3 Apr 2015


White Knights and Social Justice Warriors love their hate speak in the name of "equality" and "tolerance". Popp Culture breaks down the how's and why's of these poor unfortunate souls... and then rips them a new one. Terrence Popp

The FBI Busts Up Another Of Its Own Terrorist Plots And Politicians Rush To Blame The First Amendment

Like other recent sensational “terror plots,” however, the criminal complaint unsealed yesterday demonstrates the key role of an undercover law enforcement informant in both formulating and facilitating the alleged plot. It doesn’t appear that Velentzas or Siddiqui actually planned or attempted to bomb any target, nor is there any evidence of discussions about how to create a bomb before the introduction of the informant into their lives.
While Velentzas appeared to have latent sympathy with the Islamic State, contrary to sensational media reports she is not alleged in the criminal complaint to have had any contact with the group.
Their discussions allegedly progressed, with the informant and Velentzas meeting to talk in greater detail about how to create a bomb, using information gleaned from The Anarchist Cookbook, and discussing whether it would be appropriate to target a gathering of police officers with such a device. At several points in the complaint, Velentzas indicates her reticence about doing anything that might harm “regular people,” even criticizing the Boston Marathon bombers for killing and injuring civilians.

Vote For Me - Deek Jackson

its time you cast your vote in a democracy - chose a scumbags to run the economy - well go ahead - it won’t change you reality - your just selecting a flavour of tyrrany - we have only yourselves to blame - for this poor crop of obvious liars on tv - you don’t really think feasibly - we can have forever 3 % growth annually - don’t you think its odd that we bomb countries - claiming democracy will set them free - Then we support slavery in china - and send weapons to the saudi royal family

The Electronic Concentration Camp - Can Evil Be Defeated

By Paul Craig Roberts: John W. Whitehead is an US constitutional attorney. As head of the Rutherford Institute he is actively involved in defending our civil liberties. Being actively involved in legal cases, he experiences first hand the transformation of law from a shield of the American people into a weapon in the hands of the government.
American civil liberty was seriously eroded prior to 9/11 and the rise of the police/warfare state, a story I tell in How America Was Lost. Lawrence Stratton and I documented the loss of law as a shield of the American people in our book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions (2000, 2008). Whitehead in his book, A Government of Wolves (2013) and in his just released Battlefield America (2015) shows how quickly and thoroughly the police state has taken root.
We live in an electronic concentration camp. We are addicted to images on screens that disinform and propagandize us to accept and even welcome the police state activities that have destroyed our autonomy, privacy, and independence.
I write many columns on this subject. The advantage of a book is that it all comes together under one cover, and that is what Whitehead has done in Battlefield America.
The outlook for civil liberties grows bleaker by the day, from the government’s embrace of indefinite detention for US citizens and armed surveillance drones flying overhead to warrantless surveillance of phone, email and Internet communications, and prosecutions of government whistle-blowers.

What's Better For You? Zero Hours Or Zero Royals? + Good Friday - Should We Crucify Bill O'Reilly?

Russell Brand respons to our comments from previous episodes and reflect on the royal family and write on some money. Am I unpatriotic?

Massive Defeat For US Neocon Nazis And Israel’s Crazed Netanyahu

Massive Defeat For US Neocon Nazis 
and Israels Crazed Netanyahu
By Paul Caig Roberts: The neocon scum and crazed Israeli government have worked for years, together with the idiot Republican Party to create a false reality about Iran and nonexistent nuclear weapons program in the hope of starting a war with Iran.
Now these war hopes are defeated by the nuclear energy agreement worked out with Iran by Obama and Putin.
What will the crazed Netanyahu, the neocon scum, and the crazed John McCain do now? Will they create a false flag event?

ICMI 15: Building Bridges Between Men And Women In The 21st Century

By : For fifty years we have struggled with the promise of a more fair and equitable world for men and women; a world in which men and women would stand on equal ground without the burden of archaic and limiting expectations based on sex.
By undertaking a meaningful examination of gender and power, we have also attempted to remove the limitations of those expectations from the backs of our children.  Such is our effort to provide them a future of fairness and equal opportunity.
Fifty years later we have only realized the precise opposite of those ideals and the reasons for this are clear.
Our quest to understand gender roles and the limitations they impose on human beings has been narrowed to a select, very limited part of the overall human experience. The goals of understanding sex-based power and powerlessness in both sexes has devolved into a rigid, ideological agenda that focuses only on disadvantages faced by women and privilege enjoyed by men.

Is Greece About To Play Its Geopolitical Trump Card And Ignite A Chain Reaction Across Europe?

If the EMU powers persist mechanically with their stale demands – even reverting to terms that the previous pro-EMU government in Athens rejected in December – they risk setting off a political chain-reaction that can only eviscerate the EU Project as a motivating ideology in Europe. 
Forced Grexit would entrench a pervasive suspicion that EU bodies are ultimately agents of creditor enforcement. It would expose the Project’s post-war creed of solidarity as so much humbug.
Greece could not plausibly remain in Nato if ejected from EMU in acrimonious circumstances. It would drift into the Russian orbit, where Hungary’s Viktor Orban already lies. The southeastern flank of Europe’s security system would fall apart.
Mr Tsipras is now playing the Russian card with an icy ruthlessness, more or less threatening to veto fresh EU measures against the Kremlin as the old set expires. “We disagree with sanctions. The new European security architecture must include Russia,” he told the TASS news agency.

Censorship - Honey Badger Radio

Join the badgers as they discuss censorship! HoneyBadgerRadio

Abortion Facilities: Spartan Or Spa?

By The latest outrage of entitled feminist demands for more luxurious pampering comes from my honey pie cuddle monkey Amanda Marcotte, who, writing in Slate, decries the status quo that procuring an abortion might be an unpleasant experience for those feeble ladies with an inconvenient delicate condition:

Getting medical treatments in general is unpleasant. That’s exactly why health care providers should try to smooth the edges as much as possible with creature comforts. The same should go for abortion, a really common procedure that a woman runs a 1-in-3 chance of needing at some point in her life. Abortion is legal. If you want a little more misery and shame with your abortion experience, feel free to impose that on yourself, but for those who disagree, pass the fluffy robes and the herbal teas.
The for-I-am-a-Princess! gall of these feminist Antoinettes makes me consider efforts to calm myself that include bourbon and revenge porn. It is not enough that we grant them leave to kill their “fetuses”: they want their servants rubbing their feet while the chugging sounds of the vacuum aspiration machine are muffled  by soft, fuzzy headphones playing the dulcet tones of lesbian icons like the Indigo Girls singing Closer to fine.
A much better choice of music guaranteed to piss off every feminist on the planet would be Raelynn’s God Made Girls.

Misandric “No Boys Allowed” Day Teaches Girls About Science, Math

"In 2015 everybody needs to feel special. ...They are treating boys in Britain and the United States like they are defective girls. ...I do not understand how these people are fucking up their own society without realizing." Says veemonro.