22 Feb 2015

Israeli Green Shirt Psychopaths Open Dams’ Gates, Flood Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians have been forced to evacuate their homes in the Gaza Strip because of a move by the Israeli regime to open the gates of several dams surrounding the besieged area.
Press TV: The [Israeli] army opened the floodgates of a canal leading to central Gaza, which led to the removal of sand mounds along the border with Israel,” GAZA’s Civil Defense Directorate (CDD) said in a statement on Sunday.
“Opening the levees to the canal has led to the flooding of several Palestinian homes, and we had to quickly evacuate the afflicted citizens,” the statement further read.
The directorate also lashed out at Tel Aviv for opening the dams without giving prior notice to Gaza’s residents, saying the regime intentionally discharged a huge amount of water in the direction of the strip.

Greek Infighting Begins After Historic Syriza Member Slams Agreement, Apologizes For "Contributing To Illusion" Of Change

As the divergence between Syriza's leadership perspective on debt talks - "success...won the battle" - and the Greek voters - "It looks to me that nothing has changed" - grows ever wider, and on the heels of apparent near mutiny last week, there is growing division in the ranks of the newly elected party. Syriza MEP Manolis Glezos penned a stunning rebuke of the party's apparent U-turn and asks his electorate for forgiveness... "there can be no compromise between oppressor and oppressed... Pity, and pity again... I apologize to the Greek people because I have contributed to this illusion... before it is too late, let us react!" 
In an article uploaded on the website of his Movement for Active Citizens, Keep Talking Greece notes Manolis Glezos - the historic member of the Greek left (best known for his participation in the World War II resistance) - expresses his deep disappointment about the way Syriza handles with the negotiations and calls for party members to decide if they accept this situation.
Via Manolis Glezos' Movement for Active Citizens website (via Google Translate):
“Renaming the Troika into Institutions, the Memorandum of Understanding into   Agreement and the lenders into partners, you do not change the previous situations as in the case renaming meat into fish.

What Ordinary Greeks Think Of Friday's Deal: "We Went Through Two Months Of Agony To Realize We Are Still A Debt Colony"

Tyler Durden's picture For all the third-party analysis, punditry and opinions such as this one by the Irish finance minister Michael Noonan:

"Their political problem is that this a reversal of their election position. There is absolutely nothing on the table that could be considered a concession. They're now compromising and compromising quite significantly," he told national broadcaster RTE, but made clear Athens had little choice. "The biggest threat to Greece was that their banking system would go belly up next Wednesday."

Noonan said Greece now faces another bailout on top of the two totaling 240 billion euros that it has taken since 2010. Friday's deal had been "the first set of discussions to ensure Greece doesn't collapse next week", said Noonan. "Once you get them into the safe space for the next four months, there'll be another set of discussions which will effectively involve the negotiation of a third program for Greece."

Because You Touch Yourself At Night

It's like a symmetrical Triptych. It works in either chronological order. DoctorRandomercam


Women who want your money aren't just digging for gold, they're digging your grave. Terrence Popp

50 Shades Of Greece

: When it comes to the ongoing Greek question, I see a lot of people eagerly jump to conclusions, after the ‘debt deal’, that I don’t think are justified; certainly not yet. The overall conviction in the press seems to be that Syriza has given in on just about all fronts, and Germany and Dijsselbloem are the big winners.
But since that may well be the exact position Syriza wants ‘the other side’ to be in, where they think they have prevailed, one will have to try and think a few steps ahead before judging the situation. There’s far more grey area here than many pundits seem to assume, easily 50 shades of it.
If Greece wouldn’t have given Germany the idea that it was winning, Athens would have already come very close to an exit from the eurozone. The problem with that is that it is not part of the mandate Syriza has been given by Greek voters. Who have spoken out for an end to austerity, but within the existing euro framework.
Varoufakis et al. may long have concluded that such a set-up is simply not realistic, but they would still have to work up to a situation where, at some point, they can present this to the people. And that can only be done after they can convincingly show that Germany and Holland refuse to honor the democratically decided mandate Syriza brings to the table.
They would have to make absolutely sure that the other side gets the blame for the failed negotiations. They have to do that anyway, even if a Grexit is not their preferred outcome. They need to be able to prove that they bent over backwards and Germany still wouldn’t play ball.

Do Not Date A Woman That Has Kid & Here Are The Reasons Why... Pt 1 + Denied Visitation To See His Son For 2nd Bday Party!

"Men, for your own safety and health do not date women with children." MrMadness Sotomayor


Q&A tackles “Family Violence”

By Q&A tackles “Family Violence”
The publicly funded facilitator of politically correct and progressive media bias in Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC), will host an episode of it regular “Q&A” program looking at “Family Violence” on Monday 23 Feb, 9.35pm AEDT, Simulcast live on ABC News 24.
Q&A is described as putting “punters, pollies and pundits together in the studio to thrash out the hot issues of the week, live to air.”
Those familiar with the program will know a common tactic is to stack the panel of usually 5 persons plus the moderator with 3 or more often 4 usually politically correct or “progressive” panellists and invite a token conservative panellist or one with an opposing view to enable a veneer of inclusiveness. Suffice to say the studio audience usually appears similarly stacked, as do the questions selected to be asked of the panel.
On Wednesday of this week, 5 days before the program is due to air, I was invited to be the fifth panellist. Speaking to a Q&A representative by phone, I wondered why a representative of the 1in3 Campaign had not been invited, and was advised that they declined the invitation. It all seemed a bit fishy given I had previously attempted to cross swords with one of the other panellists Natasha Stott – Despoja via this open letter, calling out her bias on the issue of Domestic Violence.

Why Democracy Always Fails

Stefan Molyneux explains why democracy always fails - and will always fail.

USA Is Designed To Be A Failed State

"America is designed to be a failed state. China will be the superpower in a very short time. There's a Zionist cabal running the world. Now we're just simmering, it's the calm before the storm, we're all waiting for a third world war." Morris.

Mike Buchanan Interviewed By Radical Feminist Jo Hayward

Mike Buchanan: A frustrating interview, with a female presenter who apparently believes there should be gender balance in the House of Commons, although the vast majority of prospective parliamentary candidates are men (at least in the absence of anti-meritocratic all-women shortlists). Give me strength. It's been 36 years since Margaret Thatcher won the first of her three terms as Prime Minister.