13 Mar 2015

One American's Rage Spills Over, "Shut Your Mouth & Start Fighting These Political Parasites"

Wow!!! The Fed Gives A Giant Fuck You to Working Class Americans!!
By Thad Beversdorf: I was shocked today by the absolute gaul of the Fed releasing a statement about Net Worth in America reaching record levels.  Now I get that they are under extreme pressure to sell the story that everything is rainbows and butterflies.  But surely they understand that working class Americans are going along with the story because they really don’t have any say in our nation’s policies anymore.  That doesn’t mean they want it thrown in their faces that the Fed has spent 6 years now inflating the wealth of the top 10% so much that it actually lifts the total wealth of the nation’s citizens to record highs.
The ugly reality is that the bottom 80% of Americans experienced none of that gain.  That’s right a big ole goose egg.  And so when the Fed via its ass pamper boy, Steve Liesman, start banging on about the fact that some sliver of society is being handed extraordinary wealth while the working class has lost 40% of their net worth since 2007, well a big fuck you right back at ya bub!  The Fed is very aware that the bottom 80% of Americans own less than 5% of US equity markets.  And so the Fed is very aware that its manipulation of stock prices such that it creates immense unearned wealth to those in the markets doesn’t reach the bottom 80%.  So why celebrate the results of the stock market price manipulation??

RED ALERT - IBM Moves To Create A Centralized, Central Bank Controlled Blockchain For Currency Control

International Business Machines Corp is considering adopting the underlying technology behind bitcoin, known as the “blockchain,” to create a digital cash and payment system for major currencies, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Unlike bitcoin, where the network is decentralized and there is no overseer, the proposed digital currency system would be controlled by central banks.
– From the Reuters article: IBM Looking at Adopting Bitcoin Technology for Major Currencies

By Michael Krieger: Many activists and thinkers in the anti-status quo world were understandably very suspicious of Bitcoin when it first entered mainstream consciousness during its run-up from $10 to $260 in spring 2013. I myself had heard of Bitcoin years before I publicly expressed my interest and support of the technology. With no tech background, I was immediately overwhelmed with the concept, and so I initially dismissed it and forgot about it. It was only in 2012, that I started asking questions of tech experts who I had become friends with it about it in order to calm my concerns. Considering these people have similar political leanings and are even more paranoid than I am about the corporate-gulag state, I felt somewhat reassured. Then, when I recognized the powerful political implications of the technology, I wrote my first public thoughts on it.

How Do We Create A Society That Cares About Men? It Might Be Easier Than You Think

By Someone posted a link on my Facebook page to comments the fabulous Karen Straughan made on a video on YouTube. I didn’t watch the video, so I don’t specifically know what she was responding to, but I found her comments to be very interesting. I’m going to reprint them at length and then try to answer her question.
This is Karen talking:
Here’s why I attack feminism: feminism bills itself as a progressive movement, yet it employs traditional conservative tropes in order to achieve its ends, and characterizes its appeals to the traditional as “progressive”.
 Actual conservatism (whether you agree with it or not) is more honest. It says “women are incapable of X, therefore women need protection from Y, and men must provide that protection”. Feminism says “women are every bit as capable of X as men, but men are monsters whose agenda is to keep women subordinate, therefore women need protection from Y”.
 Traditionalism says that sex is something men do to women, therefore rape is something men do to women. Feminism says that sex is something that men and women do to each other, but because of the malicious and malfeasant “Patriarchy” and all the men in charge of it and benefitting from it, rape is not just something men do to women, but a conscious process by which all men keep all women in a state of fear.

Peak Pathetic - Chinese Authorities Claim Control Over The Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation Process

The future belongs to China.
China is the next great nation.
The 21st century will be dominated by China.
By Michael Krieger: I’m sure all of you have heard variations of the above prediction over the past decade or so. I know I have.
Perhaps China will be the next great nation, but perhaps not. I’ll tell you one thing, unless the political environment changes a lot over there, a world defined by the Chinese perspective is not a world I want to live in.
The relative lack of political and internet freedom in China is well known, as is the egregious treatment of the Tibetan people. Despite having controlled Tibet since 1949, and the subsequent intentional migration of ethnic Han Chinese into the region in order to dilute the culture, Chinese authorities remain paranoid and filled with fear. So much so that the government is panicking at recent statements by the Dalai Lama that he may not be reincarnated. This screws up the government’s plan to name the next Dalai Lama and use him as a puppet stooge for the regime. Truly embarrassing.

Illhuminati Apetillian Apocalypse - FKN Show

Featuring 'If I Was An Alien'. By Deek Jackson

US University Protest Against Terrorist Israeli Apartheid Occupation Is 'Light In The Midst Of Darkness'

A former American intelligence official says a meeting held in the New School University in New York against the Israeli apartheid occupation of Palestinian lands is a light in the “midst of darkness” over the Zionist regime’s crimes against the Palestinian people.
Press TV: “It is a light in the mist of amazing darkness,” said Scott Rickard, an international peace activist and ex-US intelligence linguist in Florida.
Activist students at the New School University in New York held a meeting recently as part of the Israeli Apartheid Week, an annual series of university lectures and rallies to educate people about the nature of Israel as an apartheid system.”
“And that basically combined with massive public opposition to [JSIL Prime Minister Benjamin the butcher] Netanyahu and the rightwing American, British and Israeli political agendas, it seems that there is a much broader public opinion in the United States, even outside the small Jewish community, that are at least recognizing the problem and speaking out against it,” Rickard told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.
The New School University, which was established in 1919, greatly expanded when it became a refuge for Jewish professors and other academics that fled Germany.

Jihadist Brides

Honey Badger Radio

Iceland Announces Dropping Bid To Join EU

RT: Iceland has dropped its bid to join the European Union, the Foreign Ministry in Reykjavik says. The announcement follows pledges made by the country’s euro-skeptic government since winning the 2013 election.
Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, the Icelandic foreign minister, said in a statement that he had informed Latvia, the current EU president, and the European Commission that his center-right government had decided to withdraw its application, which was submitted six years ago.
The EU and Iceland have discussed the country’s position on the status of its bid to join the European Union,” the statement reads. “The government does not intend to resume preparing for EU membership.”
Prime Minister Sigmundur Davið Gunnlaugsson talked of formally withdrawing the bid in January. 
Participating in EU talks isn’t really valid anymore,” PM Gunnlaugsson told Reykjavík Grapevine at the time. “Both due to changes in the European Union and because it’s not in line with the policies of the ruling government to accept everything that the last government was willing to accept. Because of that, we’re back at square one.
Iceland applied for EU membership in July 2009, at a time when the global economic crisis was unraveling. By February 2010, the European Commission produced a favorable answer and accession negotiations began in July the same year.

US Plan To Drop Russia From Global Banking System Backfires Hilariously

By If Vladimir Putin is remotely capable of laughter (the jury is out on that one…) then he’s probably doing so right now.
Russia is once again Arch-Enemy of the United States. It’s like living through a really bad James Bond movie, complete with cartoonish villains.
And for the last several months, the US government has been doing everything it can to torpedo the Russian economy, as well as Vladimir Putin’s standing within his own country.
The economic nuclear option is to kick Russia out of the international banking system. And the US government has been vociferously pushing for this.
Specifically, the US government wants to kick Russia out of SWIFT, short for the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications.
That’s a mouthful. But SWIFT is an important component in the global banking system because it lays the foundation for banks to communicate and transfer funds with one another.
It’s a network protocol of sorts. Whenever a bank in Pakistan does business with a bank in Portugal, the funds will clear through the SWIFT network.
According to the SWIFT itself, they link over 9,000 financial institutions worldwide in over 200 countries, which transact 15 million times per day.
Bottom line, being part of SWIFT is critical to conducting business with the rest of the world. And if Russia gets kicked out of SWIFT, it would be a disaster.

Destroying The Middle Class

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the stubborn facts of the disappearing UK middle class and the rising mortality rates of white women in America.