2 Apr 2015

Patton Oswalt Mocks SJW's In Glorious Fashion

Thank you for the laugh, @pattonoswalt - This is how comedy is going to look if SJW's get their way. 6oodfella

Prime Minister David Cameron Apologised To Fathers4Justice

By F4J: In a letter on behalf of Prime Minister David Cameron, from his Political Private Secretary, Mr Cameron wrote to F4J Founder Matt O’Connor to apologise directly for his original remark wrongly accusing Fathers4Justice of damaging his roof and to ensure Mr O’Connor had seen his public apology below.
“During the interview I gave to Sarah Sands last week, I had a conversation about my home in west Oxfordshire; this included me saying that I had believed Fathers 4 Justice had climbed on my roof.
“I am happy to issue a clarification that although some people have protested outside my constituency home and clambered on my constituency office roof, the group Fathers 4 Justice have not, contrary to what I had thought, climbed on my own roof, and I’m sorry for any offence to them that may have been caused by what was a light-hearted remark.” 
Said Matt O’Connor, “We thank Mr Cameron for his apology and the matter is now closed. The real harm however isn’t to our reputation, but the damage caused to children and families as a result of the Conservative Party’s broken promises on Shared Parenting. That is something all our supporters deserve an apology for.”

Very Serious People Repeat After Max

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that even ‘the very serious people’ are acknowledging that Quantitative Easing (QE) will permanently impair living standards for generations to come.”

On Ludicrous Women's Quotas And Aviation...

"In light of some things that have been implemented in Germany." Thinking-Ape

"I wouldn't call myself a feminist" + Feminists Are Useful Idiots

Feminism used to be about expanding freedom. What went wrong?

Marrying Wealthy Women - MGTOW

"Hi Sandman. My question today is multifaceted. You see I am NOT only a MGTOW, but also a sincere Christian who no longer goes to Church because most of my experiences with religious people, particularly women, have been very negative and driven me away from churches and religion entirely. I now worship God independent of organized religion, and do not associate with any Church affiliation at all what so ever. Also, I have all but given up on finding a Christian NAWALT.

Greece: Anarchists “Invade” The Greek Parliament In Solidarity With Mass Hunger Strike Since March 2

In the afternoon of April 1st 2015 anarchists of “Rouvikonas” collective “invaded” the grounds of the greek parliament in the center of Athens to protest in solidarity to the mass hunger strike of 22 political prisoners in Greek prisons, most of them since March 2, and 8 prisoners from Turkey on solidarity hunger strike in turns since March 11. Perseus999

182 Palestinian Kids In Apartheid Israeli Regime Jails In February: Report

Gaza and the West Bank are the largest open air prisons in the world, worse a recently released report says 182 Palestinian children were being held as security prisoners in Zio-Nazi regime jails within those apartheid mega prisons at the end of February.
Press TV: The number showed an increase of 12 percent compared to the figure recorded in January, according to the report published on Wednesday by Military Court Watch, a Palestinian voluntary association focused on the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli detention.
The group said the minors were among a total of 5,609 Palestinians from East al-Quds (Jerusalem), the West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip, who were being held in connection with the conflict between Palestine and the Tel Aviv regime at the end of February.
More than half of the 182 children were in prisons located outside of the occupied Palestinian territories, the report said.
It said that 25 of those children were between 14 and 15 years old while 157 of them were aged 16-17.

Feminists Exposed: UVA 'RAPE' Case - NO EVIDENCE!

Rape is wrong. But then again so is lynching innocent men for something they didn't do. Feminists seem to understand the first one, but not the second. Thunderf00t

Ladies, He's Your Boyfriend, Not Your Kids Step Daddy! Get It Right Trick!

"I care about my kids, this other guy, he really doesn't." MrMadness Sotomayor

What 2020 Will Bring

"666 fascist debt slavery, ...A Jewish dream come true!"

Why You Have Two Brains

"Do I really have to stick my penis through the glory hole of superstition in order to dump some sperm?" Why you unfortunately need to have two "different brains" to survive - and thrive - in the world today. Stefan Molyneux discusses the difference between processing objective reality and social "reality." Stefan Molyneux