1 Mar 2015


Real prostitutes get paid up front. Wives set you up, cheat on you, and take the cash and prizes on the back end. Hence the fitting title: Halfway hooker. Terrence Popp

Male Rage - Greeting The Menace

"...Everything is done to provoke anger in males. Boys are given no guidance on how to manage anger, all they are given is blaming and shaming and there is no understanding for a male who exhibits anger, regardless of whether that male was provoked or has a history of abuse." Spetsnaz

"Spectacular Developments" In Austria: Bail-In Arrives After €7.6 Billion Bad Bank Capital Hole "Discovered"

Tyler Durden's picture Slowly, all the lies of the "recovery", all the skeletons in the closet, and all the bodies swept under the rug are emerging.
Moments ago, Austrian ORF reported that there have been "spectacular developments" in the case of the Hypo Alpe Adria bad bank, also known as the Heta Asset Resolution, where an outside audit of Heta's balance sheet exposed a capital hole of up to 7.6 billion euros ($8.51 billion) which the government was not prepared to fill, the Austrian Financial Market Authority said.

As a result, according to Reuters, the bad bank that was created in the aftermath of the Hypo collapse, is itself about to be unwound, as the bad bank itself goes bad!

"Austria's Financial Market Authority stepped in on Sunday to wind down "bad bank" Heta Asset Resolution and imposed a moratorium on debt repayments by the vehicle set up last year from the remnants of defunct lender Hypo Alpe Adria."

What Is The Non-Feminist Revolution?

By : The non-feminist revolution is not a “movement”, but a largely unconscious demographic upwelling of resistance to feminism and its consequences.  It is an objectively historical process, of a spontaneous, organic and amoral character. Its center is everywhere, its perimeter nowhere, and its parts do not always accord with each other. We did not initiate or instigate this “revolution”. We did not invent it. We merely recognized it in action, and gave it a name.
We have chosen the word “revolution” not because it sounds cool and glamorous, but because no better terminology occurs to us. A revolution is a thing which overturns or abrogates a system of authority, and does so without seeking permission. Indeed, it would be an ironic kind of revolution that would say to the establishment “may I overthrow you?”. But the non-feminist revolution is nothing of that sort.
On the contrary, the non-feminist revolution works to reverse the entire spectrum of adverse consequences which feminist innovation has introduced. By this means, it nullifies the feminist project in toto. It works as a primordial energy upon a distributed range of attack points, and not all of the humans involved will intellectualize the meaning of their actions. That is, they might not be aware that they are compromising feminism as such. They might only be reacting to immediate life conditions, yet the combined effect of their actions will undermine the feminist power structure from many directions.

The WereBitch Project

"U mad, bro?" DoctorRandomercam

Naked Male Sex Slave Escapes From Buckingham Palace?

"Check out what we saw in London !! Really mad." Anders Dahlberg

PM Tsipras Outlines 5 Legislation Drafts, Announces State Bankruptcy Investigation

By Keep Talking Greece: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras outlined the first 5 legislation drafts that will be submitted to Parliament as soon as possible. The first draft law that will be submitted on Monday will  concern measures to tackle the humanitarian crisis and relief measures to impoverished households. Furthermore, the Prime Minister announced that the government will submit a proposal to establish an committee that will “examine the conditions and the political responsibilities of those who bankrupted the country and led Greece to enforced borrowing.”
In his speech at the extraordinary cabinet meeting that was televised live, Tsipras also ruled out a third bailout that allegedly Germany prepares for summer.
Five legislation drafts:
1) Humanitarian crisis: free electricity and food for 300,000 poor households, free housing for 30,000 people. Food stamps through a pre-paid smart card that will be charged each week.
Relief measures for 3.7 million natural person, very small, small and medium enterprises that owe up to €5,000 “without hope to ever pay back their debts again.”

Satanic NWO Comedy Doom + Real Alien MindFuck - FKN Show

Nemtsov’s Assassination: A Propaganda Attack On Putin? + Caught On Tape: The Moment Boris Nemtsov Was Assassinated

By Paul Craig Roberts: Boris Nemtsov, a Russian dissident politician highly critical of President Vladimir Putin often sounded like an agent of Washington. He was shot and killed today on a street near Red Square.
If Nemtsov wasn’t assassinated by the CIA in order to blame Putin, most likely Nemtsov was killed by Russian nationalists who saw him as Washington’s agent.
Remembering the Magnitsky affair that resulted in sanctions imposed on Russians as a result of the US Congress over-reacting to a jail death in Russia, Nemtsov’s death will likely be blamed on Putin. The Western media will repeat endlessly, with no evidence, that Putin had his critic killed.
I can tell you one thing, and that is that Putin is much too smart to play into Washington’s hands in this way. Moreover, Nemtsov, although a loud mouth, had no impact on Putin’s 85% approval rating. Nemtsov’s support resided in the Washington-funded NGOs in Russia. If the CIA assassinated Nemtsov, they killed their own asset.
It remains to be seen if the propaganda gains justify the CIA’s loss of a Putin critic.

Top Adviser To George Osborne Filmed Smoking Crack Cocaine, Talking About The Economy

By Stacy Herbert: One of UK Chancellor George Osborne’s senior advisers on economic policy has been captured on video smoking crack cocaine in a drugs den.
Prof Douglas McWilliams, who last year ­estimated we would all be £165 a year better off by the election, is seen inhaling it through a glass tube at a flat in North London.
The executive chairman of influential City think-tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research then slumps dazed on a sofa after repeatedly smoking on the makeshift crack pipe involving a miniature Martell Cognac bottle.