22 Mar 2015

Looks Like Germany May Have To Pay Up

: German magazine Der Spiegel digs deep(er) into the ‘Greece question’ this weekend, and does so with a few noteworthy reports. First, its German paper issue has Angela Merkel on the cover, inserted on a 1940′s photograph that shows Nazi commanders against the backdrop of the Acropolis in Athens. The headline is ‘The German Supremacy: How Europeans see (the) Germans’. The editorial staff has already come under a lot of fire for the cover, and I’ve seen little that could be labeled a valid defense for further antagonizing both Germans AND Greeks (and other Europeans) this way. Oh, and it’s also complete nonsense, nobody sees modern day Germans this way. It’s just that their government after 70 years is still skirting its obligations towards the victims. That’s what people, the Greeks in particular, don’t like.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Feigned Fear Of Men In Her Family And The Lie Of A Forced Marriage

By Over the last few years, many internet communities have seen a spate of women playing the damsel in distress card quite successfully.  Many White Knights came to the rescue and brought the dollars with them, and there were plenty of skeptics, too. In the New Atheist community, the Ben Radford and Karen Stollznow episode is well known. In the wider culture there were some spectacular rape accusations that unraveled under scrutiny, such as the University of Virginia’s Jackie case, and the University of Columbia’s Emma Sulkowicz case. Women are human and they lie just like men, and sometimes they lie spectacularly. But society is easily fooled by tales of women’s oppression, especially religious oppression and Islamic oppression. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one such woman who played the damsel in distress card quite successfully in the 2000s, before being exposed by Dutch documentary Zembla in 2006, and yet retains a lot of the same victim cred to this day.

Russia Warns Against US War Machine's Advance On Its Front Doorstep + Russia Directly Threatens Denmark's Navy With Nuclear Attack

Over ten days, the US eight-wheel-drive combat vehicles will stop in a different border area [Russian] each night to showcase the ability of U.S. forces to transport troops quickly, and to assure Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland of NATO's commitment ...to attack Russia?

Gynocentric Brown Nosing

MGTOW Anon : The book "Manipulated Man" says it all. Women didn't start declaring their independence from men until it was relatively certain that they'd no longer need men to provide for and protect them. In other words, feminists were born from the fact that work outside the home became less laborious, much safer, more prestigious and glamorous. Feminism was born from the availability of the emergency number 911. Need proof? Who still does the vast majority of the dirty, dangerous life threatening jobs? Who pays 98% of alimony and child support? Who almost always gets custody of 'her kids'? What's more likely - a woman calling the police for protection from a stranger or a woman calling the police to have her male doormat thrown in jail?

Now, it wasn't women that made men third class citizens. Instead, it was the patriarchy (powerful, naive white knights). Who enacted VAWA? Who enacted 'Yes Means Yes'? Who created the biased divorce laws that destroyed countless millions of men's lives? Who enacted Title IX? Who enacted Affirmative Action? Where'd the male only draft and selective service come from? The patriarchy - that's who.

Here's Why Men Are Avoiding Women #02

You think you're safe because you divorced your ex-wife 30 years ago, and both of you have moved on and started new families? Think again. 6oodfella

Obama Slams Netanyahu Over Palestine Statehood

US President Barack Obama has warned Zio-Nazi Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'The Butcher' Netanyahu over his opposition to a Palestinian state and for making racist comments about Arabs living in the occupied territories.
Press TV: In a videotaped interview with The Huffington Post conducted on Friday and released on Saturday, Obama said he told Netanyahu during a phone conversation on Thursday that he has foreclosed the chance for peace in the region.
“I indicated to him that given his statements prior to the election, it is going to be hard to find a path where people are seriously believing that negotiations are possible,” Obama said.
Netanyahu said on Monday that if he was re-elected to office, the Palestinians would not get the independent state they seek in the occupied West Bank, East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Gaza, which has been a key element of US foreign policy.
The president said he believes Netanyahu is opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state despite several attempts by the Israeli premier to walk back on his comments.
“We take him at his word that it wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership, and so that’s why we’ve got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region,” Obama said.

Eating While MGTOW: Buck Buck Chicken

By The MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) lifestyle, ideally, involves both a real-world withdrawal of men from women and a reduction in the large excess of productivity by men necessary to support the pampering of women through the state’s taxation of men’s natural high productivity.
Men like me who choose this path may experience a decline in disposable income as we no longer strive to be the stripper pole of cash climbed by needy, seductive succubi eager to harvest us for our resources. But this doesn’t mean that MGTOW must be declined the gastronomic pleasures of preparing our own easy, affordable, and low-cost meals.
I go shopping for food once every two weeks or so. I eat out less than once a month – twice in calendar 2015 so far, and a woman paid for one of those meals.
Beef is quite expensive as I write this but chicken is cheap and in Dallas, I can buy a “family pack” (heh) of 7-9 boned (heh), skinless chicken breasts (heh) for less than 10-12 dollars US. I break them up into individual plastic freezer bags, carefully bleeding out as much air as possible before freezing them. I then have a fortnight’s worth of protein for the price of buying some crazy feminist harpy two sour apple martinis.

Google "Bill Clinton Rape"

Bill Clinton, exactly like Bill Cosby, is a multiply-accused rapist with allegations stretching back decades. And exactly like Cosby, Clinton has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit out of court. But unlike Cosby, Clinton continues to enjoy the adoration of the public and the benefits of his personal fortune. Why? Because we haven't made it an issue yet. Let's start: Google "Bill Clinton rape." corbettreport


Obama suggested that voting should be mandatory in the U.S. It's already mandatory in 26 countries. Some agree with Obama and think everyone should vote. That's actually a horrible idea. Julie Borowski

Rich Man’s Bank Hit by Bank Run, Collapse, “Bail-In”

By Don Quijones: In Europe nary a day seems to go by without some mention or rumor of a bank run or bank closure. Ground Zero of the current troubles is Greece, whose broken financial system is now wholly dependent on regular infusions of euros from the ECB. The moment those infusions stop – something the ECB has warned could happen at any time – the country’s banking system collapses. On Wednesday Greek banks saw deposit outflows of €300 million, the highest in a single day since a February deal with the euro zone that staved off a banking collapse.
But it’s not just on Europe’s periphery that banks are experiencing problems.