18 Mar 2015

Obama Administration Sets New Record For Censoring And Denying Access To Government Documents

War is Peace  Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength Censorship is Transparency 
By Michael Krieger: Many of you will have heard about how the White House recently celebrated National Freedom of Information Day by removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act. While interesting, it turns out that was merely a sideshow to the real news; that fiscal 2014 marked a record year for government censorship of documents that are supposed to be available on request.
Specifically, data released Tuesday showed that the U.S. government responded to 647,142 requests, a 4% decrease over the previous year, and that the backlog of unanswered requests at year’s end surged by 55% to more than 200,00.
More from the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration set a new record again for more often than ever censoring government files or outright denying access to them last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, according to a new analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

MGTOW Perspective Parts 1 & 2 - March 2015

MGTOW Anon: There is nothing more damaging to the vast majority of men than the patriarchy and white knight/chivalrous men. These men are extremely naive, ignorant and self-serving. Men in power will gladly throw the majority of men under the bus to gain favor with the gynocracy, to keep their jobs (get re-elected) and to maintain the status quo (see '1 in 5' and 'yes means yes').

When it was asked for, the patriarchy gave women the right to vote, the right to higher education and the right to work. Unless they sign up for selective service, men still don't have many of the rights women are granted by default. Initially, men had to enlist and fight in war to have the rights women were freely given - by the patriarchy.

I have never seen a movement so overflowing with hypocrisy, double standards and sexism than feminism. Take 'yes means yes' for example. To feminists, this is a good law. What's more, the law is based entirely on bogus, debunked rape statistics. It's no surprise that the patriarchy agrees with the 'yes means yes' law. The president of the United States, the patriarch of all patriarchs, personally endorsed and pushed 'yes means yes' into being.

Frankfurt Police Station Attacked During The Blockupy Riot

Perseus999: View from inside the Frankfurt Police Station as it gets attacked from protesters, during the Blockupy riot, against the policies of the European Central Bank, during the opening of its new building of cost €1.4 billion (today Wednesday 18 March 2015).

Is Feminism A movement?

By : Nausea and feminism both often come in waves. Understanding feminism in terms of waves is essential to understand feminist thought and its assimilation of Marxist and communist ideas. It is easy to see how someone might not think of feminism as a movement. We might question whether feminism is best described as a movement or simply as an ideology. Certainly feminism is an ideology, as in a system of ideas within political theory or policy.
Clearly, it has a firm grasp on our political and educational system and a strong influence on public opinion. Feminism isn’t so much fighting the oppressive system: it is the system. What’s more, feminism has in mind a revolution to overthrow, dismantle or smash the system created by its perceived oppressors. The word movement brings to mind a societal change, not the destruction of society.
Yet, feminism, like Marxism/communism, sees itself as progressing in waves of permanent revolution. Each wave is a movement within a broader permanent revolution. Even after complete state and economic control, there is still the movement for further refinement, correction and more revolutions, where yesterday’s heroes are today’s oppressors.

EU Allies Defy US To Join China-Led Asian Bank

The BRICS Post: The new China-led Asian investment bank, a potential rival to institutions such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank, has enlisted more US allies as members after Britain decided to join last week.
The membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is set to expand further, with three more European countries following Britain’s lead.
France, Germany and Italy have defied US instructions not to participate in the Bank, said UK daily, The Financial Times.
The decision of the three European countries, yet to be officially announced, came in the wake of Britain’s application last week to be a founding member of the $50 billion bank.
Meanwhile, Australian leaders have been lining up in the past few days to voice support for joining the AIIB, which marks a conspicuous U-turn from the cabinet’s previous stance.
“Our position all along has been that we are happy to be part of some thing which is a genuine multilateral institution such as the World Bank, such as the Asia Development Bank,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said during an interview with Sky News over the weekend.

ECB Prepares For Grexit, Anticipates 95% Loss On Greek Debt

Tyler Durden's picture Dear Greek readers: the writing is now on the wall, and it is in very clear 48-point, double bold, and underlined font: when the ECB "leaks" that it is modelling a Grexit, something Draghi lied about over and over in 2012 and directly in our face too, take it seriously, because it is time to start planning about what happens on "the day after." And incidentally to all those curious what the fair value of peripheral European bonds is excluding ECB backstops, the ECB has a handy back of the envelope calculation: a 95% loss.
Which also is the punchline, because while the ECB is making it very clear what happens next in the case of a "Graccident", it has yet to provide an explanation how it will resolve the billions of Greek debt held on its own balance sheet which are about to be "marked-to-default"...

... and on which it is prohibited from suffering a loss, or else Draghi will have to fabricate even more on the run rules about how the ECB balance sheet is loss-proof... expect in this case, or that, or the other.

‘Not one UK high street chain pays living wage’

A new report says major British chain stores have failed to guarantee their staff the living wage.
Press TV: According to Citizens UK, the charity that launched the living wage campaign and set up the Living Wage Foundation, said retailers employed the biggest group of low-paid staff and needed to consider their social responsibilities, The Independent reported.
Neil Jameson, director of Citizens UK, has said: “Not a single high street retailer has accredited as a Living Wage employer, despite posting huge profits, whilst we, the taxpayers, help top up the wages of their low-paid staff through in-work tax credits.”
He also said, “It’s a perverse situation when a supermarket worker, despite having a staff discount, can’t afford to shop in the store they work in because of poverty pay, and a full-time member of staff relies on benefits to make ends meet.”

The Demand That You Hate Women

"Feminists will not rest until you hate women." johntheother

Mom Arrested For Decapitating Her 3 Month Old Baby!

"Black Terminator Mum. ...Because she's a mum, she has unfettered access to a child. ...If it was a man, we would say burn him at the stake. ...Why are we treating women like retarded children." TnnRawNews

Video Shows US Police Officers Shot Mentally Ill Black Man Dead

A new video shows police officers in the United States have brutally shot dead a mentally ill African-American man in front of his mother.
Press TV: Jason Harrison, 39, was killed by police in Dallas in June 2014, but the body-camera video of the shooting incident was released on Monday.
Officers were present at the scene following a call by Jason’s mother to help her to take him to a local hospital.
Jason was suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, according to the Dallas Morning News.
The video showed an officer knocked on the front door of a home and the mother opened the door and walked outside.

The Bradbury Pound + The Police State - British Constitution GC 2015

"The truth is on our side. When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty."

The "No True Feminist" Argument Debunked

Feminists [man hating club] love to talk about how other women they disapprove of aren't "real feminists" when actually, yes they are. All feminists are like that. End of Story. Miss Misanthropist