7 Mar 2015

Is The IMF About To Make Greece An Offer It Can’t Refuse?

The bailout programs that were proposed for Greece and approved for Greece were much too one-sided. They relied too much on sacrifices on the part of Greece and not enough sacrifices on the part of Greece’s creditors.

Don Quijones: These words belong to a Brazilian economist called Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr. who represents 11 Central and South American countries on the IMF board. During a recent interview with private Greek television broadcaster Alfa TV, he made the following rather startling — but much ignored — assertions (none of which will be to the German government’s liking):

  • The first Troika-sponsored program, in 2010, was presented as a bailout of Greece but was in reality a bailout of Greece’s private creditors. Greece received enormous amounts of money but almost all of it was used to allow the exit of French, German and other Northern European banks from their positions, which were paid at par without any contribution to the restructuring of the Greek economy.
  • Any solution to Greece’s debt crisis should include a significant restructuring of debt with its official European creditors. Without a restructuring, it’s very hard to envisage Greece extricating itself from its economic and social crisis.

Juice Rap News Season 4 UPDATE!

thejuicemedia: Hello to everyone out there who's been wondering what's happened to Rap News and when the next video will be coming. We made this special video to update you all on the status of Season 4, to reward you all for your patience, and to provide some relief to all those yearning for the Juice.

Up To 30,000 Fill The Streets Of Tel Aviv In Anti-Netanyahu Rally

By Michael Krieger: Only a few days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from his much publicized United States trip, during which he was celebrated and drooled over by America’s top warmongers, a large protest against him erupted in the nation’s section largest city, Tel Aviv.
Just like any other country, Israel is dealing with plenty of very important domestics issues, and people are publicly questioning whether Netanyahu’s obsession with militancy, and his shameless political stunt in from of the U.S. Congress just weeks before elections back home, make his leadership questionable. Indeed, considering the remarkable lack of judgement evidenced by him back in 2002, one should wonder why anyone listens to him at all.
It appears “Bibi” is far more popular with crazy American neocons than he is with his own fellow citizens. From Haaretz: 
A rally seeking change in Israel’s leadership attracted tens of thousands to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday night. According to the “Israel Wants Change” event’s organizers, more than 35 thousand people attended. Other officials estimate between 25,000-30,000 protesters turned out to the rally. Keynote speaker, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, told the crowd that Israel faces its worst crisis ever under Netanyahu’s leadership.

The Diabolical Zio-Nazis Must Be Stopped Says President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says the Middle East will not enjoy security and stability unless the international community takes action to stop the Israeli apartheid regime’s crimes.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Security and stability in the Middle East will only reach "an acceptable level" when the international community and regional countries make a concerted effort to compel the Zionist regime to stop its acts of aggression and crimes, Rouhani said in a meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister, Nasser Judeh, in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Saturday.
“It would be possible to establish sustainable security and stability in the region if all regional countries play a positive role,” he added.
Rouhani said Iran seeks regional security, stability and development, stressing that only regional countries, through collective cooperation, can solve the problems of the region.
“Today, terrorism is a challenge and threat to all and this is an undeniable fact. The Islamic Republic of Iran has warned against the spread of terrorism from the very beginning, stressing that the only way to stop it is cooperation and a collective campaign,” he said.

Hunger Strike For Men’s Rights In Bangalore - Update 4

By : AVfM’s Janet Bloomfield will be liveblogging the hunger strike for men’s rights in Bangalore, India as it unfolds over the next 48 hrs. 
Update 4
sleepersHunger strikers are trying to catch some shut-eye before the morning. 5000 women are expected to be in the park for Women’s Day. Strikers are not sure how they will be greeted.

India 11Update 3
More than 150 fathers and their supporters are now participating in the hunger strike, with more expected to arrive as the day unfolds.

Update 2
There are now over 100 people gathered in Freedom Park and organizers are expecting more.

Greek Minister Threatens Europe With Flood Of Jihadists And Immigrants If Greece Fails, Warns Of Referendum

It wasn't even a full 24 hours after Greece raided at least some of the funds of its pension and other public entities in order to make a €310 payment to the IMF, the first of four this month (the balance is 350 million on March 13, 580 million on March 16 and another 350 million on March 20), that the insolvent country resumed doing what it does best: dispensing hollow threats. This time it was its foreign minister and leader of the Independent Greeks party - Syriza's junion coalition partner - Nikos Kotzias, who showed how to bluff like the best of them, when he threatened that "there will be tens of millions of immigrants and thousands of jihadists, if you take out Greece" the minister said on before EU foreign ministers meeting in Riga.

As quoted by enikos, the foreign minister continued his blustery threats saying that "the Western Balkans is not stabilized. Then you have the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, North Africa. This is a sickle."
The left-wing politician Kotzias also said that "what the Europeans are doping to us is cultural racism...It is a necessity to find another way of behaving toward Greece. It is also a geostrategic necessity. Instead, they chose to crush the Syriza government in its early days...What will this bring?"
The last question was rhetorical, because the answer is the last trump card Greece has: "Right-wing extremism and chaos."

Golden Dawn MP Cleared Over Live TV Bitch Slapping Of KKE Lawmaker

By : Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris was cleared of charges for having slapped Communist MP Liana Kanelli during a live TV show back in 2012. An act of violence that took place in front of the eyes of thousands of viewers.
So how comes that the beater was acquitted of charges?
Apparently due to some “juristic details”:
1) victim Kanelli did not file a law suit against the perpetrator
2) the verdict of forensic specialist was that there was no “grievous bodily harm”
3)  the charges of “attempted grievous bodily harm” were changed to “not severe”
4) The prosecutor said that Kasidiaris “could be found guilty of simple bodily injury, but that needed a law suit to be filed by the victim within three months.
Liana Kanelli told the court that she did not want to file a law suit against him as “the action by itself was humiliating.”
She told Realnews.gr, that her decision not to file a law suit was “political”.

Canada’s Central Bank Requests End To Defacing of Debasing Canadian Dollar

- From “Spocking” in Canada to overtly political imagery in Greece, paper currency is growing in popularity
- Outpouring of affection for Leonard Nimoy has inspired the phenomenon of “Spocking” in Canada
- Greek artist Stefanos alters euro notes to deliver a political message - Defacing notes is illegal and a criminal offence in the EU, U.S. and most countries
- Disgruntled citizens defaming already debasing currencies … this may catch on …

By Mark O'Byrne: The death of Leonard Nimoy inspired a wonderful outpouring of affection across the world, and possibly beyond.
Nimoy was best known for playing the role of Spock in Star Trek, possibly the most beloved character in the sci-fi genre for several generations.
From our point of view, with our interest in the nature and history of money, the most interesting of these expressions is the resurgence of the phenomenon of “Spocking” in Canada.

Is London Mayor Boris Johnson A Bigger Problem Than Jihadi John?

Russell Brand's reaction to the news surrounding my Jihadi John Trews episode and Boris Johnson's views.

World War 3...Birth Of A Brave New World

"The anti-Christ new world order!" Brother Nathanael

Israeli Shin Bet Torture Of Palestine Inmates Rises Sharply: Report

A new report has revealed a sharp increase in the torture of Palestinian inmates at the hands of the interrogators of the notorious Israeli spying service Shin Bet in the second half of 2014.
Orwellian UK BANNED Press TV: Citing defense lawyers representing Palestinian prisoners, Israeli daily Haaretz reported Friday that instances of torture by Shin Bet agents climbed from eight cases in the first half of 2014 to a whopping 51 cases in the second half of the year.
The information, which was collected from Israeli military courts and a group called the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, points to the common use of such torture tactics such as sleep deprivation, beatings, shaking and tying detainees in pressure positions for extended periods, the report said.
According to the daily, in some cases torture by Shin Bet interrogators has forced suspects to give false confessions under duress and admit to crimes they never committed.
In one of the many cases, a Palestinian, who was detained on suspicion of abducting and killing three Israeli settlers in June 2014, was tortured into falsely admitting to involvement in the incident.

Britain For The British - Land Party Election Campaign 2015

The FKN News by Deek Jackson