28 Feb 2015

Inflation = War

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss bankrupting nations through inflation and/or war. They look at the new bond coin in Zimbabwe where the US dollar is preferred and then to central banks where gold is preferred over the US dollar. So many fools, not enough currencies.


Fathers4Justice Blocked From Speaking In Parliament

By Nadine O’Connor: Fathers4Justice today said they believe they have been blocked from speaking at a meeting in Parliament this Tuesday on ‘The Changing Role of Fathers’, being chaired by the Right Revered, Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham.
Fathers4Justice had been scheduled as speaking at the event organised by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Parents and Families. They were informed last week that ‘due to timings’ there was no space for them after ‘Ministers’ were confirmed as attending. It is believed the Minister concerned is former Family Law Barrister and Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, Edward Timpson MP.
The organisers refused to respond to enquiries from Fathers4Justice whether their removal was down to political pressure or whether other groups had also been removed from the schedule.
Said F4J Campaign Director, Nadine O’Connor, “We are deeply saddened that yet again, the families we represent have been denied a voice in their own Parliament. We have raised the issue with the organisers and the Bishop of Durham, but to date we have had no response.”
“The only conclusion we can draw, is that as on countless previous occasions over the last 14 years, we have again been denied an opportunity to present our case and oral testimony because of political pressure.

10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever

"War is merely the continuation of policy by other means." – Carl von Clausewitz
By Ron Holland: The political elites, Federal Reserve and special interests that really run the show hiding behind Congress and the president of either party in America's closed two-party monopoly seem to be running scared in many regards. They rightly have many fears for their political future as well as the profits and survival of the major international corporations and banking interests that support the current political leadership and regime.

Never has our nation, corporations and wealthy top 1% faced so many new threats to their efforts to grow their power and wealth around the world. Although there is enough blame and mistakes to go around, many of these threats can not really be blamed on our political or financial leaders but rather result from changes in the fast-paced world we live in today.

Euro Temptations + Troika Stockholm Syndrome + HSBC Money Laundry - William Banzai7

A Voice For Men: Snarkytweet Leads To An Opportunity?

By One of the most shopworn habits of the feminist version of the “men’s movement” is trotting out the canard that the MHRM does not actually do anything to help men. I heard it for about the ten thousandth time today in a tweet from one such concerned individual, Mr. David Pilbäck of mensmovement.com as follows.

Another voice from the outside, who I can imagine felt quite triumphant with each retweet of his snarky little suggestion. So, I called him on it.

To which he replied.

Spain’s Catalonia Seeks Own Tax System

The Catalan government is seeking to set up its own tax system as the autonomous region prepares for secession from Spain.
Press TV: The government of Catalan President Artur Mas has enlisted a former Spanish tax inspector, Joan Iglesias, to prepare the administration to collect its own taxes.
Iglesias said on Friday that the Catalan tax authority could collect about €100 billion (USD113 billion) in taxes a year, more than the €65 billion (USD72 billion) needed for an independent Catalan state.
“Everyone knows that Catalonia would be viable economically," Iglesias said, adding, "It is the most economically productive territory in Spain.”
According to reports, the Catalan tax authority currently collects only five percent of the total amount of taxes raised in the wealthy northeastern region of Spain.
The Catalan president recently established a commission tasked with supervising the creation of structures in a possible independent Catalonia.
Earlier this month, Roger Albinyana, Catalan government’s deputy minister for external affairs, announced the region’s willingness to open some 50 embassies across the globe to represent its interests.

The Truth About 'Net Neutrality' + Uncategorized The Net Neutrality Debate Proves The Opinions Are Far From Informed

"The [US] federal government is about to seize control of the Internet and most Americans don't even know about it." Paul Joseph Watson

Practicing Non-Violence in Our Home

“Go to your room!”
“Wait until your father gets home… “
“Do you want me to use my belt?”
By The Dissident Dad: This is what I remember as a child when I was in trouble. My mother spanked me with a wooden spoon. My father used a thick leather belt. Some of you reading this may have similar memories.
A 2002 ABC News poll reported that by about a 2:1 margin, American parents spank their children. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Education, in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, school-sanctioned spanking is still widespread.
Hitting children is still normal. Most of us who were spanked may observe that we turned out fine, but the truth is we will never know. None of us have any idea how we might have turned out without any spankings – perhaps better, or perhaps worse.
What we do know today is that scientists can prove that physical violence in a child’s life by a parent can not only alter the brain in a traumatized way, but evidence also shows that the child will possess less gray matter in its brain development.

US Police Tase Elderly Man With His Hands Up

"Shocking video out of Florida USA shows barbaric police tasering an elderly man despite the fact that his hands are up and he appears to be offering no resistance." Paul Joseph Watson

Annaly’s CEO Accurately Compares Central Bankers To Witch Doctors; Possible “Blood-Letters”

The story of bloodletting is intertwined in the mysterious fabric of medical lore; it originated from magic and religious ceremonies. The physician and priest were one and the same since disease was thought to be caused by supernatural causes. Witch doctors and sorcerers were called on to drive out the evil spirits and demons. Bloodletting was a method for cleansing the body of ill-defined impurities and excess fluid. The early instruments included thorns, pointed sticks and bones, sharp pieces of flint or shell, and even sharply pointed shark’s teeth. Miniature bow and arrow devices for bloodletting have been found in South America and New Guinea. A small bloodletting instrument resembling a crossbow was once used in Greece and Malta. Wall paintings dating from 1400 B.C. depict the use of leeches for drawing blood from human beings.
– From a PBS article: A Brief History of Blood-Letting
On a conference call today to discuss the mortgage-investment firm’s earnings, the chief executive officer talked about “blood-letting,” a “popular prescription for many ills” until the late 1800s, and the similarly abandoned view that life could be created by spontaneous generation to explain her “healthy dose of concern” over the potential results of all the stimulus.

Boo-Hoo! Whining Feminists Admit Defeat + The Crazy World of Feminist Theater

"Having lost the debate, radical feminists are being helped by the corporate media to portray themselves as victims of hate speech in a move to censor their critics." Paul Joseph Watson