6 Mar 2015

By Demanding Backdoors To Encryption, U.S. Government Is Undermining Global Freedom And Security

By Michael Krieger: One of the biggest debates happening at the intersection of technology and privacy at the moment revolves around the U.S. government’s fear that the American peasantry may gain access to strong encryption in order to protect their private communications. Naturally, this isn’t something Big Brother wants to see, and the “solution” proposed by the status quo revolves around forcing technology companies to provide a way for the state to have access to all secure communications when they deem it necessary.
Many technology experts have come out strongly against this plan. Leaving aside the potential civil liberties implications of giving the lawless maniacs in political control such power, there’s the notion that if you create access for one group of entitled people, you weaken overall security. Not to mention the fact that if the U.S. claims the right to such privileged access, all other countries will demand the same in return, thus undermining global privacy rights and technology safeguards. 
We are already seeing this play out in embarrassing fashion. Once again highlighting American hypocrisy and shortsightedness, as well as demonstrating that the U.S. government does’t actually stand for anything, other than the notion that “might means right.” Sad.
From Motherboard:
When the US demands technology companies install backdoors for law enforcement, it’s okay. But when China demands the same, it’s a whole different story.

Behind The Music: The Unspoken Importance

Why are music and art important to the human species? Stefan Molyneux

Crazed Washington Drives The World To The Final War

By Paul Craig Roberts: John Pilger is the kind of well-informed, hard-hitting journalist with gobs of integrity that no longer exists in the Western mainstream media. He has the most distinguished career of all in the business.
In the article below he brings stunning information to one of my own themes–the creation by Washington and its NATO vassals of an artificial reality consisting entirely of propaganda into which Washington has placed the entire Western world and all outside who inspire to be part of it. Westerners live in The Matrix, and the presstitutes keep them there. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the TV channels perform as agents (as in the Matrix film) actively suppressing any glimmer of factual reality.
Western people have no comprehension of the real reasons for Washington’s murderous interventions in Yugoslavia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Indonesia, or Latin America. The most transparent lies are fed to people too ignorant to recognize the lies. The lies have cost huge numbers of deaths and injuries and are leading directly to war with Russia and China.
It is probably too late to stop this war. The war is inevitable because Washington’s doctrine of world hegemony does not permit the existence of other strong countries with independent foreign policies. Unless the House-of-Card US economy collapses, the only way Russia and China can avoid war is to accept Washington’s overlordship.

"You're Biased..." Mario Draghi Says Everyone In Europe Gets Free Money Except Greece And Cyprus... Greek Reporter Loses It

Echoing two entire nations' frustration, one cool Greek reporter loses it when Mario Draghi explains how everyone else in Europe gets free money except Greece and Cyprus... Having explained that The ECB's Bond-Buying program will not include Greek and Cypriot bonds, "feisty" veteran Greek journalist Aristidis Vikettos unloads on Draghi... "You're Biased..." he exclaimed, leaving Draghi speechless.
As In-Cyprus reports, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes...
Mario Draghi was left speechless on live television when a feisty veteran journalist accused him of bias during really tense moments at a press conference, following the conclusion of the ECB Governing Council meeting in Nicosia.

Lord Rothschild Warns Investors: "Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII"

Tyler Durden's picture For Lord Rothschild, preserving wealth has "become increasingly difficult," recently, as he warns, rather ominously, "we are faced with a geopolitical situation as dangerous as any we have faced since World War II." Furthermore Lord Rothschild summarizes his thoughts briefly, eloquently, and ominously... as he touches on the global debasement of fiat currencies, disappointing growth (in light of massive monetary stimulus), and extreme stock market valuations. As Rothschild Wealth Management noted last year, equities are not well supported by current valuations, while monetary policy is limited by high debt levels and interest rates that are already close to zero... exposing equities to a potentially sharp correction.
Lord Rothschild summarizes his thoughts briefly, eloquently, and ominously...

Our policy has been clearly expressed over the years. Simply put, it is to deliver long-term capital growthwhile preserving shareholders’ capital; the realisation of this policy comes at a time of heightened risk, complexity and uncertainty. The economic and geopolitical environment therefore becomes increasingly difficult to predict.


Some Israel Women Protest Tel Aviv’s Warmongering Policies

Instead of packing up their Zio-Nazi state and leaving Palestine as they should, a few Israeli women have staged a protest rally in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) to show their anger at the aggressive and criminal attitude of politicians in Tel Aviv toward Palestinians. Is anyone buying their ruse?
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: According to reports on Friday, thousands of women gathered outside the Israeli parliament, Knesset, in East al-Quds, calling on the regime’s authorities to adopt a peaceful approach to deal with the Palestinian issue.
The protesters carried anti-war placards and chanted, “We choose life” and “We will vote for a peace deal,” referring to the upcoming parliamentary elections due to be held in the occupied Palestinian territories on March 17.
They also lashed out at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "The Butcher" Netanyahu for the regime’s atrocious crimes against Palestinians during the deadly offensive on the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip in 2014.

Financial Faith - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Professor Richard Werner

The modern economic, financial and monetary system in which one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. And yet to one without faith, no explanation is possible. And once no explanation is possible - hyperinflation and economic disorder ensues. In the second half, Max continues with his interview of Professor Richard Werner, who, in the early 1990s, coined the phrase ‘quantitative easing.’ Together they take a look at the monster which QE has become.

Rebranding Your Servitude

By John The Other: It’s no news that men are increasingly abandoning marriage. The lame-stream has recognized this as ‘men on strike’ or ‘the marriage strike’. For men themselves, the phenomenon of walking away is not a new idea, but has come sharply into focus with the rise of public discussion. Men now abandoning gynocentric social norms have their own name for themselves, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). Whether we call this a movement or a phenomenon, or just a fad, it is responsive to devaluation of men’s lives. Of course, the MGTOW phenomenon addresses many of the same issues that self declared men’s rights activist address. But the approach each camp takes to male marginalization differs. Rather than attempting to drive social and legal reform through rhetoric, awareness raising or protest, men on a MGTOW path are walking away.

Profiting From Prisoners - How US Jails Partner With Private Firms To Charge For Video Calls While Ending Visitation Rights

Not coincidentally, free on-site video visits are offered at the jail only three days each week. Remote visits — those visitors pay for — are more frequent. Clearly, Securus’ interest lies in encouraging visitors to use the remote system, and the county stands to gain, too. When Hopkins County signed its deal with Securus in 2012 the company agreed to give the county a 70 percent cut of its profits from video and phone calls. 
Hopkins County is one of five Texas counties that adopted Securus’ video visitation and eliminated in-person, face-to-face visits afterward. 
In September, the Dallas County Commissioners Court nearly approved a contract of its own with Securus that would have explicitly eliminated all in-person visits at the Lew Sterrett Jail in favor of video visitation. 
From the Dallas Observer article: Captive Audience: Counties and Private Businesses Cash in on Video Visits at Jails
By Michael Krieger: At first glance, it seems like a reasonable enough plan. Private companies offer to install technology in prisons free of charge that allows inmates to make video phone calls to their friends and family on the outside. Make the video calls free when visitors come to the prison itself, but make that process as inconvenient as possible. Then eliminate a person's visitation rights.