written addressing the darkside of what some have referred to as “Social Justice Warriors”; the previous year seems to have seen them experiencing a number of faux pas and setbacks – the UVA/Rolling Stone scandal is a case in point, among other things.
You suggested that not only were the SJW crowd seemingly hell-bent on doing away with norms and traditions that have been the cornerstone of Western civilization, but you took it a step further in suggesting that what motivates SJWs is a complex of deeply personal demons. Could you elaborate a bit on these points?

Matt O'Connor Responds To Attacks On Fathers 4 Justice By Caroline Nokes MP And The British Lame-Stream Media

"We are enduring another concerted attempt to smash fathers for justice by the British establishment. It started with a promise to introduce shared parenting and bring millions of fathers back into the lives of their children and end the misery and heartache of millions of families in this country. We have come to cash that promise in, but there are powerful forces and vested interests that oppose our campaign for equality, who would rather see millions of more children made fatherless, who would rather see their suffering continue, these people will stop at nothing. In 2006 we were accused of plotting to kidnap Leo Blair in a smear campaign involving the prime minister Tony Blair and Rebeka Brooks editor of the Sun,

‘Unprecedented! US Breaking Ranks With Israelis, Saying They’re Liars’

"Netanyahu is basically a wild animal in a suit." An American political commentator and activist says it is "unprecedented" that a US administration is “breaking ranks” with Israelis, telling them they are liars.  ​  
Press TV: Mark Glenn, writer and co-founder of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an interfaith forum dedicated to uniting Muslims and Christians against Zionists, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.
On Wednesday, the Obama administration said Israel is issuing false information about America’s position in nuclear negotiations with Iran.
“There's no question that some of the things that the Israelis have said in characterizing our negotiating position have not been accurate. There's no question about that,” said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.
He accused Israel of "cherry-picking" intelligence information that distorts the US position.
Glenn said the development is “unprecedented” since “the United States and Israel basically are in bed together on so many intelligence issues.”
 “What is more interesting about this is that it indicates really how serious the situation is.

It’s Germany vs. Greece, And The Very Survival Of The Fascist Eurozone Is At Stake

By Michael Snyder: Is this the beginning of the end for the eurozone?  On Thursday, Germany rejected a Greek request for a six-month loan extension.  The Germans insisted that the Greek proposal did not require the Greeks to adhere to the austerity restrictions which previous agreements had forced upon them.  But Greek voters have already very clearly rejected the status quo, and the new Greek government has stated unequivocally that it will not be bound by the current bailout arrangement.  So can Germany and Greece find some sort of compromise that will be acceptable to both of them?  It certainly does not help that some Greek politicians have been comparing the current German government to the Nazis, and the Germans have fired back with some very nasty comments about the Greeks.  Unfortunately for both of them, time is running out.  The Greek government will run out of money in just a couple of weeks, and without a deal there is a very good chance that Greece will be forced to leave the euro.  In fact, this week Commerzbank AG increased the probability of a “Grexit” to 50 percent.  And if Greece does leave the eurozone, it could spark a full blown European financial crisis which would be absolutely catastrophic.
What the Greeks want right now is a six month loan extension which would give them much more economic flexibility than under the current agreement.  Unfortunately for the Greeks, Germany has rejected this proposal