2 Mar 2015

"His Was The Most...Human"

In America The Police Are The Terrorists

Senior Citizen Held at Gunpoint, Forced to Remove Clothes in Public, Jailed, for Driving Classic Car.

The ABC Allows Feminists To Use Q&A As A Bully Pulpit

By : One of the most disgusting and callous things that feminist domestic violence advocates do – and they do it regularly – is to dismiss and minimise the abuse suffered by male victims. It is especially galling when they do this to a man who has already been through the ordeal of being told by police, friends, and society that he’s the wrong gender to be a victim of family violence. Worse again is when they do it right to his face in a public forum for all the world to see. These people wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing to a female victim but they apparently feel completely justified in doing it to a man; a perfect illustration of the empathy gap that exists in society.
This is exactly what was done to an audience member during the Monday 24th February, 2015 episode of the ABC’s Q&A. An extremely courageous man named Steve, who is a survivor of family violence, had the guts to stand up, tell his story, and pose the following question (paraphrased below):
With research showing that at least 1 in 3 victims of family violence are male, why is all of the funding, services and discussion focused solely on female victims and how can we raise awareness for male victims?

New ‘Men’s Rights’ Party To Stand In Nottingham

By Yasemin Craggs Mersinoglu: Candidates from the ‘Justice For Men and Boys (and the women who love them) Party’ will be standing in three different Nottinghamshire constituencies in the General Election in May.
The party was launched in February 2013 and claims on their website that ‘for over 40 years feminists have lied relentlessly about issues such as rape and domestic violence, making women excessively fearful of men, and in consequence hateful towards men as a class’.

The party has generated controversy for some of its claims in their 80-page election manifesto, including that only one in seven British women is ‘work-centred’
The party has generated controversy for some of its claims in their 80-page election manifesto, including that only one in seven British women is ‘work-centred’ and that ‘the feminisation of the NHS over the past 30+ years has proved a disaster for patients (and taxpayers)’.
Their leader, Mike Buchanan, will be facing the Shadow Women and Equalities Minister, Gloria De Piero MP, who his party once presented with a ‘Lying Feminist of the Month Award’ following comments she made on the gender pay gap.

The Fight For Father’s Rights In The UK

By : Within the United Kingdom there remains a silent boundary for every male that either has, or will have a child to call his own. A steel sky, painted and portrayed to look like the real thing which can reduce a man’s role as father to a title which exists in name only, and secures none of the accolades that should naturally come with fatherhood itself.
The issue here is a legal term simply referred to as Parental Responsibility (PR). One might assume upon hearing the term that this is a set of unwritten, non-tangible obligations that each person bestows upon themselves when they make the decision to become a parent. In many ways you’re right, however in the UK you’d be horribly wrong.
Parental Responsibility, in it’s fullest, broadest legal definition is described as the following, by the UK government:
“If you have parental responsibility, your most important roles are to:
· provide a home for the child
· protect and maintain the child”
The above is taken directly from the UK’s .Gov website, and goes on to elaborate other benefits of having Parental Responsibility (PR):

Putin Predicted Washington Would Employ Assassination Tactic Against Russia

By Paul Craig Roberts: The Saker provides a one minute video with translation of Putin explaining two years ago the Russian government’s concern that an overseas entity would use a false flag assassination within Russia in order to create an involuntary martyr that the Western media would use to demonize Russia.

According to this report by The Saker, the Washington-financed Russian opposition has not, as Washington hoped it would, joined the Western anti-Putin media campaign. Possibly the Washington-financed Russian NGOs have wised up from observing events in Ukraine. In place of “more democracy,” they got a Washington stooge government squandering Ukraine’s last cent on a losing war.

Activists Arrested In US During Protest Against Netanyahu

Police in the United States have arrested five activists who were protesting against crimes committed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "the baby butcher" Netanyahu.
Press TV: Dozens of people gathered outside the Washington Convention Center where Netanyahu, who arrived in the US on Sunday, is due to speak.
The protest was organized by Code Pink and other anti-Israeli groups.
The protesters held a sit-in on the first day of the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is one the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying groups in the US.
The protesters, who were wearing Netanyahu’s masks and holding signs “Netanyahu is a War Criminal,” called for justice and equality for the Palestinians and an end to the Israeli apartheid.
The activists want to shut down the three-day event because they believe the AIPAC works to justify Israel's crimes. They also opened a twitter account, #ShutDownAIPAC.
The Israeli leader is expected to address the AIPAC conference on Monday and deliver his speech to Congress on Tuesday.

Athena SWAN

By William Collins (aka mra-uk): Education and research is a huge area. It comprises schools, higher education (HE) establishments and research institutes. The people involved are school pupils, university students, school teachers and university and research institute staff. There are plenty of areas in which gender differentials are evident and should be of concern. But our society’s concerns are partisan: they focus on areas where women are under-represented only, and ignore the greater issues facing males. Here I use Athena SWAN as an exemplar of that partisan phenomenon, though in truth it is society-wide.
Athena SWAN is dedicated to advancing women’s careers in HE and research, originally in STEMM subjects but now also more broadly. After reviewing Athena SWAN and its parent organisation, I present a brief summary of the gender disparities in school pupil achievement, in HE qualifications, in school staffing and in HE staffing. The issues on which Athena SWAN focus relate to just one part of one of these four areas: the senior staffing levels in HE, especially in STEMM. By presenting the bigger picture I reveal just how partisan is this selective focus. Moreover, I shall argue that even in this selected area, the under-representation of women is not the result of inequality but of choice.

The “Cool Girl” VS The “Red Pill”

"AVfM and, by proxy, the "Men's Rights Movement" just got completely destroyed by a woman. How did this happen? I guess not all 'red pills' are created equal." Feminism LOL

Crunch Time For The Global Corporatocracy

Don Quijones: As Sir Winston Churchill is alleged to have said, democracy is the worst form of government, except all the others that have been tried. However, in this age of increasingly globalized governance the future of democracy is very much in question.
Already many key economic decisions affecting our lives are being taken and implemented in complete secrecy behind hermetically closed doors. In the negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement between 12 nations including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand, an army of over 600 corporate advisers have been allowed access to the accompanying text while the public and even members of Congress have largely been kept in the dark.
Indeed, the only way for the uninitiated to learn about some – but far from all – of the potential repercussions of today’s trade agreements is through leaked documents. The current negotiations for a US-EU trade deal (TTIP) are so clandestine that the few Members of the European Parliament that are granted access can only view the plans in their original documentation, in a secure location, with the threat of espionage charges hanging over them if they are caught making copies or sharing the details with the public.

The Internet Of Things: A Dystopian Nightmare Where Everyone And Everything Will Be Monitored On The Internet

By Michael Snyder: Can you imagine a world where your home, your vehicles, your appliances and every single electronic device that you own is constantly connected to the Internet?  This is not some grand vision that is being planned for some day in the future.  This is something that is being systematically implemented right now.  In 2015, we already have “smart homes”, vehicles that talk to one another, refrigerators that are connected to the Internet, and televisions that spy on us.  Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and that opens up some wonderful possibilities.  But there is also a downside.  What if we rapidly reach a point where one must be connected to the Internet in order to function in society?  Will there come a day when we can’t even do basic things such as buy, sell, get a job or open a bank account without it?  And what about the potential for government abuse?  Could an “Internet of Things” create a dystopian nightmare where everyone and everything will be constantly monitored and tracked by the government?  That is something to think about.
Today, the Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that it is hard to remember how we ever survived without it.  And with each passing year, the number of devices connected to the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Preparations For Israeli Apartheid Week In Over 200 Cities

Cities across the globe are holding events to mark the 11th Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) in a bid to raise awareness on Tel Aviv’s atrocities against Palestinians.
Press TV: The Apartheid Week is a series of annual international events including rallies, lectures, cultural performances, film screenings, multimedia displays along with activities related to the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the regime.
Since their beginning in the Canadian city of Toronto in 2005, the annual events, held in February or March, have been spread to at least 200 cities across the globe.
Among the events on Sunday, were gatherings and lectures in South Africa and the occupied Gaza Strip, where Palestinians kicked off a series of activities to commemorate the IAW.
In South Africa, the descendants of anti-apartheid icons, along with over 85 organizations, trade unions, and political parties endorsed the IAW and urged citizens to join the campaign.
"We know all too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians,” one of the participants quoted a famous phrase by South Africa's iconic anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela.