3 Mar 2015

The Gate

I didn't think I could outdo the Deer, but I was Badgered into a Pandering. Know what I mean? DoctorRandomercam

The Myth Of Female Frailty

By : A few years ago I was listening to a late night radio program and the subject of male victims of domestic violence (DV) arose. The male host of this particular show encouraged men who had experienced violence at the hands of a woman to ring in and share their story.
Men did call. I was impressed by the fact that this bloke was swimming against the tide in allowing men a voice. My admiration and respect for this man was extinguished only minutes later. Our radio host was happy for men to share their stories as long as none of them made any reference to retaliation-even in self defence. One caller spoke of the night his angry girlfriend deliberately and literally jammed her stiletto heel through the top of his foot. The man said he pushed the woman over with force.
Whoa! Hold it right there! The host became very agitated and seemed to be overcome with anxiety as he berated this caller for laying a hand on a woman. He raised his voice to emphasise how strongly he condemned this caller for daring to push a woman. He said he wanted to make it crystal clear that under absolutely no circumstances could he ever condone a man pushing, hitting or physically harming a woman. The caller reminded him that he had had a stiletto rammed through his foot, but the host only repeated his mantra and pleaded with listeners to understand that he would not tolerate any more calls that involved the touching of a woman. His fear of being branded someone who condones or advocates violence against women(even in self defense) was palpable.

USA 2016 - William Banzai7

Mike Buchanan Interviewed By A Feminist Student At Nottingham University

SIFF-FRW Hunger Strike In Bangalore - India

By : What an unfortunate situation for the world’s biggest democratic country, India. It is a country which deprives men of their basic human rights! Owing to such arrangements against men, fathers who are being alienated from their kids have declared they will go on a hunger strike on March 7th and 8th 2015 in Freedom park Bangalore!
Let me reiterate the reasons why men have decided of such a step:
Fathers, the silent victims and sufferers of gender bias in the family court system and society, are now voicing their concerns.

  1. Tired of being treated as FREE AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINES and SPERM DONORS, they speak up.
  2. Tired of being treated as a visitor in their own child’s life, they come forward.
  3. Exasperated with the high-handedness of a gynocentric family court system, fathers in Bangalore now say, “Enough is Enough.”
  4. Having knocked many doors and having approached the temple of justice and returning high and dry, now victimized and distressed fathers come down to the streets.
  5. With no one listening to the woes and plight of these grieving fathers and supported by the Father’s Rights Wing of Save Indian Family Foundation, these fathers have decided to sit on a hunger strike in Bangalore in order to take their voices forward.

Pelosi Slams Netanyahu ‘Insult’ To US Intelligence

US House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has denounced Israeli regime's Prime Minister Benjamin 'the baby butcher' Netanyahu’s speech to Congress as an "insult" to the United States.
Press TV: “I was near tears throughout the [Israeli] prime minister’s speech – saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5+1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation,” she said.

Mo’Nique Proves That “Diva Culture” Is Ruinous To Black Women

“Don’t nobody bring me no bad news!”
Mabel King, “The Wiz”
By I had just barely put in my copy for last week’s column, a response to Brittney “Prof. Crunk” Cooper’s own column appearing on Salon.com, when I got a tip from one of my readers that actress and comedienne Mo’Nique was virtually blackballed from the Hollywood entertainment machine. I didn’t even need to read the articles to understand what was at the root of the issue, but by the time I had scanned through several of them, they only confirmed my initial suspicions – and provide powerful evidence for my argument made last week:  that, contrary to Prof. Cooper’s assertions that Black women en masse are somehow being held down economically due to some vast White-wing conspiracy (read: Racism), I offered that one of the biggest impediments to Black female achievement and success in our time today, in 2015, is their own behavior and life choices they make.
Mo’Nique is a case in point.

JSIL (Israel) Orders Demolition Of Over A Dozen Palestinian Houses + More US Lawmakers Boycotting Netanyahu’s Congress Speech

The apartheid Israeli regime (the chosen people) has ordered several Palestinian families in the occupied East al-Quds (Jerusalem) to destroy their own houses as part of the evil regime’s settlement expansion policies.
Press TV: The Israeli Civil Administration has told Palestinian families in the Khillet al-Raheb area to demolish their homes immediately or the Tel Aviv regime will do it at its own expense.
Palestinian officials say the move will displace up to 70 Bedouins, who are an ethnic Arab community.
A few days ago, dozens of Palestinians in a nearby region received similar demolition orders.
The demolition of Bedouin homes is part of Israel’s massive land grab policy, which will forcefully displace thousands of Palestinians.
The terrorist Israeli authorities have been pushing the forced evacuation of Bedouins since 1949.
Last September, the UN urged the international community to block Israeli plans to dislodge Bedouins from the West Bank.

Homeless Man Shot By Fascist US LAPD - Police Are Deadlier Than Terrorists!

Russell Brand's reaction to the news that US police have shot and killed a mentally ill homeless man on skid row in Los Angeles.

Men - The Forgotten Gender

Deepika talks about the how men in the Indian society are suffering due to the draconian Indian Penal Code which is made for the protection of women but ignores men and their issues. She addresses the Indian Dowry Act from the perspective of men. Deepika talks of men who are victimised and sustematically abused by laws that are made for women but are abused to victimise men.

MGTOW With Benefits

johntheother: This is the beginning of a series addressing questions sent by email to john@canadiancock.org. I received an email on February 24, and this is what he had to say:
“Hi John, I am just thinking about something and I would really like to hear your opinion on the subject. Some MGTOWs have occasional sex with women. They have One-Night-Stands or “fuck-buddies” or friends with benefits, whatever you want to call it. For me, One-Night-Stands are boring. I have no moral problem with them, I simply don´t find them fulfilling.

Caught On Video - LAPD Guns Down Homeless Man In Broad Daylight

The following video of LAPD officers gunning down a homeless man in broad daylight is rightly getting a lot of attention. It’s not as if it was one officer dealing with a dangerous situation who panicked. There was a mob of police officers surrounding the victim, and rather than dealing with the situation like courageous, decent adults, they went ahead and treated the man like target practice. As we see with oligarch theft, this is the sort of thing you can expect more of when certain above-the-law groups in society fail to be held accountable for their actions.
WARNING: Graphic material and explicit language.
Absolutely disgusting. In Liberty, Michael Krieger.